Instructions for the Drill, and the Method of Performing the Eighteen Manoeuvres

C. Roworth, 1804 - 255 Seiten

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Seite 33 - The belly rather drawn in, and the breast advanced, but without constraint ; the body upright, but inclining forward, so that the weight of it may principally bear on the fore part of the feet; the head to be erect, and neither turned to the right nor left.
Seite 41 - March," eyes are turned to the right, and each man carries his right foot about ten inches directly to his right (or, if the files are closed, to the next man's left foot), and instantly brings up his left foot, till the heel touches his right heel, and proceeds to take the next step in the same manner; the whole with perfect precision of time, shoulders kept square, knees not...
Seite 58 - ... of the left hand is turned out, the better to embrace the butt, the thumb alone is to appear in front, the four fingers to be under the butt, the left elbow is a little bent inwards, without being feparated from the body, or being more backward or forward than the right one.
Seite 60 - Attention muft be paid, that the files are correctly clofed ; that the men in the rear ranks cover well, looking their file leaders in the middle of the neck...
Seite 33 - On the words Stand at Ease, the right foot is to be drawn back about six inches, and the greatest part of the weight of the body brought upon it; the left knee a little bent; the hands brought together before the body ; the palms being struck smartly together, and that of the right hand, then slipped over the back of the left; but the shoulders to be. kept back and square ; the head to the front, and . the whole attitude without constraint. On the word Attention...
Seite 141 - When the company is fingly formed ; the captain is on the right, and the enfign on the left, of the front rank, each covered by a ferjeant in the rear rank. The lieutenant is in the rear, as alfo the drummer and pioneer in a fourth rank, at three paces diftance. The left of the front rank of each fub-divifion is marked by a corporal. — The right of the left fub-divifion may be marked by the other corporal. When neceflary, the places of abfent officers may be fupplied by ferjeants, thofe of ferjeants...
Seite 53 - ... in proportion as he is nearer to the standing flank on which the wheel is made. During the wheel, the whole remain...
Seite 139 - ... be matter of the principles, on which each is made; and of the faults that may be committed, in order to avojd them himfelf, and to inftruct others.
Seite 141 - ... fourth rank, at three paces distance. The left of the front rank of each subdivision is marked by a corporal ; the right of the left subdivision may be marked by the other corporal. When necessary, the places of absent officers may be supplied by serjeants; those of serjeants by corporals ; and those of corporals by intelligent men.
Seite 60 - That the men do not turn their heads to the right, or left ; and that each man has the proper unconftraincd attitude of a foldicr.

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