Mo ́ s Book1 (English): Brazilian Music for Combos and small Ensembles

epubli, 26.11.2021 - 26 Seiten
The idea of writing a book like this came after playing brazilian music with musicians from all over the world for many years. Usually what happens is that everybody trys to play the rhythm they ́ve learned somewhere/somehow or the rhythm they have in their mind, which might be "ok". as long as a second person doesn ́t join in. Then the problem starts. If a group of 4 or 5 musicians don ́t know how it functions rhythmwise, possibly it ́s gonna be a mess. That ́s exactly what happens and very often if you dont know the basic rules. If you don ́t know what and when each instrument should play, you ́ve got to learn it. That ́s what this book is about. What most people think about, when they wanna listen to brazilian music ?! Samba, Bossa-Nova. That ́s right! But it ́s not all. I found an old book with about 50 different rhythms from north to south, east to west of Brazil, and they say it ́s not all. So...We have to start from some point, that ́s why i just took the most common and known rhythms together with their usual instruments and show them here as examples, going down to the roots of those rhythms. You are not going to learn how to play any instrument with this book. That was never the purpose of this book, but to show how to play in a brazilian way the brazilian music in a group of two, three or more musicians without sounding like a locomotive and a horse galoping simultaneously. The example here are quiet simple and that ́s how it is supposed to be. That ́s when some people who are used to play complicated music style get stuck without knowing what to do to make it insteresting. It ́s all about feeling it and grooving, once you learned the basic rules. Welcome to the world of brazilian music!

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Über den Autor (2021)

Wurde als Sohn einer musikalischer Familie in Brasilien geboren. Im Alter von acht Jahren begann er Gitarre zu spielen. Schon an seinem 13. Geburtstag trat er in der Tanz und Popmusikszene auf und arbeitete von da an als professioneller Musiker in seinem Heimatland Brasilien. Ausserdem arbeitete er als Arrangeur und Notenschreiber für Verlage in Sao Paulo, unterrichtete an zwei musikKonservatorium und arbeitete als Studiomusiker. Jahre später kam er nach Europa und spielte in eine Jazz-band mit zwei weltberühmte Artist: Bassisten Miroslav Vitous und Dom Um Romao ( beide ex- "Weather Report" ) mit den er 1 jahr durch Nord und Südeuropa tourte. Hier einige Artiste mit denen er zusammenarbeitete: Lawrence D. Butch Morris Orchestra Bebel Gilberto (musical director) Elza Soares Omar Sosa

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