The Swim: A Short Story

epubli, 23.07.2021 - 11 Seiten
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Lost in the North Sea: Left to her own devices, the protagonist experiences a freewater triathlon training session as a kaleidoscope of existential insights. Family, friends, guilt, forgiveness and innocence: The rough waters near the German island of Sylt turn into a stage mirroring universal questions of mankind, the conditio humana. What counts if everything comes to an end?

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Über den Autor (2021)

At the age of seven, Annie Sonnenberg discovered her family's typewriter - and her path was laid out: Meeting intriguing people, animals and ideas while travelling between the German cities of Münster and Bremerhaven led to shining moments in books. In spite of being a North Sea nerd, she allowed her profession as a teacher to lead her to Brunswick, Germany, where she lives in her hobbit hole and takes care of her family and her garden. Unless she happens to be writing.

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