Influence of FOX genes on aging and aging-associated diseases

epubli, 11.06.2021
FOX genes have different regulatory functions and influence aging, carcinogenesis, neurodegeneration etc. They can directly, indirectly, via interaction with homo-, heterodimers and other factors effect its target genes and thus influence RUNX, ROBO, CREB, RELN, FOXO1, POT1, telomerase , DYRK1A, PTEN, NCAM1, VLDLR, Vitamin D and others. MiRNA modulation, alternative splicing, sumoilation, methylation and regulation by pH, vitamins, etc., in turn, regulate the FOX genes. These processes and the structure and function of these genes and gene polymorphisms in different taxa are described in this thesis, these processes and the role of gene mutations, anti-aging products as well as suitable animal models are also discussed in detail.

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