Christmas Stories about the little Rounder Max: The Winter-Storm: Book Series: Christmas Stories about the little Rounder Max

epubli, 11.01.2019
Dear reader, the little Rounder Max is the popular hero of this engaging Christmas Story. The Winter Storm: It's almost december and still a cold, white winter is far away. While little Max is dreaming of snowy landscapes and the joyful adventures Christmas time will bring, temperatures simply don't seem to drop at all. Only farmer Fritz – against every TV weather forecast – speaks of a sudden change in the weather to take place within the next time ... Excerpt: “Strange! Really, really strange, how mild it is for the season,” farmer Fritz mumbled to himself. Usually, if people dismissed his words as an old man’s bragging, they were taught better afterwards. Not a single syllable that came from his lips had ever been pointless gossip. Judging from his outer appearance nothing pointed out for him being a wise man. However, people in town knew how hard the farmer had been working in the fields his whole life to make a living, and by the time, a life of hard work brings forth in people humbleness and modesty. “I tell you, Max, my dear fellow, that we will get a long and snowy winter. You just have to watch the animals. See, they have been busy hoarding like there’s no tomorrow. Whatever edible thing they find, they carry into their caves or holes. Some of them are better off, you know. They have already filled their paunches in the fall like the bears for example, and they hibernate in their caves during the winter. They won’t leave their quarters before the first timid signs of spring lure them out again.” “Really?” Max was doubtful. “The computer weather forecast says it’s going to stay warm.” “Nature has its own rules, boy. Did you not notice the schools of birds when they gathered for their passage? They all moved away south long ago. The animals have a sense for the weather. They scent it when a cold winter is coming long before we humans even think of it. Snow geese have been crowding the sky in large schools for days ... I wish you a good read: Kunibert Kakadu

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Werke des Autors: 'Gute-Nacht-Geschichten vom kleinen Stromer Max: 17 kunterbunte Erzählungen' ist als Taschenbuch (Softcover) und E-Book-Version erschienen. 'Gute-Nacht-Geschichten vom kleinen Stromer Max: 17 Erzählungen' - aus gleicher Reihe - ist als Taschenbuch (Softcover) lieferbar. Des Weiteren - im Taschenbuch-Format (Softcover) wie auch als E-Book - erhältlich: 'Adventsgeschichten vom kleinen Stromer Max: Drei kunterbunte Erzählungen'; der in englischer Sprache verfasste Titel 'Christmas Stories about the little Rounder Max: The Winter-Storm' ist als E-Book verfügbar. Die Titel 'Otto, Kakaomilch und die Kanninalen', 'Der geheimnisvolle Felsenkeller' und 'Die große kunterbunte Kunibert Kakadu-Gesamtausgabe' sind als E-Book und Taschenbuch (Softcover) erhältlich.

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