God and Zen

epubli, 11.06.2017
I am a long time on the road of spirituality. I am a Christian as long as I can think. But the road widened with my theological studies. One important role played Meister Eckhart, the master of spirituality! Nowadays he is becoming modern again, therefore I reserved him an expanded space in this book. If you understand him, on the one hand you will better understand the current discussions between Christian faith and Zen-Buddhism, on the other hand you will experience a great enrichment for your spiritual life. But that’s not all what you can find in this book. You can join me on my own spiritual journey, because you find a lot of my most important thoughts and texts here. Some you may already know from my blog but in my opinion that is not so bad. For I have gathered here the highlights and key texts, so to speak “the cream of the crop” of my pieces of wisdom, creeds and sermons. There is also a German book of me with the same title on the market: "Gott und Zen". It also gives you an overview of my work. But it contains in large part entirely different texts. If you speak German you will benefit by reading the German version too. And vice versa: Germans with good English skills will benefit of this English edition too.

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Ich lebe in Dresden. Ich war erst Industriekaufmann, danach habe ich Theologie studiert. Durch die Beschäftigung mit Zen bin ich auf die christliche Mystik aufmerksam geworden. Der Glaube ist keine Weltanschauung sondern eine Seinsweise. Mein christlicher Glaube und meine Meditationserfahrungen beeinflussen meinen Alltag, in dem ich versuche achtsam zu sein. Aus diesem Geist entstehen auch meine Bücher.

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