Sustainable Governance and Management of Food Systems: Ethical Perspectives

Wageningen Academic Publishers, 19.09.2019 - 364 Seiten
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This book focuses on the role of governance and management in the food chain. These methods are now especially important as the current food system has been found to inflict unsustainable environmental pressures on our planet. These include, but are not limited to, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, excessive water usage and problems with nutrition cycles. In addition, issues such as the treatment of farm animals has attracted considerable media and public attention from the ethical point of view. Therefore, the prominent questions discussed in this book are:- What are the most important ethical issues in our fisheries, agriculture and food systems?- How should we govern food systems when sustainability is a key goal?- What kind of management tools are available for this purpose?- Who is responsible for making the agriculture and food system more sustainable?

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