When Vectors Collide with Cultures: Book of Abstracts of the 20th European Society for Vector Ecology Conference 2016: 'anthropo-Vector Ecology', Who Is Controlling Who?

Wageningen Academic Publishers, 06.10.2016 - 216 Seiten
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The 20th European Society for Vector Ecology Conference 2016 wants to draw attention to the impact and importance of vectors and vector-borne diseases on landscapes inhabited by human beings and how to make this paradigm most effective to benefit public health. Session subjects are: invasive species: ecology and their potential role as vectors; citizen science and social approaches on vector control; epidemiology of vector-borne diseases and their vectors; ecology and behaviour of vectors; emerging vector-borne diseases and risk assessment; vector-pathogens interactions; taxonomy, systematic and phylogeny of vectors; and advance technologies on vector control.

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