Farm Animal Proteomics 2014: Proceedings of the 5th Management Committee Meeting and 4th Meeting of Working Groups 1,2 & 3 of Cost Action FA 1002 Milano, Italy 17-18 November 2014

Wageningen Academic Publishers, 2014 - 289 Seiten
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Proteomics is the large-scale study of the proteome, i.e. a set of proteins being expressed in a certain fluid, tissue, organ or organism. The value of this advanced technology is being recognised in farm animal and veterinary sciences from `farm to fork¿. The potential of proteomics is unequivocal in holding a significant promise in applications such as vaccine and drug development, physiology, toxicology, animal product quality and food safety. Proteomics has been growing steadily during the last 3-4 years and, as time goes by, proteomics-based studies are more and more common, not just to scientists but to the general public as well, unravelling the full potential of this innovative technology. This book reflects the will of a group of multi-disciplinary scientists that merge innovation with excellence of research and to whom the dissemination of knowledge and discovery through cooperation is a key point. It is of interest to scientists at the early stages of their careers as well as to researchers well established in the field and to whom proteomics may be the necessary next step towards more in-depth research activities. By providing a collection of diverse scientific interests, 'Farm Animal Proteomics 2014' demonstrates the vitality of the area and the importance it holds to animal and food research, to science, industry, government agencies, the consumer and ultimately the society as a whole.

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