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The Pre-Islamic Coinage of Eastern Arabia

Daniel T. Potts - 1991 - Eingeschränkte Leseprobe
A presentation of the various indigenous coin issues that circulated in Eastern Arabia during the pre-Islamic era as attested in five private collections studied by the author. The basis for the classification is a corpus of 529 coins selected ...

A Silver Legend: The Story of the Maria Theresa Thaler

Clara Semple - 2005 - Keine Leseprobe verfügbar
One of the most distinctive coins ever minted, the Empress Maria Theresa thaler was first struck in 1741 in Vienna, a year after Maria Theresa acceded to the Hapsburg inheritance. It became a trade coin, and - because of the assured and ...

The Dollars of Africa, Asia & Oceania

John Stewart Davenport - 1969 - Auszug
"Valuations, May 1969" ([2] p.) inserted. Bibliography: p. 208.