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" What though the spicy breezes Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle; Though every prospect pleases, And only man is vile : In vain with lavish kindness The gifts of God are strown; The heathen in his blindness Bows down to wood and stone. "
Hymns of the Church New and Old - Seite 258
herausgegeben von - 1912 - 684 Seiten
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The Singing Thing Too: Enabling Congregations to Sing

John L. Bell - 2007 - 139 Seiten
...though the spicy breezes blow soft o 'er Ceylon s isle, though every prospect pleases and man alone is vile; in vain with lavish kindness, the gifts of...strown, the heathen in his blindness bows down to wood or stone. or - to give a more balanced view If you cannot cross the ocean and the heathen lands explore,...
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God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

Christopher Hitchens - 2007 - 307 Seiten
[ Der Inhalt dieser Seite ist beschränkt. ]
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The Great Commission: Evangelicals and the History of World Missions

Martin I. Klauber, Scott M. Manetsch, Erwin Lutzer - 2008 - 228 Seiten
...Greenland's Icy Mountains" (1819), gives voice to the sense of responsibility in a more problematical way: Can we, whose souls are lighted With wisdom from on high, Can we to men benighted The lamp of life deny?66 It is one thing to sing the responsibility of carrying the word of life to the world's limits,...
Eingeschränkte Leseprobe - Über dieses Buch

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