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" Of vermin did at first proceed. So e're the storm of war broke out, Religion spawn'da various rout Of petulant Capricious sects, The maggots of corrupted texts, That first run all religion down, And after ev'ry swarm its own. For as the Persian {h} Magi... "
The age, a poem, moral, political and metaphysical - Seite 231
von Age - 1810
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Proceedings, Band 54

Literary and Philosophical Society of Liverpool - 1900
...vigorous that Dryden has not bettered it in the following, how, Ere the storm of war broke out, Keligion spawn'da various rout Of petulant, capricious sects, The maggots of corrupted texts. and presently, how Presbyter and Independent Were now turn'd Plaintiff and Defendant. But it is for...
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English Church history from the death of king Henry vii. to the death of ...

Alfred Plummer - 1905
...harbour for all infidelity." This evil is alluded to in Butler's Hudibras (Part 1n. canto ii. 7) : " So, ere the storm of war broke out, Religion spawn'da...capricious sects, The maggots of corrupted texts." misgoverned by a handful of unscrupulous adventurers, who called themselves the Ministers of the King....
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Hudibras: Written in the Time of the Late Wars

Samuel Butler - 1905 - 335 Seiten
...Founders of his House ; From whose corrupted Flesh that Breed Of Vermine did at first proceed. So, e'r the Storm of War broke out, Religion spawn'da various Rout, Of Petulant Capricious Seels, The Maggots of Corrupted Texts, That first run all Religion down, And after every Swarm its...
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