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" May the holy and eternal Virgin Mary, mother of God, curse him. — May St. Michael, the advocate of holy souls, curse him. — May all the angels and archangels, principalities and powers, and all the heavenly armies, curse him." [Our armies swore terribly... "
The Works of Laurence Sterne, A. M.: Some account of the life and writings ... - Seite 199
von Laurence Sterne - 1804
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Quest for a Star: The Civil War Letters and Diaries of Colonel Francis T ...

Francis Trowbridge Sherman - 1999 - 213 Seiten 1, n. 24). 2. Sheridan did not always share information about his plans with his subordinates. 3. "'Our armies swore terribly in Flanders,' cried my Uncle Toby, — but nothing to this.'" Laurence Sterne, Tristram Shandy, bk. 3, ch. n. 4. This was not the better known battle at Spring Hill...
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The Anatomy of Swearing

Ashley Montagu - 2001 - 370 Seiten
...Mary, Mother of God, curse him or them. May St. Michael, the Advocate of holy Souls, curse him or them. May all the Angels and Arch-Angels, Principalities and Powers, and all the heavenly Host, curse him or them. May the laudable Number of the Patriarchs and Prophets curse him or them....
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The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, Bände 1-2

Laurence Sterne - 1793
...arch' angels, principalities and powers, and all the heavenly ' armies, curfe him.' [Our armies fwore terribly in Flanders, cried my uncle Toby,— —but...nothing to this. — For my own part; I could not have the heart to curfe my dog fo.] ' May St John the Praeciirfor, and St Jolm the Bap' tift, and St. Peter,...
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The Eclectic Magazine: Foreign Literature, Band 32;Band 95

...which it will have the whole force due to the concentrated effect of all the attendant circumstances. " Our armies swore terribly in Flanders," cried my uncle Toby, "but nothing to this." Voltaire could not have made a happier hit at the excess of the odium theologieum, but the saying comes...
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