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" First in his east the glorious lamp was seen, Regent of day, and all th' horizon round Invested with bright rays, jocund to run His longitude through heav'n's high road; the gray Dawn and the Pleiades before him danc'd, Shedding sweet influence... "
Elements of Criticism - Seite 62
von Lord Henry Home Kames - 1762
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The Oxford Magazine: Or, University Museum. Calculated for General ..., Band 2

...round " Tnvefted with bright rays; jocund to " run " His longitude thro' heav'n'shighroadj " the grey " Dawn and the Pleiades before HIM " danc'd, " Shedding...influence. Lefs bright " the MOON, " But oppofite, in level'd weft was fet, " His mirrour, with full face borrowing " HER light " From HIM ; for other light...
Vollansicht - Über dieses Buch

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