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" For Him shall prayer unceasing And daily vows ascend, His kingdom still increasing, A kingdom without end: The mountain-dews shall nourish ' A seed in weakness sown, Whose fruit shall spread and flourish And shake like Lebanon. "
The Home Missionary - Seite 21
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A Catholic Book of Hours and Other Devotions

William George Storey - 2007 - 386 Seiten
...victorious, He on his throne shall rest, From age to age more glorious, All-blessing and all-blest; The tide of time shall never His covenant remove; His name shall stand for ever; That name to us is Love.14 PSALM 19 CHRIST, THE SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS ANTIPHON Christ is the bridegroom leaving his chamber,...
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Masterpieces of Religious Verse

Alleyne Ireland - 2007 - 720 Seiten
[ Der Inhalt dieser Seite ist beschränkt. ]
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