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" Tis now become a history little known, That once we called the pastoral house our own. Short-lived possession! but the record fair That memory keeps of all thy kindness there, Still outlives many a storm, that has effaced A thousand other themes less... "
The Poetical Works of William Cowper - Seite 254
von William Cowper - 1830
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William Cowper: Selected Poems

William Cowper - 2003 - 119 Seiten
...kindness there, Still outlives many a storm that has effac'd A thousand other themes less deeply trac'd. Thy nightly visits to my chamber made, That thou might'st...warmly laid; Thy morning bounties ere I left my home, 60 The biscuit, or confectionary plum; The fragrant waters on my cheeks bestow'd By thy own hand, till...
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