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Saint Joan of the Stockyards

Bertolt Brecht - 2010 - 160 Seiten
In this version of the story of Joan of Arc, Brecht transforms her into 'Joan Dark', a member of the 'Black Straw Hats' (a Salvation Army-like group) in twentieth century ...

Fear and misery of the Third Reich: Señora Carrar's rifles

Bertolt Brecht - 1983 - 171 Seiten
Volume Four of Brecht's Collected Plays contains works from the 1930s.'Round Heads and Pointed Heads, based on Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, is a powerful political ...

Collected Plays, Band 7

Bertolt Brecht - 1974 - 450 Seiten
The authorized translation of the collected plays includes introductions, placing each work in the context of Brecht's total output and the whole range of German literature

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