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for four years. On the 1st of February, 1828, he was appointed Secretary of the Territory. He died January 9th, 1838.

Hon. James May was appointed Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, about the year 1800. He held that office for seven years; and his name often appears in the subsequent public records of the Territory. He died in January, 1829.

Rev. Gabriel Richard, Vicar-general, Sulpitian, was born at Saintes, in France, October 15th, 1764. He was educated at Issy, near Paris, and became a priest of the Society of St. Sulpitius in 1791. With a number of priests of the same order, he arrived at Baltimore, in the United States, June 24th, 1792. After laboring some time as missionary among the Catholic missions of Illinois, he came to Detroit in June, 1798. He closed a long and laborious life at Detroit, on the 13th of September, 1832.

All efforts to obtain a portrait of Hon. Augustus B. Woodward, one of the first judges, and author of the “ Woodward Code of Laws," have been unsuccessful, and it is believed that none exists. He was a native of Virginia, and was appointed a Judge of the Territory of Michigan in 1805. His term of office expired in 1824, and he was soon after appointed one of the Judges of the Territory of Florida, and died there three years later.

Far from considering this volume above criticism, yet believing that it contains historical facts which will be appreciated by the reading public, and especially by the inhabitants of the great Northwest, this portion of the Early History of Michigan is respectfully submitted.

NEW YORK, March, 1856.



Letter from M. Cadillac to M. la Touche-Complains of the Jesuits that

they do not occupy their Mission at Detroit-Danger of opposing

them-The “Company of the Colony'' make a new contract with M.

Cadillac His account of the agreement-M. Cadillac detects two of

the commissioners in fraud and embezzlement, and reports them to


The governor-general orders the principal chiefs of the tribes engaged

in the attack on Detroit, to descend to Montreal-They arrive June

17, 1707-Governor-general refuses to see them-Council called the

next day-Jean la Blanc's speech--Second council, June 20th, speech

of the governor-general-Third council, Jean le Blanc's reply-Fourth

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