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Balance on deposit in the First National Bank of Philadelphia, Centennial Branch, 32nd and Market Sts...



Balance according to bank statement, Dec. 19, 1936..... $4584.23
Add collection item not yet collected..

7.25 $4591.48

Less outstanding checks nos. 1209, 1211, 1212, 1216..... $134.72 $4456.76

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To Editor, for services......

To Treasurer, as Business Manager, for services.
To office expenses, for promotion and stationery.
To Secretary's allowance, for extra clerk-hire..

Receipts: by sales to Dec. 19, 1936...

Postage on books and bills, to No. 30.....
Payment to Yale Univ., Dec. 4, for net to Nov. 30..
Postage on books and bills, Dec. 1-19, 1936..

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Net balance due to Yale Univ., Dec. 19, 1936..


Balance on hand, Dec. 22, 1935.....


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The report of the Trustees of the Endowment Fund is here appended:


The Trustees of the Endowment Fund report that during the year 1936 the sum of $70.00 has been received as Life Membership Fee of Edgar H. Sturtevant; that the sum of $1.00 has been received as a gift; that in the closing days of 1935, after their last report, the sum of $72.50 was received as Life Membership Fee of E. Adelaide Hahn; and that these sums, amounting to $143.50, have been placed in the Five Thousand Dollar United States Treasury Bond, due 1951-55, releasing the same amount of current funds used in the purchase of this bond in 1933. The Five Thousand Dollar Bond is held by the First National Bank of Philadelphia, Centennial Branch, for the Trustees, subject to withdrawal by the Treasurer acting with one other Trustee.

The Endowment Funds are therefore as follows:
Linguistic Society of America..
Linguistic Institute...



The funds are thus invested:

1 $5000 Three per cent United States Treasury Bond, 1951-55, purchased for.....

This Bond therefore includes $1598 of current funds.


The Treasurer reports the receipt of the interest due on this Bond, and that the proportionate part, $64.42, has been placed to the credit of the Linguistic Institute.

(signed) F. Corlies Morgan
Merle M. Odgers

Roland G. Kent, Treasurer.


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Endowment Fund of Linguistic Society, principal..... $1247.50
Endowment Fund of Linguistic Institute, principal.


[blocks in formation]

President Flom announced that he had previously appointed as Auditors Prof. W. N. Brown and Prof. D. B. Shumway, and read their signed

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