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4[Still may thy love in every scene,

In every age, appear;
And let the same compassion deign

To bless the opening year.]
5 Oh! keep each fond and foolish heart

From anxious passions free;
Teach us, when earthly joys depart,

To find our rest in T'hee.
6 If mercy smile, let mercy bring

Our wand'ring souls to God;
So in affliction we may sing,

If Thou wilt bless the rod.


Harvest. 368

God's bounteous Providence.

Gen, viii, 22. Jer. v. 24.
1 FOUNTAIN of mercy! God of love!

How rich thy bounties are!
The rolling seasons, as they move,

Proclaim thy constant care.
2 When in the bosom of the earth

The sower hid the grain,
Thy goodness mark'd its secret birth,

And sent the early rain.

3 The spring's sweet influence, Lord! was thine;

The plants in beauty grew;
Thou gav'st refulgent suns to shine,

And mild refreshing dew.
4 These various mercies from above

Matured the swelling grain;
A kindly harvest crowns thy love,

And plenty fills the plain.
5 We own and bless thy gracious sway;

Thy hand all nature hails;
Seed-time nor harvest, night nor day,

Summer nor winter, fails.
5th of November.

L. M. Praise for National deliverance. 2 Sam. xxii, 1-3. Ezra ix, 13, 14. Ps. cxxiv, 1-3. 1 WHILE Britain, favour'd of the skies,

Recalls the wonders God hath wrought,
Let grateful joy adoring rise,

And warm to rapture every thought.
2 When wicked men combined their power,

And doom'd these isles their certain prey,
Thy hand forbad the fatal hour;

Their evil plots in ruin lay.
3 Again our restless, cruel foes

Resumed, avow'd, a fresh design;
Again to save us God arose,
And Britain owns the hand Divine

4 Such great deliv'rance God has wrought,

And still the gracious care of heav'n
Has down to us salvation brought;
All praise to God, our God, be giv'n!

Accession of the Sovereign. 370

8. 7. Prayer for the Church and Queen.

1 Sam. X, 24. I Tim. ii, 1, 2. 1 LORD of heaven, and earth, and ocean,

Hear us from thy bright abode, While our hearts with deep devotion

Own their great and gracious God! Source, reveal'd in sacred story,

Of each good and perfect thing! Lord of life, and light, and glory!

Guide thy Church, and guard our Queen!

2 Thee with humble adoration

Laud we now for mercies past;
Still to this most favour'd nation

May those mercies ever last!
Britons then, through future story,

With their prayers shall praises sing;
Lord of life, and light, and glory!

Guide thy Church, and guard our Queen!

Sovereign 371

L. M. Blessings implored on our Sovereign. Ps. cxliv, 10. Prov. viii, 15. Rom. xiii, 1.4.

10. King of kings! thy blessing shed

On our anointed Sovereign's head;
And, looking from thy throne in heav'n,
Protect the crown Thyself hast giv’n.

2 Her with thy choicest mercies bless;

To all her counsels give success;
In war, in peace, thy succour bring;
Thy strength command: God save the Queen!

3 Her may we honour and obey;

Uphold her right and lawful sway;
Rememb’ring that the powers that be
Are ministers ordaind of Thee.

4 Thou, ever mindful of her want,

Through all her days thy favour grant;
And bid the golden circiet spread

Its purest splendours round her head.
5 And, oh! when earthly thrones decay,

And earthly kingdoms fade away,
Grant her throne in worlds on high,
A crown of immortality!

Parliament. 372

8.8. 6. Prayer for grace for our rulers.

Gen. xviii, 26. 2 Sam. xxiii, 3.
1 LORD God of hosts! who dost fulfil
In heaven and earth thy sov'reign will-

For heaven and earth are thine-
The councils of our nation bless
With wisdom, truth, and righteousness,

With light and love divine.
2 Whate'er they plan, whate'er decree,
Oh! may they lift their eyes to Thee

For thine Ålmighty aid;
Free them from sin's corrupting sway;
Teach them to show the heavenly way,

Where humbler men may tread.
3 Oh! be it ever their design
To make thy grace, thy glory shine,

And stay the realm on Thee;
Thy church from error to defend,
Until its light to heaven ascend,

And spread from sea to sea.
4 When Thou in terror risest forth

To sweep the wicked from the earth

With dread resistless stroke,
O’er Britain stretch thy sheltering arm;
Her Tower of refuge in the storm;

Her everlasting Rock!

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