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C. M. Grateful remembrance of Christ's death.

Song of Sol. i, 4. 1 Cor. xi, 23-25.
1 IF HUMAN kindness meets return,

And owns the grateful tie;
If tender thoughts within us burn

To feel a friend is nigh;
2 Oh! shall not warmer accents tell

The gratitude we owe
To Him, who died our fears to quell,

Our more than orphan's woe?
3 While yet his anguish'd soul survey'd

Those pangs He would not flee,
What love his latest words display'd,

“ Meet, and remember Me." 4 Remember Thee! thy death, thy shame,

Our sinful hearts to share!
O memory! leave no other name

But his recorded there!


L.M. Welcoming new Communicants.

Gen, xxiv, 31.
1 COME in, beloved in the Lord !

Enter in Jesu's precious name;
We welcome you with one accord,
And trust our Saviour does the same.

2. Those joys which earth can not afford

We hope in fellowship to prove,
Join'd in one spirit to our Lord,

Together bound in mutual love.
3 And, while we pass this vale of tears,

We'll make our joys and sorrows known,
We'll share each other's hopes and fears,

And count a brother's cares our own. 4 Once more our welcome we repeat,

Receive assurance of our love;
Oh! may we all together meet
Around the throne of God above!

Old Year.

L. M.
Grateful remembrance of past mercies.
Ps. Ixv, 11. Acts xxvi, 22. Rev. vii, 10.

1 Our Helper, God ! we bless thy name,

Whose power and grace are still the same; The tokens of thy friendly care

Commence, and crown, and close the year. 2 Amidst ten thousand snares we stand,

Supported by thy guardian hand;
And mark, when we regard our ways,
Ten thousand monuments of praise.


3 Thus far thine arm hath led us on;

Thus far we make thy mercy known;
And, while we tread this desert land,

New mercies shall new songs demand. 4 Our grateful souls, on Jordan's shore,

Would raise one sacred anthem more;
Then sing, in brighter courts above,

Unceasing strains of grateful love. 359

C. M.
Travellers to the grave.
Job vii, 6. Ps. xc, 12. Isa. Xxxviii, 12.
1 THEE we adore, Eternal Name!

And humbly own to Thee,
How feeble is our mortal frame!

What dying worms are we!
2[Our wasting lives grow shorter still,

As months and days increase;
And every beating pulse we tell

Leaves but the number less.]
3 The year rolls round, and steals away

The breath that first it gave;
Whate'er we do, where'er we be,

We're travelling to the grave.
4 Great God! on what a slender thread

Hang everlasting things!
Th' eternal state of all the dead

Upon life's feeble strings !

5 Infinite joy, or endless woe,

Attends on every breath;
And yet how unconcern'd we go

Upon the brink of death!
6 Waken, O Lord! our drowsy sense

To walk this dang’rous road;
And, if our souls be hurried hence,

May they be found with God!


L. M. The current of time gliding onwards to eternity.

Job xiv, 10-12. Ps. xc, 4-6. Eph. v, 16. 1 God of eternity! from Thee

Did infant time his being draw;
Moments, and days, and months, and years,

Revolve by thine unvaried law.
2 Silent and slow they glide away;

Steady and strong the current flows;
Lost in eternity's wide sea-
The boundless ocean whence it rose.

3 With it the thoughtless sons of men

Before the rapid stream are borne
On to that fathomless abyss,
Whence not one soul can e'er return.

4 Yet, while the shore on either side

Presents a gaudy, flatt'ring show,
We gaze in fond amazement lost,

Nor think to what a world we go.
5 Great Source of wisdom! teach my heart

To know the price of erery hour,
That time may bear me on to joys
Beyond its measure and its pow'r.



C. M.
Welcome eternal day.

Rom. xii, 11-14. 1 Pet. iv, 7.
1 SERVANTS of God! awake! arise!

And lift your voices high!
Praise and adore that boundless love,

Which brings salvation nigh!
2 Swift on the wings of time it flies,

Each moment brings it near;
Then gladly view each closing day,

Gladly each closing year.
3 For few indeed their round shall run,

Few future mornings rise,
Ere all its glories stand reveal'd

To our admiring eyes,

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