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Extra reprints, proof corrections, etc..

32.48 Gifts to current expenses. ..

639.05 Gift to Endowment Fund of Linguistic Society.

2.00 Gift to current funds of Linguistic Institute. .

35.67 Gifts to Endowment Fund of Linguistic Institute.

1031.95 Overpayments standing to customers' credit..

37.75 Received for luncheon and dinner, 1939 meeting.

154.40 Received for transmission....

1.50 Dues of Group for Phonemics 1939 (2), 1940 (43), 1941 (1)

46.00 Subventions to publications not yet issued: P. Scherer, for Dissertation No. 32...

300.00 J. H. D. Allen Jr., for Dissertation No. 33

433.40 $11145.48 Total Funds available in checking account.

$13811.23 Disbursements: Secretary, expenses and services, partial 1939.

$88.30 expenses and services, 1940..

500.00 business management of Sturtevant's Pronunciation....

50.00 services in distributing Prokosch's Grammar.. 8.50 $646.80 G. M. Bolling, editor, balance for 1939.

100.00 B. Bloch, editor, expenses and services 1940.

$200.00 work on Sturtevant's Pronunciation... 96.00 296.00 G. S. Lane, preparation of Index XI-XV.

100.00 Honoraria of reviewers...

33.34 Honoraria of appointive trustees..

10.00 Office expenses: stationery, printing, postage, addressing, mimeo

graphing, binding, telephone, telegrams, circulars of meetings, etc..

460.71 American Council of Learned Societies, dues 1940.

25.00 Preveden suit, balance of counsel's fee..

1000.00 Funds transmitted...

1.50 Publications bought for stock..

20.75 1939 Meeting, lunch and dinner.

154.40 Refund on cancelled library subscriptions

11.25 Credits repaid..

31.20 R. G. Kent, for sale of author's copies of Sounds of Latin, 1st ed. $31.20, 2d ed. $31.00....

62.20 Group for Phonemics, reprinted bibliographies.

3.90 University of Michigan, for Linguistic Institute.

100.00 Yale University, for Whitney Series volumes: Hittite volumes. .

$73.77 Prokosch's Germanic Grammar.

Sapir-Swadesh's Nootka Texts.

Sturtevant's Pronunciation of Greek and Latin. 423.28 831.02
Expenses on Whitney Series: postage, service:
Hittite volumes..

Prokosch's Germanic Grammar.

25.38 Sapir-Swadesh's Nootka Texts.

.90 Sturtevant's Pronunciation of Greek and Latin. 13.87 43.73


Sturtevant's Pronunciation: promotion, etc.
Waverly Press Inc., Baltimore.

Less credit balance 1939.



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Balance on deposit in First National Bank of Philadelphia, Centennial Branch, 32d and Market Sts., bank report..

$5350.34 Less outstanding checks 1617.

$16.00 1620.

22.15 1623.


43.15 $5307.19

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Storage in Baltimore..
Postage on books and bills..
Paid to Yale University, quarterly, to Dec. 19 1940.

[blocks in formation]


Received from Yale University.
Received from author....
Received by sales, to Dec. 19 1940..


15.91 484.68 $2675.59

Waverly Press: manufacturing and binding..

special types..
mailing cartons..
freight to Philadelphia.


3.45 $1575.42

Express on typescript, 1939 and 1940.
Miscellaneous transportation.
Editor's honorarium.
Business manager's honorarium..
Promotion: Waverly Press for circulars.

distribution of circulars, etc..

.90 2.50 96.00 50.00


59.50 104.74


[blocks in formation]

Paid to University of Michigan, for Linguistic Institute...


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Balance on hand, Dec. 19 1939, still remaining Dec. 19 1940...


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The report of the Trustees of the Endowment Funds is here appended:

The Trustees of the Endowment Fund report that during the year 1940 the sum of $2.00 has been added to the Endowment Funds of the Society, as gift; and that the sum of $1031.95 has been received for the Endowment of the Linguistic Institute, through the activity of Mr. Edgerton's Committee.

The invested funds consist of one Five Thousand Dollar United States Treasury Bond, due 1951–55, and bearing interest at 3 per cent, purchased in 1933 for $4937.50. This Bond is held by the First National Bank of Philadelphia, Centennial Branch, for the Trustees,

subject to withdrawal by the Treasurer and one other Trustee. The funds invested therein are the following: Linguistic Society of America, Endowment Funds.

$1512.00 Linguistic Institute, Endowment Funds. ...

2092.00 Linguistic Society of America, current funds.

1333.50 The Treasurer reports the receipt of the interest on this Bond, up to and including September 15 1940, and states that the proportionate part, $64.42, has been placed to the credit of the Linguistic Institute.

Inasmuch as the Constitution of the Society requires the investment of the Endowment Funds in interest-bearing securities, the Trustees have felt it desirable to await definite instructions at the 1940 meeting of the Society, as to whether the Endowment Funds of the Linguistic Institute, received during the year, should be invested in bonds or in good common stocks. To invest this sum in the Bond already held would have required the purchase of the proportionate part at a considerable premium above par.

(signed) Edwin B. Williams

Albert C. Baugh
Roland G. Kent, Treasurer




United States Treasury Bond.
Checkable Account, First National Bank, Phila..
Credit balance with Waverly Press, Baltimore.
Recoverable preliminary expenses on publications.
Accrued interest on Bond..
Recoverable arrears of dues, estimated.
Unpaid sales of regular publications, estimated.


60.00 $11116.95


Endowment Fund of Linguistic Society.
Endowment Fund of Linguistic Institute.
Current Funds of Linguistic Institute..
Linguistic Institute, accrued interest.
Vedic Variants fund.
Yale University, for Whitney Series volumes..
Reserved for advertising Sturtevant's Pronunciation.
Group for Phonemics .....
Group for American Indian Linguistics.
Credits of Customers
Dues and subscriptions paid in advance..
P. Scherer, deposit on dissertation, balance.
J. H. D. Allen Jr., deposit on dissertation.
G. C. S. Adams, deposit on dissertation..
Language 16.4, reprints, etc. (est.).

[blocks in formation]

Estimated net balance of current funds, Dec. 31 1940.
Actual net balance of current funds, Dec. 31 1939.

$4066.23 4406.78

The President announced that he had previously appointed Mr. W. N. Brown and Mr. Speiser to serve as Auditors of the Treasurer's report; he then read their official report that they had examined the accounts and the report of the

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