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The Eighteenth Annual Meeting of the Society was held at Indianapolis, Indiana, on Thursday and Friday, January 1-2, 1942, at the invitation of Indiana University and Butler University. The headquarters of the Society were at the Claypool Hotel.

The following members and members-elect registered for the meeting:

Elizabeth K. Allen, J. H. D. Allen Jr.

F. G. Banta, Erminnie Bartelmez, Adeline Bartlett, A. C. Baugh, C. A. Bevans, B. Bloch, J. H. Bonfante, K. G. Bottke, C. D. Buck.

R. A. Caldwell, F. G. Cassidy, J. M. Cowan.

M. Dillon, E. V. K. Dobbie, I. Dyen.

J. M. Echols, F. Edgerton, W. F. Edgerton, N. E. Eliason, B. Emsley, G. Engerrand. G. H. Fairbanks, Margaret T. Fisher, G. B. Fitch, J. W. Frey.

Frieda Gamper.

Mary Haas, E. Adelaide Hahn, R. A. Hall Jr., M. L. Hanley, Z. S. Harris, E. Haugen, C. F. Hockett, H. M. Hoenigswald, U. T. Holmes Jr.

E. Joliat, M. Joos.

H. R. Kahane, Renée Kahane-Toole, H. R. Keller Jr., R. G. Kent, J. Kepke, H. Kökeritz. H. Larsen, W. P. Lehmann, J. López-Morillas, C. M. Lotspeich, F. Lounsbury, W. F. Luebke.

A. H. Marckwardt, R. I. McDavid Jr., J. C. McGalliard, P. S. Mousolite.

L. Pap, J. J. Parry, Marie Paryski, H. Penzl, E. A. Philippson.

C. E. Reed, L. W. Roubey.

A. H. Schutz, T. A. Sebeok, L. W. J. Seifert, O. Springer, L. C. Sherman, F. T. Siebert Jr., R. F. W. Smith, E. H. Sturtevant, M. Swadesh.

G. L. Trager, R. W. Tucker, W. F. Twaddell.

E. J. Upton.

J. Van Horne, C. F. Voegelin.

R. L. Ward, T. G. Wesenberg, H. Whitehall, C. A. Williams, W. J. Williamson III, W. H. Willis. [83]

In addition to these, 26 guests registered.

The First Session of the Linguistic Society was held on the morning of Thursday, January 1, in the Palm Room of the Claypool Hotel. President Kent called the meeting to order at 9:33 A.M., and presided throughout the reading of papers. About 80 persons were present at this session. The President read a letter of welcome to the Society from Henry T. Davis, Secretary-Manager of the Indianapolis Convention and Publicity Bureau. Papers 1-5 were presented and discussed, after which the business of the Society was taken up.

The reading of the minutes of the preceding meetings was called for. The Secretary stated that the minutes of the Ann Arbor meeting of July 26-7, 1940, and those of the Seventeenth Annual Meeting held in Providence on December


30-1, 1940, had already been printed in Bulletin No. 14 and that no corrections had been brought to his attention. On motion it was voted that the reading of the minutes of these two meetings be dispensed with, and that they be adopted. On a second motion it was voted that the reading of the minutes of the Fourth Summer Meeting, held at Chapel Hill July 11-2, 1941, be dispensed with, as they were shortly to be printed in Bulletin No. 15.

The Secretary, Mr. Cowan, presented the following report, which was ordered received and filed:

For the year 1941 the membership statistics are as follows: For the year 1940 there were 552 members (apart from Honorary Members), of whom three died during the year (C. Adler, C. Goetsch, D. B. Shumway); 20 presented their resignations, effective at the end of 1940 (A. P. Ball, H. A. Basilius, Miss F. J. Bloch, E. B. Dike, L. H. Gray, R. T. Hill, Mrs. L. B. Holland, Mrs. F. W. Hopkins, A. P. Kehlenbeck, Mrs. M. Lilienthal, S. B. Meech, G. C. Miles, Mrs. M. J. Murphy, W. B. Pillsbury, F. M. Rogers, R. E. Saleski, Miss P. Segal, H. W. Sugden, Miss G. Van Adestine, K. V. Zettersteen); one returned publications unpaid for in 1940 and submitted a resignation effective at the end of 1939; twelve were dropped for non-payment of dues during 1939 and 1940. The net membership with which the Society started 1941 was therefore 516; the new members for 1941 are 89. The total membership for 1941, in addition to the Honorary Members, is 605, a gain of 53 over 1940. Of these, 13 are unpaid for 1940–1 and subject to being dropped from the rolls on Jan. 1, 1942, and 81 others were, on Dec. 20, 1941 (when the financial books were closed), unpaid for 1941. We regretfully record the death of five Active Members in 1941: Manuel J. Andrade on January 26, Henry Hyvernat on May 29, Guy S. Lowman on August 4, Ezra Kempton Maxfield on January 8, and Benjamin Lee Whorf on July 26.

The Honorary Members were 23 in 1940, of whom one, Nikolaas Van Wijk, died during 1941.

The domestic Library Subscriptions have increased from 110 to 115, by a gain of 8 anda loss of 3; but foreign subscriptions have decreased from 65 to 45, by a loss of 27 and a gain of 7. The American Library Association has contracted for the purchase of 40 subscriptions to LANGUAGE for 1941 and 15 subscriptions for 1940. These are to be stored by the Society and distributed at the direction of the Association's Committee on Libraries in War Areas after the cessation of hostilities.

The exchanges and copies for review are 10 domestic and 13 foreign at the end of 1941. No change has been made in the number of foreign scholars on the complimentary list. Because of the increasing difficulties in distribution to foreign addresses it has been necessary to store a great number of the regular publications intended for foreign exchange and review and for scholars on the complimentary list until such time as they may be distributed safely. The addressees have been notified by ordinary mail.

There are 31 members in the Group for Phonemics and 48 in the Group for American Indian Linguistics.

I wish to express my gratitude to Mr. Kent for his constant help and advice throughout the year in acquainting me with the duties and administration of the offices of Secretary and Treasurer. I am also greatly indebted to the members of the Executive Committee for their close cooperation and prompt handling of matters of business put before them. My sincere appreciation is due to Mr. Williams and Mr. Baugh, the Trustees, and to Mr. E. H. Sturtevant, Mr. W. F. Edgerton, and Mr. Larsen, the other members of the advisory Committee on Investment of Linguistic Institute Endowment Funds, for the time and consideration they have given to the matter of investing the Endowment of the Society; to Mr. Franklin Edgerton for his unsolicited periodical reports on income to Endowment from pledges; to the Editor, Mr. Bloch, and to the staff of the Waverly Press for orienting me in the details involved in preparing and financing our program of publication; and to Mr. Lyte and Mr. Cousins, the Auditors, for their careful and critical examination of the books at the end of the year. In behalf of the Society I take this opportunity to thank the Ad

ministration of the State University of Iowa for having generously placed at the disposition of the Society certain facilities such as mailing service, printing service, storage shelves for publications, and office furniture, which have helped considerably to simplify the administration of the office.

At the conclusion of the Secretary's report Mr. Sturtevant presented the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted:

Resolved that the Linguistic Society of America expresses to the State University of Iowa its gratitude for the use of a considerable amount of storage space for the preservation of the Society's stock of publications. This action of the University is saving the Society a considerable annual outlay for the rental of storage space from some commercial agency. As Treasurer, Mr. Cowan presented the following report:


TREASURER'S REPORT, DEC. 19, 1940 to Dec. 20, 1941

Balance from previous year (checkable account), including

[blocks in formation]

Int. accruing to L. S. A., on United Fed. Sav. & Loan cert....
Linguistic Institute cur. fds., div. on L. I. Endow. secur...
Dues of Individuals: 1932 (1), 1939 (2), 1940 (32), 1941





[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Deposit by University of Pennsylvania, J. H. D. Allen Diss.

No. 33...

Deposit by W. G. Moulton for publication of Diss. No. 34..
Envelopes redeemed...

By Philip Scherer, express chg. refunded, Diss. No. 32..

Sale of Hall's Italian Bibliography, to be refunded to author after deduction of distribution expenses..

Total Funds available in checking account....


Linguistic Institute Endowment investments (see report of

L. S. A. Endowment investment, United Federal Savings

& Loan certificate





290.26 $14,644.77



[blocks in formation]

Refund to E. A. Hahn, reprints paid for, not received....


[blocks in formation]

Office expense: stationery, printing, postage, addressograph

service, telegrams, circulars of meetings, etc...


Transportation of back publications stored in Baltimore and
Philadelphia, wrapping, shelving, inventory..

B. Bloch, Editor, expenses and services 1941.
Secretary, expenses and services, 1941..

services in distributing Prokosch's Grammar..
services in distributing Sturtevant's Pronunciation..

Group for Phonemics, reprinted bibliographies. stamps and distribution...

146.60 200.00



8.90 514.80

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Refund to Denver library for overpayment on books...
Kent's Sounds of Latin, transportation from Baltimore..

Vedic Variants, transportation from Philadelphia and Baltimore.
Adams-Woodard Census, transportation from Philadelphia.....
Hall's Bibliography of Italian Linguistics:

Register of copyrights.

Promotion, transportation, etc..

Refund to author....





[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
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