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7. Prof. E. H. Sturtevant (Yale Univ.): The Indo-European Voiceless Aspirates. Discussion by Mr. Schwartz.

8. Prof. Herbert H. Vaughan (Univ. of California): Are French amour and époux Relics of the 'Bad' Latin Condemned by the Carolingian Councils? Discussion by Messrs. Ward, Sturtevant, Cross, Kahane.

9. Prof. Yuen Ren Chao (Yale Univ.): Word Conceptions in Chinese. Discussion by Messrs. Cross, Nida, Hockett, Nykl, Sturtevant.

10. Prof. Myles Dillon (Univ. of Wisconsin): Some Irish Words.

11. Mr. William B. S. Smith (Columbia Univ. Press): New Ordinals in Breton. Discussion by Mr. Kurath.

12. Prof. C. Douglas Chrétien (Univ. of California): Germanic *-s and the Rôle of Assumption in Historical Linguistics.

13. Prof. Albrecht Goetze (Yale Univ.): Is Ugaritic a Canaanite Dialect? Discussion by Messrs. Kent, Cross.

14. Dr. Julian H. Bonfante (Princeton Univ.): The Latin and the Romance 'Weak' Perfect. Discussion by Messrs. Sturtevant, Cross, Kurath, Ward, Kent.

15. Prof. E. Adelaide Hahn (Hunter College): Latin dum in Main Clauses. Discussion by Messrs. Kenyon, Cross.

16. Dr. Charles Hockett (Ann Arbor): The Phonological Classification of English Morphological Elements. Discussion by Messrs. Kurath, Bloch, Penzl, Kent, Kenyon, Kroeber.

17. Dr. Heinrich M. Hoenigswald (Yale Univ.): Ancient Roman Names in Greek Tradition.

18. Prof. George A. Kennedy (Yale Univ.): Complex Attributive Expressions in Chinese. Discussion by Mr. Chao.

19. Prof. Herbert Penzl (Univ. of Illinois): Is wh One Phoneme in American English? Discussion by Messrs. Trager, Bloch, Kurath, McDavid, Whorf, Haugen, Fitch, Kenyon, Chao.

20. Dr. Isidore Dyen (Yale Univ.): Is Aspect Characterized Morphologically in Old Church Slavic? Discussion by Mr. Trager.

21. Prof. W. F. Albright (The Johns Hopkins Univ.): The Present State of Egypto-Semitic Research. Discussion by Messrs. Sturtevant, Cross. 22. Dr. Paul Tedesco (Institute for Advanced Research): The Alleged Slavic Present-Type *umireti 'he will die'. Discussion by Mr. Edgerton. 23. Dr. Ralph L. Ward (Cornell Univ.): Latin uv and u in the Light of Romance Evidence. Discussion by Messrs. Kent, Cross, Hockett, Voegelin, Whorf, Forchheimer.

24. Dr. George L. Trager (Yale Univ.): Auxiliary Verbs in Russian. Discussion by Messrs. Edgerton, Tedesco, Menges, Hockett, Kennedy, Forchheimer, Kent, Bloch, Malkiel, Nida, Cross, Mrs. Kahane-Toole.

25. Prof. Charles F. Voegelin (DePauw Univ.): Delaware Reflexes of ProtoAlgonquian Consonant Clusters. Discussion by Messrs. Hockett, Kurath, Kroeber, Whorf.

26. Dr. Henry R. Kahane (Univ. of Southern California): American and Romance Linguistic Geography. Discussion by Messrs. Kroeber, Hockett, Austin.

27. Prof. Einar I. Haugen (Univ. of Wisconsin): On the Consonant Pattern of Modern Icelandic. Discussion by Mr. Kurath.

28. Prof. Karl H. Menges (Columbia Univ.): Indo-European Influences on Ural-Altaic Languages.

29. Prof. Hans Kurath (Brown Univ.), and Dr. Guy S. Lowman Jr. (Linguistic Atlas): Pennsylvania English (illustrated by lantern-slides).

30. Mr. Lester W. J. Seifert (Brown Univ.), and Mr. Carroll E. Reed (Brown Univ.): Dialect Differences in Pennsylvania German (illustrated by lantern-slides). Discussion by Mr. Kurath.

31. Mr. B. L. Whorf (Wethersfield, Conn.): Analysis and Translation of a Short Maya Text in Hieroglyphics (illustrated by lantern-slides). Discussion by Messrs. Cowan, Kroeber.

32. Dr. Edith F. Claflin (Barnard College): Accent and Quantity in Mediaeval Latin Poetry (presented by title only).

33. Dr. Yakov Malkiel (New York City): Why grand-duc and not grand-prince in Russian? (presented by title only).

34. Prof. Ephraim Cross (City College, New York): Canadian French, an internal and external examination (presented by title only).

35. Dr. Frederic G. Cassidy (Univ. of Wisconsin): The Status in Wisconsin of the Lexical Innovations and Relics Noted by the Linguistic Atlas in New England (presented by title only).

36. Prof. Frank R. Blake (The Johns Hopkins Univ.): Vocalic Harmony and Epenthesis in Akkadian (presented by title only).

37. Prof. Raven I. McDavid Jr. (Southwestern Louisiana Institute): Personal Elements in Catawba. Discussion by Messrs. Voegelin, Hockett, Bloch, Kroeber.

(signed) ROLAND G. KENT


[Members of the Linguistic Society of America who find omissions or errors in the printed proceedings of this meeting are requested to send their corrections to the Secretary before June 1, 1941.]

This list includes all those who were on the rolls of the Society in 1940. SC before the name indicates Signers of the Call which led to the foundation of the Society, FM indicates Foundation Members, a date indicates the year of election.


Indogermanische Gesellschaft, bei W. de Gruyter & Co., Woyrschstr. 13, Berlin, Germany.

Société de Linguistique de Paris, à la Sorbonne, Paris V, France.

The Philological Society, care of Prof. F. Norman, King's College,
Strand, London W.C.2, England.


1933 BOISACQ, ÉMILE, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor at the University of Brussels; 271 Chaussée de Vleurgat, Ixelles-Bruxelles, Belgium.

1933 BROCKELMANN, CARL, Ph.D., Professor of Semitic Linguistics, University of Breslau; Wilhelmsruh 19, Breslau XVI, Germany.

1927 DEBRUNNER, ALBERT, Ph.D., Professor of Indo-European Linguistics and Classical Philology, University of Bern; Schwarztorstr. 36, Bern, Switzerland.

1936 ENDZELIN, JANIS, Ph.D., Professor of Baltic and Comparative Linguistics, University of Riga; Gertrudes Ielā 3, Riga, Latvia.

1935 FRAENKEL, EDUARD, Ph.D., Corpus Christi Professor of Latin, University of Oxford; Corpus Christi College, Oxford, England.

1939 HROZNÝ, BEDŘICH, Ph.D., Professor of Assyriology, Hittitology, and History of the Ancient Orient, Charles University of Prag; Vorechovka 285, Stresovice bei Prag, Bohemia-Moravia.

1927 JESPERSEN, OTTO, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of English, University of Copenhagen; Lundehave, Helsingor, Denmark.

1936 JONES, DANIEL, Ph.D., Professor of Phonetics, University College, Gower St., London W.C.1, England.

1937 JUD, JAKOB, Ph.D., Professor of Romance Linguistics, University of Zürich; Guggerstr. 32, Zollikon-Zürich, Switzerland.

1937 KARLGREN, BERNHARD, Ph.D., Professor of Far Eastern Languages and Director of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm; Sveavägen 65, Stockholm, Sweden.

1929 KRETSCHMER, PAUL, Ph.D., Professor of Indo-European Linguistics, University of Vienna; Florianigasse 23, Wien VIII, Ostmark, Germany. 1929 MEINHOF, CARL, Ph.D., Professor of African Linguistic Research in the Colonial Institute and the University of Hamburg; Rothenbaumchaussee 5, Hamburg XIII, Germany.

1929 MENÉNDEZ PIDAL, RAMÓN, Ph.D., Professor of Romance Philology, University of Madrid; Calle de Medinaceli 4, Madrid, Spain.

1934 MORSBACH, LORENZ, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of English Language

and Literature, University of Göttingen; Höherweg 10, Göttingen, Germany. 1932 OERTEL, HANNS, Ph.D., Professor of Indic Linguistics, University of Munich; Pienzenauerstr. 39, München XXVII, Germany.

1930 PEDERSEN, HOLGER, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Comparative Linguistics, University of Copenhagen; Gersonsvej 69 II, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1927 RIVET, PAUL, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History; 61 Rue de Buffon, Paris, France.

1928 SOMMER, FERDINAND, Ph.D., Professor of General and Indo-European Linguistics, University of Munich; Ludwigstr. 22 C, München, Germany.

1931 THURNEYSEN, RUDOLF, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Comparative and Indo-European Linguistics, University of Bonn; Meckenheimerallee 55, Bonn, Germany. Died 1940.

1930 UHLENBECK, CHRISTIANUS C., Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Old Germanic Languages and Comparative Linguistics, University of Leiden; Villa Eugenia, Lugano-Ruvigliana, Switzerland.

1932 UNGNAD, ARTHUR, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Assyriology, University of Breslau; Burgundenstr. 74, Falkensee bei Berlin, Germany. VAN WIJK, NIKOLAAS, Ph.D., Professor of Balto-Slavic Languages, University of Leiden; Niewstraat 36, Leiden, Netherlands. 1938 VENDRYÈS, JOSEPH, Ph.D., Professor of Celtic Languages and Literature at the Ecole des Hautes-Etudes, and Professor of Linguistics at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Paris and the Ecole Normale Supérieure; 95 Boulevard Jourdan, Paris XIV, France. 1927 WYLD, HENRY CECIL, Ph.D., Merton Professor of English Language and Literature, University of Oxford; Merton College, Oxford, England.


As far as the data are at hand, this listing gives the members's highest degree taken in course, his academic title or other occupation, his preferred mailing address if not already given in his academic title, and his special line of linguistic interest if not already adequately indicated. Corrections and additions should be sent to the Secretary of the Society.

1938 ABBOTT, KENNETH MORGAN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Classical Languages, Ohio State University (217 Darby Hall), Columbus, Ohio. 1940 ADAMEC, CHARLES JOSEPH, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of Classics, Knox College, Galesburg, Ill.; Greek, Latin, Sanskrit.

FM ADAMS, ARTHUR, Ph.D., Professor of English and Librarian, Trinity College, Hartford, Conn.

1937 ADAMS, GEORGE C. S., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, West Georgia College, Carrollton, Ga.; French dialects.

1928 ADAMS, J. H., Kennett Square, Pa.

1937 ADLER, CURTIS, Attorney-at-Law, Hotel St. George, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Semitics, Romance, etymology.

1929 ADLER, CYRUS, Ph.D., President of The Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, Philadelphia, Pa. Died April 7, 1940. 1940 ADOLF, HELEN, Ph.D., Teacher of Latin, Foxcroft School, Middleburg, Va.; Germanics.

1940 AKHVLEDIANI, T. S., Ul. Perovskoj 14, Tbilisi, U. S. S. R.

1929 ALBRIGHT, WILLIAM FOXWELL, Ph.D., Professor of Semitic Languages in The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.

1939 ALDERMAN, HARRY JEROHAM, B.A., Library Assistant, New York University; 89 Bruce Ave., Yonkers, N. Y.; Indo-European.

1937 ALEXIS, JOSEPH E. A., Ph.D., Chairman of Dept. of Modern Languages, University of Nebraska; 1811 Pershing Rd., Lincoln, Neb.; Germanics. 1940 ALLEN, ELIZABETH K. (Mrs. Joseph H. D., Jr.), B.A., 704 W. California Ave., Urbana, Ill.; French.

1938 ALLEN, HAROLD B., A.M., Assistant Professor of English, San Diego State College, San Diego, Calif.

1938 ALLEN, JOSEPH H. D., JR., Ph.D., Instructor in French, University of Illinois; 704 W. California Ave., Urbana, Ill.; Romance linguistics. 1939 ALLEN, MARY DEHAVEN, B.S., Special Librarian, Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, Va.; Semitics, Slavic languages.

1929 ALLISON, CLARA JANET, M.A., Associate Professor of Latin, Michigan State Normal College; 1010 Washtenaw Ave., Ypsilanti, Mich.; general linguistics.

FM ALMSTEDT, HERMANN, Ph.D., Professor of Germanic Languages and Chairman of Dept., University of Missouri; 302 Westmount Ave., Columbia, Mo.; Germanic and comparative linguistics.

1940 ANDERSON, GEORGE KUMLER, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English, Brown University, Providence, R. I.; Germanics.

1940 ANDERSON, MARJORIE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English, Hunter College; 135 E. 74th St., New York City; Old English.

1926 ANDRADE, MANUEL J., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.; general linguistics.

1925 ANDREWS, ALBERT LEROY, Ph.D., Professor of Germanic Philology, Cornell University; 409 Mitchell St., Ithaca, New York. 1925 ARMSTRONG, EDWARD C., Ph.D., Professor of the French Language, Princeton University; 26 Edgehill St., Princeton, N. J. 1940 ATKINS, PRESTON GEEN, A.B., 120 E. Cottage Place, York, Pa.; Ger


1940 ATKINS, SAMUEL DE COSTER, Ph.D., Instructor in Classics and Sanskrit, Princeton University; 28 Edwards Place, Princeton, N. J. 1937 AUSTIN, WILLIAM MANDEVILLE, Ph.D., 2843 Yale Sta., New Haven, Conn.; Hittite, Indo-European.

1932 BALL, ALLAN P., Ph.D., Professor of Classical Languages, City College, New York City.

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