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A recess was then taken at 3.45 P.M., during which the members of the Society and their guests were entertained at tea by the University of Michigan in the Assembly Room of the Rackham School.

At 4.20 the session was resumed, and papers 15-17 were presented and discussed. Adjournment was taken at 5.55 P.M.

The Fifth Session of the Society was held on the evening of Saturday, July 27, in the Auditorium of the Rackham School. Miss Hahn called the meeting to order at 8.10 P.M. and presided throughout the session. About 55 persons were present. As first item of business Mr. Hagen, Chairman of the Committee on Resolutions, presented the following report, which was on motion unanimously adopted:

The Linguistic Society of America wishes to express its grateful appreciation of the generous hospitality of the University of Michigan to the Society and to the Linguistic Institute. We wish especially to extend our thanks to the Director of the Summer Session, Dr. Louis A. Hopkins, for his cordial words of welcome; to the Horace J. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, for its excellent facilities; to Professor Fries and the Local Committee, for perfect arrangements; and to the young men who so kindly and efficiently served us as ushers.

Papers 18-21 were now presented and discussed. Adjournment was taken at 10.40 P.M.

The complete list of the papers presented at this meeting follows:

1. Prof. E. H. Sturtevant, of Yale University: The Greek Aspirated Perfect. 2. Prof. Roland G. Kent, of the University of Pennsylvania: Remarks on the Greek Aspirated Perfect.

Discussion of the two papers by Mr. Sturtevant, Mr. Kent, Mr. Hockett, Mr. Schwartz, Mr. F. Edgerton, Miss Hahn, Mr. Sleeth, Mr. Kurath.

3. Prof. Joseph M. Carrière, of Northwestern University: Change of Meaning in Louisiana French. Discussion by Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Kahane, Mr. Kent, Mr. Kurath, Mr. McDavid.

4. Prof. Karl Reuning, of Swarthmore College: Joy and Freude, a Comparative Study of a Linguistic Field in English and German. (Presented by title only, in the absence of the author.)

5. Prof. Charles F. Voegelin, of DePauw University (jointly with Prof. George Herzog, of Columbia University): Linguistic Changes in Delaware Song-Words. Discussion by Mr. Bloch.

6. Prof. Leonard Bloomfield, of the University of Chicago: The Phrase. Discussion by Mr. Anning, Mr. Hockett, Mr. Bloch, Mr. F. Edgerton, Mr. Sturtevant, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Pike.

7. Prof. Zellig S. Harris, of the University of Pennsylvania: Linguistic Structure. Discussion by Mr. Hockett, Mr. Bloch, Mr. Sturtevant, Mr. Trager, Miss Hahn, Mrs. Rettger, Mr. Cowan.

8. Dr. Henry R. Kahane, of the University of Southern California: The Project of a Mediterranean Linguistic Atlas. Discussion by Mr. Rogers, Mr. Bloch, Mr. Hockett, Mr. Kent, Mr. Kurath, Mr. F. Edgerton.

9. Prof. Eugene A. Nida, of the Summer Institute of Linguistics: Some Features of San Blas Morphology. Discussion by Mr. Trager, Mr. Hockett, Mr. Bloch, Mr. Kent.

10. Prof. Vernam E. Hull, of the University of Michigan: A Note on Middle Irish sidein. Discussion by Mr. Kent, Mr. Sturtevant.

11. Prof. E. Adelaide Hahn, of Hunter College: Quintilian on Greek Letters Lacking in Latin and Latin Letters Lacking in Greek (12.10.27-30). Discussion by Mr. Hagen.

12. Mr. Benjamin Schwartz, of the New York Public Library (jointly with Prof. J. A. Kerns, of New York University): Root Characterization in Primitive Indo-Hittite. Discussion by Mr. Sturtevant, Mr. Kent, Miss Hahn, Mr. Hockett.

13. Dr. Harry Hoijer, of the University of Chicago: Pitch Accent in the Apachean Languages. (Presented by title only, in the absence of the author.) 14. Dr. Charles F. Hockett, of Worthington, Ohio: A Footnote on Latin qu. Discussion by Mr. W. F. Edgerton, Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Sturtevant, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Trager, Mr. Bloch, Mr. Kent, Mr. Kahane.

15. Prof. J. M. Cowan, of the State University of Iowa: The Deseret Alphabet. Discussion by Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Hockett, Mr. Bloch, Miss Hahn, Mr. Kent, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Smith, Mr. Sleeth, Mr. Penzl.

16. Prof. Albert H. Marckwardt, of the University of Michigan: Middle English wa in the Speech of the Great Lakes Region. Discussion by Mr.

Hockett, Mr. Bloch, Mr. Trager, Mr. Hagen, Mr. Sturtevant, Mr.
McDavid, Mr. Tidwell.

17. Prof. Kenneth L. Pike, of the Summer Institute of Linguistics: Vowel Patterns in Mixteco. Discussion by Mr. Cowan, Mr. Hockett, Mr. Trager, Mr. Bloch.

18. Prof. William F. Edgerton, of the University of Chicago: The Relation of Demotic to the Earlier and the Later Stages of Egyptian. Discussion by Mr. Schwartz, Miss Hahn, Mr. Hodge.

19. Prof. Hans Kurath, of Brown University: Problems in the Word Geography of the Eastern United States. Discussion by Mr. McDavid, Mr. Marckwardt, Mr. Cowan, Mr. F. Edgerton, Mr. Kahane, Mr. Hagan, Mr. Pike.

20. Prof. Leo L. Rockwell, of Colgate University: The Nomenclature of Levels of Speech. Discussion by Miss Hahn, Mr. Kurath, Mr. Bloch, Mr. Hockett, Mr. Hagen, Mr. Dyen, Mr. Pike.

21. Prof. Frank R. Blake, of Johns Hopkins University: E Adjacent to Gutturals in Akkadian. (Presented by title only, in the absence of the author.)

(signed) ROLAND G. KENT


[Members of the Linguistic Society of America who find omissions or errors in the printed proceedings of this meeting are requested to send their corrections to the Secretary before June 1, 1941.]





The Seventeenth Annual Meeting of the Society was held at Providence, R. I., on Monday and Tuesday, December 30-1, 1940, at the invitation of Brown University. The headquarters of the Society were at The Providence Biltmore.

Record was secured of the attendance of the following members and memberselect; others were present, but failed to give their names to the Secretary:

W. F. Albright, W. M. Austin.

A. C. Baugh, R. L. Beare, M. S. Beeler, R. M. Berry, B. Bloch, J. Bonfante, Miss M. M. Bryant, A. F. Buffington.

J. M. Carrière, J. B. Carroll, Y. R. Chao, C. D. Chrétien, J. M. Cowan, E. Cross.

Miss E. J. Dearden, M. Dillon, I. Dyen.

J. M. Echols, F. Edgerton, N. E. Eliason.

G. B. Fitch, P. Forchheimer, C. C. Fries, A. H. Fry.

M. K. Gardner, B. Geiger, A. H. Gerberich, A. Goetze.

S. N. Hagen, Miss E. A. Hahn, R. A. Hall Jr., M. L. Hanley, E. I. Haugen, Mrs. J. D. Hawkins, C. F. Hockett, H. M. Hoenigswald, U. T. Holmes Jr., V. E. Hull.

F. P. Jones.

H. R. Kahane, Mrs. R. Kahane-Toole, G. A. Kennedy, R. G. Kent, J. S. Kenyon, J. Kepke, Miss A. E. Kober, A. L. Kroeber, H. Kurath.

G. S. Lane, W. Langebartel, W. R. Leete, W. P. Lehmann, W. F. Leopold, R. W. Linker, G. S. Lowman Jr., C. A. Lynch.

Y. Malkiel, R. I. McDavid Jr., K. H. Menges.

A. Nehring, J. H. Neumann, E. A. Nida.

J. B. Olli, A. E. Olsen.

H. Penzl.

F. A. Raven, J. J. Raymond, C. E. Reed, K. Reuning, F. M. Rogers, H. A. Rositzke.

B. Schwartz, E. H. Sehrt, L. W. Seifert, B. H. Selcke Jr., A. Senn, H. L. Smith Jr., W. B. S. Smith, T. Starck, E. H. Sturtevant.

P. Tedesco, F. Tiller, G. L. Trager, W. F. Twaddell.

J. van Horne, H. H. Vaughan, C. F. Voegelin, G. E. von Grunebaum.
R. L. Ward, J. R. Ware, B. L. Whorf.


The First Session of the Linguistic Society was held on the morning of Monday, December 30, in the Castle Room of The Providence Biltmore. President Kroeber called the meeting to order at 9.39 A.M., and presided throughout the session. About 77 persons were present at this session; papers 1-4 were presented and discussed, after which the business of the Society was taken up.

The reading of the minutes of the preceding meetings was called for. The Secretary stated that the minutes of the Ann Arbor meeting of July 29-30, 1939, and those of the Sixteenth Annual Meeting held on December 27-28, 1939, had


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already been printed in Bulletin No. 13 of the Society, pages 3-33, and that the following corrections had been requested: page 7, paper 17, change Newark, N. J., to Yale University, and Phonetics to Phonemics; page 30, paper 16, change Italian to Romance. On motion it was voted that the reading of the minutes of these two meetings be dispensed with, and that they be adopted with the corrections specified. On a second motion it was voted that the reading of the minutes of the Third Summer Meeting, held at Ann Arbor July 26-27, 1940, be dispensed with, as they were shortly to be printed in Bulletin No. 14.

The Secretary, Mr. Kent, presented the following report, which was ordered to be received and filed:

For the year 1940 the membership statistics are as follows: For the year 1939 there were 524 members (apart from Honorary Members), of whom 10 died during the year (J. P. W. Crawford, H. A. Hamilton, H. Meier, F. C. Morgan, E. W. Nichols, W. Petersen, E. Sapir, N. Schmidt, E. H. Tuttle, F. H. Wilkens); 18 presented their resignations, effective at the end of 1939 (B. M. Allen, B. P. Bourland, R. B. Burke, R. J. Deferrari, P. de la Rochelle, Miss B. P. McCarthy, C. W. Mendell, A. A. Micocci, M. W. Morton, Mrs. C. Plumer, M. H. Roberts, Miss M. A. Saleski, J. K. Shryock, W. G. Sirrine, Sister M. G. L. Zils, E. J. Williamson, Miss R. Wilson, Miss K. L. Wood); 11 were dropped for non-payment of dues during 1938 and 1939. The net membership with which the Society started 1940 was therefore 485; the new members for 1940 are 67. The total membership for 1940, in addition to the Honorary Members, is 552, a gain of 28 over 1939. Of these, 14 are unpaid for 1939-40 and subject to being dropped from the rolls on Jan. 1, 1941, and 45 others were, on Dec. 19, 1940 (when the financial books were closed), unpaid for 1940. We regretfully record the death of 2 Active Members in 1940: Daniel B. Shumway on January 11, and Cyrus Adler on April 7.

The Honorary Members were 24 in number in 1939, of whom one, Rudolf Thurneysen, died during 1940.

The Library Subscriptions in the United States have increased from 104 to 110; but those from abroad decreased from 86 to 65, by the loss of 28 and the addition of 7.

The exchanges and copies for review have been reduced from 13 domestic and 80 foreign, to 11 domestic and 55 foreign, by the elimination of those which have ceased publication and of those from which no copies have been listed in LANGUAGE for 1939 and 1940, among Publications Received.

The foreign scholars on the complimentary list, apart from those receiving our regular publications by exchange for journals which they edit, now number 107.

We have for many years regularly made use of the International Exchanges of the Smithsonian Institution, which transmits free of postal charges free copies of journals to addresses in foreign countries. At the present time more than half of our review copies and over five-sixths of the complimentary copies to foreign scholars are held in storage in our office, awaiting the resumption of the service to those countries with which this exchange has been interrupted by war conditions; the addressees have been notified by ordinary mail.

The Group for Phonemics and the Group for American Indian Linguistics each count 44 members for 1940.

This is my final report as Secretary. In carrying on the duties of this office and of the Treasurership I have received the unstinted support of the members of the Society, to whom I here express my grateful appreciation, and from whom at the same time I bespeak their sympathetic assistance for my successor. He will face many problems that to him will be new and difficult; I ask you to join me in giving to him our entire support, in the confident hope that in his hands the Society will advance to greater usefulness and finer achievements than have as yet been its lot.

As Treasurer, Mr. Kent presented the following report:

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Interest on U. S. Treasury Bond to Sept. 15, 1940, including $64.42 for Linguistic Institute..

Savings Fund account in First National Bank of Phila

delphia, closed out:





16.82 1016.82

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