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fea. She calmly waited the threatened approach of their numerous armies. Having, during the war, fought her enemies wherever to be found, even in Egypt and the Indies, with success, she dispatched her fleet to the North ; but between the failing of her fleet and the time of its arrival, it seems to have been the pleasure of God, to give her a demonstrative proof of his having protected her, and that it was to his ine vincible arm she had been indebted for all her brilliant victories during the war, and of course that she ought “to give him alone THE GLORY." For it was in that interval of time, that the wicked and furious Paul, emperor of the Russias, was taken off, and his son, of a direct opposite difpofition and character, placed upon the throne in his ftead; an event miraculously and critically opportune and important to the peace of the world.

1801.-Preliminaries were figned between Great

Britain and the French Republic,

So many great events, so unforeseen, fo unexpected by the wisest of men, and in so short a period, and some of them so novel, and of fo extraordinary a nature as never to have happened before in the world, nor any thing bearing a resemblance to them, cannot, surely, be the work of blind chance, but are, in truth, so many demonftrations of the providence of AN OMNIPOTENT AND EVER-LIVING God over the world.


S. GOSNELL, Printer, Little Queen Streci, Holborn.

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