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ith Turner's Ellustrations.

In Six Monthly Volumes, price Five Shillings each, THE LIFE AND POEMS




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Prospectus. The necessity which has long existed for a new edition of this illustrious poet,-the want of which has been denounced by Mr. Southey as a “ disgraceful defect in English literature,” -and the superb and convenient form in which the works of many of his contemporaries and rivals have lately been given to the public, have induced the Publisher to undertake the important task of preparing this edition for public approbation ; nor is he unaware of the magnitude of the undertaking. To the several names of Byron, Scott, Burns, Shakspeare, &c. the periodical issues of whose works have been received with so much support by their admirers, is now to be added that of Milton, who has NO SUPERIOR, and but two rivals; yet of whose rivalry Dryden, in that first of epigrams, happily observes

“ The force of Nature could no further go

To make a third she join'd the former two." No apology therefore is needed for now proposing a new and splendidly-embellished edition of the poetical works of a man who has conferred such honour on his country and on mankind;-an edition rich in illustrations from the masterpencil of TURNER-in beauty of material and typography, and in carefully collated explanations and comments, original and select, which, long and laboriously bestowed on the poets of antiquity, have but recently been applied to those of modern days.

It is but a small testimony to the merits of the venerable

poet and scholar, Sir EGERTON BRYDGES, to state, that he ha: been materially assisted in his labours by many of his dis. tinguished contemporaries; and that, to the elegant and searching acumen of his own pen, and the profound literary and antiquarian research which has marked his numerous writings, will be added a valuable harvest of literary assistance. The Text, the purity of which has hitherto been too much neglected, will undergo the most careful revision. The Biography will be peculiarly rich in well-selected opinions and information, and such as in itself to stamp this edition with a distinct character; while, materially enlarged from hitherto unexamined sources, it will fill an important deside. ratum in English literature.

It remains to speak of the attempt to render the poetry of Milton more impressive by calling in the aid of imaginative illustration; and it is with no little satisfaction the Publisher is enabled to say, that Mr. TURNER has consented to bestow the full powers of his poetical mind upon this national work. These illustrations are now in course of being engraved by the most eminent artists of the day, including Goodall, Brandard, Miller, Cooke, &c.

The Work will be limited to Sıx MONTHLY VOLUMES, price only Five Shillings each ; the first of which will be appropriated to the Life. The publication will commence in May next, and end in October. The binding will be of a novel and appropriate description, and the paper and type of the very best quality.

Each volume will contain two exquisitely engraved vignettes, and in Vols. Ill. and IV. will be given copies, by Graves, of Mr. Westall's magnificent pictures of " SATAN' and “ L'ALLEGRO.” Portraits of the poet at the age of ten, from the original by Cornelius Jansen; at twenty-one, from Lord Onslow's picture ; and at sixty-two, from Faithorne's drawing; as also Romney's celebrated picture of “ Milton dictating to his daughters," now first engraved in 12mo., will seriatim appear in these volumes, together with fac-similes and other minor embellishments.

With this Prospectus the work is confidently left to the support of the public in all quarters of the world; it being assumed, that for portability of form, convenience of reference, beauty of appearance, and economy of price, it will find its way into the library of every one to whom the name of MILTON is dear, whether from national feeling or congenial association.

London: Printed for John Macrone,3, St. James's Square.

** Illustrated Specimens of the Work (which have been considerably delayed in consequence of the extra labour bestowed upon the Engraving ) will be ready for delivery in a few days, and may be had of all Booksellers in Town and Country.

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