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FOR 1823.

CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. 'HE Report of the Society's Pro- Comunittee express themselves .. ceedings during its twenty-third thankful, that they have not to reyear contains a mass of interesting port the death of any of the Sointelligence, of which we proceed to ciety's Missionaries *. In the course give a brief outline.

of the year, nineteen labourers have To the Associations formed pre- proceeded to different missions. To viously, to the last anniversary have the European labourers now embeen added new Associations-at ployed by the Society, are to be Halifax, and at Keighley, in York- added not less than 230 natives of shire ; at Maidstone, for the county various descriptions ; not a few of of Kent ; at Truro, at Cambourne, whom are intelligent, assiduous, and at Liskeard, in Cornwall; and devoted, and successful. At their at Portsmouth, for Portsmouth, head stand two ordained missionaries Portsea, and Gosport. Branch or the Rev. Abdool Messeeh, and Ladies' Associations have been the Rev. William Bowley-whose forined at Warrington, Chester, steady and useful course assures the Teignmouth, and Bath.

Society that the natives of India are The income of the Society holds competent, under the Divine blesson its steady rate of increase. In ing, to form Christian churches its, twenty-second year, it amounted from among their countrymen, and to about 34,0001.: that of the to instruct and edify those churches, twenty-third year has advanced to For Africa little short of a moral 35,0001. This progress has been miracle has been wrought on some chiefly in consequence of the esta- of her once-degraded sons, in raising blishment of Associations. Pro- them in the course of a very few mising fields of labour are opening years, from men almost brutalized on every side; and far larger sums by cruel oppression and base supermight be profitably expended in stition, into humble, active, intellipromoting the conversion of the gent, and devout instructors of their heathen. Of fifty-seven offers of countrymen. The Committee quote service made to the Society during the late Mr. Johnson's account of the year, eighteen have been ac- one of these Christian labourers :cepted, twenty-seven declined, and “David Noah is employed from twelve are still under consideration. day-break till ten o'clock at night There are, at present, twenty-two

About the period when this Report students preparing, under the So

was read death was making those fearful ciety's care,' for future service; inroads on the Society's benevolent fourteen in different parts of this agents in the West-Africa Mission, which country, and eight at Basle. The we have before had occasion to mention. CHRIST. OBSERV. App.


-a continuance of exertion which In the choice and preparation of no European could endure in this missionaries, the Committee have climate. He conducts entirely the hitherto availed themselves of the day and evening schools. Besides best means in their power ; but these this, he issues rations for about means are becoming so inadequate 1200 people-keeps the provision to the increasing wants of the mislist and return, and school lists— sions, that they have found it remeasures out all the lots, and sees quisite to adopt some more effithat all the fences and houses are cient plan; and with this view hare regularly built-prays with the sick taken measures for the formation of

-receives the stores, every Thurs- a missionary family and seminary at day, in Freetown_enters marriages, Islington, as already detailed in our baptisms, &c. and does the duty of pages. The Committee have no a parish clerk: in short, he is every doubt, that the requisite sum for thing at Regent's Town. He, occa- this object will be cheerfully consionally, when I cannot go, has a tributed; and they report, that lirun to Bathurst, and also to Glou- beral contributions have been made cester. I cannot sufficiently praise to the special fund which has been God for having given me such an opened for the purpose. Contribuassistant. He does all with great tions will be thankfully received. pleasure, and never thinks that he In surveying the nine missions of can do too much. If he has five the Society, it appears that there is minutes to spare, they are generally a steady progress in almost every spent in my study among the books. quarter; though this progress, while He works a slate full of problems it may be called great in reference during school hours, which he copies to the exertions and expectations in a book between ten and eleven of former years, is little compared o'clock at night ; and, after that with the actual condition and urgent time, he writes his journal : he then wants of mankind. retires, and rests till half-past five West- Africa Mission.-For abunin the morning.”

dant encouragement to persevere In Sierra Leone, more than through the most pressing difficulties twenty pious African youths are in pursuit of its great object, this prepared for instructors of this de- Society has but to read the records scription : in Calcutta and in Ma- of its own proceedings. In the eardras, this branch of the Christian lier years of its West-Africa Mission, institutions of the Society, formed the loss of some of its labourers, at those presidencies, loudly calls the unfaithfulness of others, and for such aid : and at Cotym, among the defeat and ruin ot its missions the Syrians, and in other places, among the natives by the slave trade, the seminaries of this description, after years of toil and the expendialready established, require more ture of large sums, seemed, at instructors; while, not only in these times, to extinguish all reasonable places, but in other parts of India, hope concerning the mission. But, in Ceylon, and in the Mediterra- all this while, the providence of nean, devoted missionaries, nurtured God was preparing a field of labour in the admirable system of our uni- quite unexpected by the Society. versities, might put their acquisi. The colony of Sierra Leone was tions to the most noble use in the not originally contemplated as itself service of their heavenly Master, by the seat of any considerable and training up in sound discipline and important missionary labours; but learning the future pastors and chiefly as a point of support to the evangelists of the unchristianised missions, which it was intended world. The Committee fervently should be fixed among the neighbeseech the Great Head of the bouring natives. But the very trafChurch to call forth such men! fic which drove the Society from

that field led to the opening of the the conscientious and humane, not colony as an asylum for the reco- only in the United Kingdom and vered captives—an asylum such as the American States, but in other the world never before beheld; and countries, to put an end for ever which now holds out a reasonable to this opprobrium of the civilized prospect of an ultimate influence on world. The rising Commonwealths the social and religious condition of of the New World are not only exAfrica, beyond the most sanguine terminating the odious traffic, but expectations.

they are preventing the possibility By a late return of the population of its revival, by making provision of Sierra Leone, there were 16,671 for annihilating the state of slavery inhabitants : of these more than within their respective territories. 15,000 are natives of Africa, the In France even, at present the narest being chiefly Europeans and tion most eminently guilty, the voice Maroon and Nova Scotia settlers. of justice and truth is beginning to Of those born in Africa, upward of make itself heard ; while the friends eleven thousand appear to have of humanity in our own country are been liberated from the holds of the pursuing with determined persevervessels which were carrying them ance, in co-operation with the legisinto interminable bondage. That lature, the great object of a final character, indeed, of West-India and total abolition. The continuslavery, the Committee begin to ance, indeed, of the trade is not, conceive hopes that they shall have through the merciful overruling of ere long to blot from the records of the Almighty Hand, without one the Society's proceedings: and they countervailing alleviation; as some anticipate with joy that day, when, at least of the victims of this traffic the persons most nearly interested are rescued, and in considerable being convinced that, in this as in numbers, and placed under Chrisall other cases, the path of justice tian instruction, Large additions and humanity is also that of true have been made to the liberated policy, they shall witness a public Africans of the colony: Mr. Johnand solemn provision, under such son feelingly depicts some of the regulations as the case may suggest, horrors consequent on this trade of for securing the personal freedom of blood :every African throughout the British “ The day before yesterday, a dominions! The Committee invoke slave schooner, with 400 unhappy most earnestly the aid of the whole fellow-creatures on board, was upset body of the members of the society in off Cape Sierra Leone. Only seven this cause*. They cannot pursue a men were saved: they had got into more direct course toward the utter a boat, and were picked up by the extinction of that sanguinary traffic, Myrmidon. Nineteen sailors and which still desolates the shores of two officers of this vessel were on Africa, and which, above all other board to bring her into Sierra Leone, obstacles, narrows and hinders the who have all perished with the rest. diffusion of Christian light through- A tornado came on suddenly, and out those extensive regions.

turned the vessel over. Oh, my It is with great pain, that the dear brother, how many poor creaCommittee witness the continuance, tures fall a sacrifice to the inbuman and under aggravated circumstances, traffic in human blood ! I have been of the traffic in human beings, which filled with horror ever since. Numis the curse of the devoted shores of bers were landed from another vesAfrica. There is, however, they sel yesterday, in the most deplorable add, no relaxation on the part of condition. The hospital at Leices

ter is overflowing. Some are but • The Committee refer to the formation just alive ; and others are walking of the “ Anti-Slavery Society."

about with a death-like look, and

will to all appearance fall also a sa. case from any of the villages under crifice. One poor creature in the the superintendence of a missionary girls' school died just now; and five or schoolmaster.” or six more will soon follow. My The Chief Justice also writes heart is full! What do the good " At the Colonial Sessions holden people of England know about the in December 1821, I inquired of real state of Africa ? They can have Mr.Johnson whether any of the inhano idea of its misery, unless they bitants of Regent's Town were quaare eye-witnesses, as we are. Oh, lified to serve on Juries; and I intiwhen shall an end be put to this mated, that, if there were 'any so trade! O Lord, have mercy, have qualified, it would be proper to call mercy upon afflicted Africa !” upon them to perform that duty, in

The testimony of Mr. Düring conjunction with the inhabitants of will be read with great pleasure : Freetown. Mr. Johnson named two

“ Six years' experience has taught or three of his people as being fully me that the African can learn any qualified; and one of them, named thing; and that he is not what de- Josiah Yamsey, took his turn as a signing men have represented him— juror on several trials. A similar

a sort of middle being, between intimation was given to Mr. Düring man and brute.'

and Mr. Nyländer; and subsequent“ Most of those with whom I ly, persons from Gloucester and live, I have seen brought from the Kissey, recommended by those genholds of slave-ships. I have seen tlemen severally, have served with them rise, from the chains of the perfect satisfaction to their fellowslave-dealer, to become industrious jurors. men and women, faithful subjects,' “ It was my intention, originally, pious Christians, affectionate hus- to limit their service to trials for bands and wives, tender fathers and offences not capital ; but, as they mothers, and peaceable neighbours. were called over in turn with the Considering these things, I have al-' others, and no objection was made ways thought myself among the to them, I did not like to interpose happiest of men, in serving in this personally for their exclusion, after way our Lord Jesus Christ, whose having, in the first instance, invited blood cleanses even the soul of an them, upon a general assurance of Ethiopian from all sin ; and in being their fitness, which after their first connected with our society, which service might be considered as apis evidently instrumental in the proved." Lord's hand, of much good to dis “ The result of the first experitant nations, especially to the afflict- ments having proved satisfactory, ed sons of Africa."

the practice of calling the qualified Mr.Johnson adduces a very strong inhabitants of the villages will be proof of the moral improvement of continued, until they shall be trainthe colony. He writes, in Septem- ed and accustomed to take their ber,

share of the duty, in regular pro" At the Quarter Sessions, the portion with the persons on the jury Chief Justice observed, when ad- list of Freetown." dressing the Inquest, that, ten years The Committee add the testiago, when the population of the mony of Captain Sabine, of his colony was only 4000, there were Majesty's Engineers, who states, forty cases on the calendar for trial; that, after spending six weeks in and, now that the population was the colony, and closely and repeatupward of 16,000, there were only edly inspecting the state of the lisix cases on the calendar: he con- berated Africans under the care of gratulated the Magistrates and Grand Christian instructors, the represenJury on the moral improvement of tations of their improved condition the colony. There was not a single are perfectly true ; and that in re

ference to the largest assemblage of the rest of the community, that not them, at Regent's Town, their spirit only are all relics of former superand conduct are such, that he is stitions swept from the town, but persuaded that there is not to be flagrant vice and profaneness are seen upon earth a community of almost entirely unknown. equal size so truly exemplary.

The whole body of the people An increasing interest in the ob- form one industrious community. jects of the Society was manifested More ground was cleared, in the at the third anniversary of the Church year ending at Lady-day of last Missionary Association, held at Kis- year, than in any preceding year. sey, on the 8th of January ; when At that time, 400 acres of land, it appeared that the sum of 2811. forming five years before one entire had been contributed, in the pre- forest, were brought into cultivaceding year, of which more than tion; and about 600 persons were half was given by the liberated supported by the produce, which is Africans ; making a total raised sold in the markets of Regent and by the association of 6361. About Freetown. 800 liberated Africans were present Mr. Johnson's communications besides the most respectable ladies through the year contained, as usual, and gentlemen from Freetown. many powerful illustrations of the

We cannot go through the de- influence of religion on the Christails from the various towns of re- tian natives. The manner in which captured Negroes; but shall present, the word of God is applied for conas a specimen, a few particulars viction and consolation, their watchrespecting one of them, Regent's fulness, their tenderness of conTown, the cure of the late lament. science, the benefits of Christian ed Mr. Johnson.

discipline and admonition, their At the beginning of the year, sympathy with their minister in his the inhabitants amounted to 1551; afflictions, their affectionate confiwho were all, with the exception of dence in him, the growth of religion twenty-eight, liberated Africans. In among the young, and the increase June they were increased, by newly and efficiency of native teachers, liberated slaves, to 1750.

on all these topics Mr. Johnson's disThe boys' and girls' day schools, patches have furnished very impresand men and women's evening sive details. That their religion is schools, contained 909 scholars. The the life of God in the soul of progress of these schools has been man," and that their exemplary convery satisfactory. The church had duct springs from a divine principle been enlarged for the fifth time. implanted in the heart, appear from

The attendance on public worship, their simple statements of their feelboth on Sundays and week-days, ings. One man, for example, sayshas continued most exemplary- “ Massa, them things God done old and young crowding to the for me pass every thing. Who live house of God. The communicants there who will die for another ? Oh, were nearly 400.

the Lord Jesus die for sinner-yes, That exemplary character of the for them people who been sin against inhabitants of this place, to which Him!. I sit down, and consider Captain Sabine has borne so strong this; and I don't know what to say: a testimony, is formed upon the I never hear such thing before. word of God. The authority of Sometimes people say, “Such men that word, in connexion with Chris- do me good very much;' but what tian discipline, supersedes, 'among the Lord Jesus Christ do, pass every them, almost all necessity for hu- thing: He love so much, till He man laws; and, such is the influ- die to save me. Oh, I love Him, so ence of the communicants, by their little ! That time I want to love Him honourable walk as Christians, on my heart no willing. That trouble.

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