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In the following list all the painters represented in the National Gallery are enumerated. Painters only represented by pictures belonging to, but now removed from, the Gallery are not included. The painters are given in alphabetical order, and are cited by the names by which they are most commonly known. But where such names differ from the proper patronymics, the latter are also given, with references to the former.

Pictures by unkncnvn artists will be found under the general head "Unknown," classified according to the schools to which they severally belong.

In the case of painters represented by several pictures, the first reference after each name is to the page in the Handbook where some general account of the painter will be found. The subsequent references are to the room in which each picture is at present hung (June I, 1888: but see note on p. xxi.), to the official number on its frame, and to the page in the Handbook where the picture is described.

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