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Fate on Hysteria, 8vo. 5s.
Heastie on Yellow Fever, 8vo. 58. 6d.


Portugal, 12mo. 5s. 6d.
Few Brief Hints on the Causes of the

Present Distress, Is.
Authentic Account of Mr. Canning's

Policy towards Portugal, 8vo. 2s. 6d. Practicability of Reducing Malt and Spirit

Duties, 2s. Mangler's Vindication of the East India

Company's government, 8vo. 3s. 6d. Pettiman's Resources of the United Kinga

dom, 8vo. Sinclair on Currency, 2s.6d.


The Dominie's Legacy, 3 vols. 8vo. ll. 4s. Maunder's Treasury of Knowledge, 18mo.

7s. 6d. Kincaid's Adventures in the Rifle Brigade,

8vo. 10s. 6d. The Log Book; or Nautical Miscellany, 8vo. Mac Diarmid's Sketches from Nature,

12mo. 7s. 6d. Humphry's Discourses to Youth, lɛmo.

3s. 6d. Brady's Executor's Account Book, 4to. 12s. Maxims and Reflections, 12mo. 2s. Fry's Listener, 2 vols. 12mo. 12s. Bannister's Human Policy, 8vo. 14s. Sidney Anecdotes, 18mo. part i. 2s. 6d. The New Zealanders (part I.) published

by the Society for the Diffusion of

Useful Knowledge, 2s. Ouvres Completes de P. L. Courier, 4 vols.

8vo. The Almanack of the Carnival for 1830. Nolan's Supplement to an Inquiry into

the Integrity of the Greek Vulgate, 8vo. 8s.

Newnham on Superstition, 8vo. 10s. 6d. Deane on the Worship of the Serpent, 8vo.

12s. bds. The Drama brought to the test of Scrip

ture, 12mo. 2s. 60. Thomson's Sermons against universal par

don, 12mo, 6s, 6d. Strutt's Manual of Devotion, 18mo. 35.6d. Blunt's Veracity of the Books of Moses,

8vo. 58. 6d. Griffith's Sermons, 8vo. Ils. Acastor's Remedies for the Church in

Danger, 8vo. 4s. 6d. Coventry's Revenues of the Church, 8vo.

6s. Andrews' Sermons on Prayer. The Bishop of Limerick's Practical Theo

logy, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 45. Od. An Explanation of the Thirteen Articles

of the Jewish religion, 18mo. Family Oblation, 12mo. 58. Hinton on the Holy Spirit, 12mo. 7s.6d. Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity, by B.

Hanbury, 3 vols. 11. 11s. 6d.


The Jewish Maiden, 4 vols. 12mo. ll. 2s. Cloudesley, 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d. Gertrude, a tale of the 16th century, 2

vols. 8vo. 11, ls. Od. Walter Colyton, a tale of the reign of

James 11.3 vols. 8vo. The Oxonians, 3 vols. 8vo. Blandfords, by H. R. Mosse, 4 vols. 11.4s. My Own Story—a tale of old Times, 18mo. Protestant Truths and Roman Catholic

Errors, a tale, 1 vol. 12mo. 6s.


Atherstone's Fall of Nineveh, vol. 2d.

10s. 6d. Pilgrim of the Hebrides, 1 vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Steamers versus Stages, 18mo. 2s. Descent into Hell, 8vo. 7s. 6d. The Reproof of Brutus, 8ro. 8s. 6d. Porson's Devil's Walk, 12mo. ls. Sotheby's Translations of the first book

of the Iliad, and other specimens, 8vo. Mrs. Norton's Undying One, and other

poems, 1 vol. 8vo. Edwards's Prayer, 8vo. 78. 6d. Rose's Orlando Furioso, vol. 7. Portfolio of the Martyr-Student, 1 vol.

8vo. 6s. 6d.

TRAVELS AND VOYAGES. Nuppa's Travels on the Continent, 2d edi

tion, 8vo. bds. 188. Moorsom's Letters from Nova Scotia, 8vo.

12s, Leake's Travels in the Morea, 3 vols. 8vo.

21.55. Od. Lloyd's Field Sports of the North of

Europe, 2 vols. 8vo. Il. 12s. Od, Temple's Travels in Peru, 2 vols. 8vo.

11. 12s. Od. Dobell's Travels in Kamtschatka, 2 vols.

8vo. 11. ls. Od, Dr. Walsh's Notice of Brazil, 1828-29,

2 vols. 8vo. 11. 14s. Od. Mackenzie's Notes on Haiti, 2 vols. 8vo. Webster's Poland, Crimea, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. Everest's Journey through Norway, &c.

8vo. 148. Picture of Egypt,

by Rifaud, 8vo. Fuller's Tour in Turkey, 1 vol. large 8vo.


Affairs of the Nations, 12mo. 7s.

with map.





Authors, calamities of, 237—an unfortunate
Aberdeen, Letter to Lord, by Mr. Knight, but candid one, 238

Autobiography, reflections on, 243
Academies, Dissenting, account of, 77-
The Royal, Anecdote of, 447

Administration, the present, 496

BARER, (Rev. S. R.) his German Pulpit,
Adultery, how punished ia Africa, 291

Æschylus, anecdote of, 354

Barry, the Painter, account of his career,
Africa, (see Lander)

-, Southern, Four Years in, by C. Battle, a night one, poetically described,
Rose, 215

527—description of one, 5, 10, 48—of
Air, indispensable to animal life, 494 bees, 381-of ants, 384
Aldini, the Chevalier, 304

Field, poetical description of one,
Aldini, (Chev.) fire apparatus of, 613

Alexander the 3d of Scotland, his marriage Baxter, life of, by Calamy, 250
and coronation, 7

Baynard, the scourge of Quacks, 357
Alliance, the Holy, 186

Beams, strength of, 151
Allies, their unorganized and selfish proceed. Beauty, Intellectual, definition of, 327

ings against Buonaparte, in 1813, 503 Bees, their economy, 370
America, United States of, character of the Bencoolen, the state of, 482

fouuders of the independence of, 279— Bengalee, The, 322
their limited hopes in the beginning, 280 Benefit Societies, number of, 321
-(see Jefferson)

Bernadotte, conduct of, in the campaigns
Anarchy, the Pleasures of, 237

of 1813, 506
Ancients, their notions respecting bees, 377 Bertha's Visit to her Uncle in England,
Anglia, East, the vocabulary of, 301

Ants, their architecture and food, 370- Beverley, Antiquities and History of the

social ants, the phenomena of their his- Town of, by G. Poulson, 299
tory, 383—the pastoral ant, 336–food Bivouac, comforts of, described, 537
of, 387—the ant-lion, its transformation, Blake, (Wm.) the eccentric painter, 453
371-account of its habits, 388

Book Manufactory, the, of Burlington-
Aphides—(see Ants)

street, 268
Aphis, mode of preserving the hop-plant Books, account of, in the East, 420
from, 176

Book-keeping, Guide to, by Morrison, 150
Archers, skill of the English, in ancient Bowring, (Dr.) his Poetry of the Magyars,
times, 18

408—his love of popularity, 409
Architecture, insect, 370—modern, 301- Bows and Arrows of African Bushmen, 209
influence of, 368

Brown, (Sir Thomas) character of his work
Arminianism, some account of, 103

on Vulgar Errors, 138
Armies, ancient English, 18

Brickwood, his plan for redeeming the Four
Arnott, (Dr.) his 24 vol. of Elements of

per Cents. 604
Physics, 86

Eruce, (Robert,) account of, 12—14
Artists, causes of the failure of some, 203 Buchanan,

his description of the battle of
--(see Painters)


Arts, in Egypt, 196—influence of Christ- Buonaparte, strange combination of chances

ianity on, 201—(see Fine Arts, Painters) against him, 502—savage warfare of his
Asia, geography of ancient, 612

troops in the Peninsula, 537
Astrology, anecdote of, 34

Burke, E., on painting, 444
Atheism, an argument against, 33

Butterfly, transformation of, 371
Athenians, their public character, 205 Bushmen of South Africa, their arms, 209
Atherstone, (Edwin) his poem of the Fall Byron, (Lord) Journals and Letters of, by
of Nineveh, 514

T. Moore, 217
Australasia, (see New South Wales) Byron, (Lady) her “ Remarks,” &c., 585
Australian Agricultural Company, Mr.
Dawson's statement of his services to, 153

Austria, her conduct between the Allies

CALAMY, (Edmund) Life and Times of,
and Buonaparte in 1813, 504


Cambridge, mode of studying divinity'at, 140 Connoisseur, the periodical, 350
Camping, an ancient English sport, de- Consolations in Travel, by Sir H. Davy.
scribed, 302

Camping-land, description of one, 303 Consumption, pretended cure of, 367
Canning, (Mr.) his policy towards Portu. Controversialist, example of a good one, 74

gal, 186—policy of, to Portugal, 611 Coronation, description of a Scottish one, 7
Canova, curious distribution of his mortal Corn Laws, effect of the tax involved in,
remains, 156—his early love, 221

Cape Town, inhabitants of, 207

Correspondence and Diary of Philip Dod-
Carlisle, (Sir A.) his protection of Barry, dridge, 73
the painter, 453

Cosmoraina, curious visual deception con-
Carlo Dolce, anecdote of his youth, 342 pected with, 97
Cartoons, the, of Raphael, 444

Cottage Poetry, 152
Castalian Hours, by Miss S. Dixon, 300 Country Curate, The, by the author of the
Catholic Disabilities, effece of the removal Subaltern, 467
of, on parties, 499

Courtship, Dr. Doddridge's curious, 80%
Celts, their language, 4

Champ de Mai, Napoleon's exhibition at, Cow-house, description of the Harleian, 62
in 1815, 275

Cow-pock a complete safeguard against
Chancellor, (Lord) his usurpation in the small-pox, 530
case of Mr. Wellesley, 177

Crimes, how punished, in Africa, 291
Chancery, Wellesley on, 17?

Crusades, Wilkens' History of the, 65
Charity,' evils of its indiscriminate flow in Csati, (Demetrius), Songs by, 410
Ireland, 314

Cuba, our policy towards, 610
Charles 2d, state of the kingdom in the Cumberland, Duke of, anecdote of, 518

time of, 242-oppressions of the Dis- Cunningham, (A.) his Lives of Eminent
senters under, 244

British Painters, 432
Chatillon, diplomatic conferences in 1813, Cures performed by Lt. Hardy, 55

Cyclopædia, The Cabinet, I., 2
Chaworth, (Miss) Lord Byron's passion
for, 226

Chemistry, the apparatus for experiments Dairy SYSTEM, the Harleian, 56–60

in, enumerated by Sir H. Davy, 407 D'Alton's Essay in Ireland, 609
Childe Harold, first appearance of, 232 Dale, (Rev. 1.) his Introductory Lecture
China, anxiety of the lower classes of to on the Study of Theology, 148
emigrate, 264

Dancing, description of, in Africa, 294-
Cbrist, second advent of, described, 118 dancing song, 415
-atonement of, 120

Davy, (Sir H.) his Consolations in Travel,
Christianity, its influence in ameliorating 391

the condition of women, 105—its prin- Death's-head, (the moth) anecdote of, 382
ciple illustrated, 120—effect of on the Dee, (Dr.) anecdote of, 34
fine arts, 201-importance of the history Departments, the public, Sir H. Parnell
of the Jews, as confirming the truth of,
254-some of its conservative effects dis. Descent into Hell, 592
played, 392

Digestion, process of, 361
Christians, attempt to reunite, 104 Dinner, a public one at Potosi, 581
Christmas-day, how spent at Potosi, 578 Disabilities, Civil, of British Jews, 298
Churchill, Hogarth's quarrel with, 438 Dissenters, state of, in 1719, 76
Clapperton, (Capt.) Lander's Records of Distress, Public, the great subject of dis-
his last expedition to Africa, 286

cussion in 1830, 455
Clarenilon, (Lord) a curious anecdote con- Divers, Pearl, anecdote of, 46
nected with one of his works, 250

Divine Judgments, observations on, 141
Clergymen, preaching by, should be re- Diving for pearls, Lt. Hardy's experiment

formed, 116– hints as to the government in, 44-anecdote of, 47
of preachers, 119

Divinity, mode of studying it in Germany,
Climate, artificial mode of correcting, pro- 140— at Cambridge, ib.
posed, 176

Dixon, (Miss J.) her poetry, 300
Cloudesley, by Mr. Godwin, 396

Doddridge, (Doctor Philip) lis Corres-
Club, The Beef Steah, 472

pondence and Diary, 73
Cocula, description of, 43

Don Quixote, remarkable proof of partiality
Coliseum, the Roman, contemplations over for, 418
the ruins of, 392

Dramatist, a strange ode, 237—rules je-
Colman, (G., the Younger) his Random commended to he observed by, 354
Records, 347

Dream, a remarkable one, mentioned by
Colonies, governors of, their power, 266- Lord Byron, 229-the, of a 'Quaker, re-

considerations respecting British, 553 specting King William, 246—a remark-

on, 552

able one, of Sir H. Davy, 396—singular Flowers, knowledge which bees have of
one of Buonaparte's son, 513

their structure, 380
Dresden, attempt of the Allies on, 509 Food, its relatiou to population considered,
Drones, periodical massacre of, 382

107–110-of ants, (see Ants)
Duel, description of an Italian, 340

Foote, anecdote of, 352
Duels of bees, 381

Forby, (the Rev. Mr.) his Vocabulary of
Duff, (Mary) Lord Byron's first love, 221 East Anglia, 301
Dutch, the personal hostility of, in the Four Years in Southern Africa, by C. Rose,
East, to Sir S. Raffles, 484


France, education in, 154-judgments of
East India Company, specimen of their

God upon, 143—145—history of, by W.
fitness to govern their Asiatic dominions,

C. Taylor, 469-narrative of the war in,

in 1813-14, 500
East, literature of, 420-sketches of society

Franklin, (B.) his share in drawing up the
and maoners in the, 322

Declaration of Independence, 280—his
Education, in France, 154

brevity of Speech in the Senate, 283
Eggs, remarkable case of the care of insects

Frogs, song of triumph for, by a Hungarian
for their, 372

poet, 411
Egypt, arts of, 196

Fuchs, (Counsellor) his Anecdotes of Su.
Electricity, discovery of its powers as an

woroff, 20
agent, 172-a traditional practice in

Funeral at Sea, described, 335-account

of one on the island of Sumatra, 482
Lombardy connected with, 173
Elephant-hunter, account of one, 215-

Fuseli, the painter, brief account of, 454
attaek on a group of elephants in South

Africa, 216

GAINSBOROUG, anecdote of, 448
Elements of Physics, (Dr. Arnott's) second

Galileo, description of, 343
vol. of, 86

Galt, his Laurie Todd, 466
Floquence, Pulpit, 115-139

Garrick, anecdote of, 449
Emigrant, the visionary hopes of one, going

Genlis, (Madame de) account of, 124
to New South Wales, 259_description
of the condition of a settler there, 260

Geological Philosopher, anecdote of one,

description of the emigrants from Eng-
land, 265

Geometry, use of, in sculpture, 195
Emigration, importance of, 258

George the Fourth, character of, when

Prince of Wales, 284
England, effects of the Poor- laws on, 309

Germany, Narrative of the War in, in
-state of painting in, 433- her character

1813-14, 500-translation of select Ser.
on the Continent, 185–her junction with

mons of the most eminent modern di-
the Allies in 1813 to effect the overthrow

vines of, 139
of Buonaparte, 502
English, their superiority in arms over the

Gin Lane, Hogarth's picture of, 437

Girdlestone, (Lord) anecdote of, 366
Scotch in early times, accounted for, 18
-, number resident in France, 616

Glasgow, early iinprovements in, 59

Glass, tax on, 547
Enquiry into the Natural Grounds of Right
to Vendible Property or Wealth, by S.

Gleig, (Rev. G.) bis Lise of Sir T. Munro,

Read, 468
Etiquette, a critical case of, 508

Goderich, (Vis.) praise of his financial

principles, 551

Goldsmid, (F. H.) his remarks on the Civil
FABLE, a Hindoo oue, 457

Disabilities of British Jews, 298
Faction, political, 493

Godwin, bis Tale of Cloudesley, 596
Felatahs, African, 290

Gouger, (R.) bis Letter from Sydney,
Fall of Nineveh, by E. Atherstone, 514 258
Fame, the ship, the burning of, 487 Government of New South Wales, 266–
Family Library, the, account of, 252

its power, ib.
Feast of the Tabernacles, the event pre- Gould, the principal investigator of the
aicted by, 121

habits of ants, 387
Federal principles in America, Jefferson's Grain, erroneously supposed to be the food
successful stand against, 281

of ants, 387
Figure, the human, measurement of, 192 Grandier, (Urbain) account of, 132
Fine Arts, early susceptibility of love an Grecian composition, Flaxman on, 195-201
indication of a genius for, 221

Greece, sculptures of, 199---power of the
Fire, apparatus for resisting, 304

sculptors of, in delineating animals, 201
Fishing, pearl, anecdotes of, 44

Gregoire, (M.) his sectarianism, 102
Flaxman, his Lectures on Sculpture, 191 Gregory, (Dr., of Edinburgh) his prescrip-
Florence, ceremony of the opening of the tion for the cure of mercantile indiges-
quarantine in, 343

tion, 61

prose, 300


HALE, (Sir Matthew) anecdote of, 191 INDEPENDENCE, circumstances attending the
Harding, a poet of Oxford, some account declaration of, in America, 280
of, 352

India, description of a life spent in, 421-
Hardy, (Lieut. R. W. H.) his Travels in character of the men in, 423—our erro-
Mexico, 39

neous notions respecting the English in,
Harleian Dairy System, the, 56—its pecu- 323—necessity of exposing the conduct
liarities, 61

of British emigrants in, ib.-chapter on
Harley, (Wm.) lis life, 57

humbug in, 324—the career which awaits
Harrow, Lord Byron's habits at, 224

the civil, military, or commercial adven-
Harvey, the discoverer of the circulation of turer in, 331
the blood, anecdote of, 369

Indigestion, mercantile, prescription for the
Hastings, (Marquess of) an elegant literary cure of, 61

criticism by, 327-picture of him in his Infant, best age of, for vaccinating, 532
study in India, 329

Ingestrie, (Lord) his protection of a quack
Hatfield, (Miss T. E.) her poetry and and letter from, 368

Immigration into New South Wales, ought
Hay, (Jas.) bis system of mechanics, 151 to be encouraged,
Haydn, anecdote of, 195

Industry, effects of taxes on, 545
Heat, animal, conjectures on the phenome- Insect architecture, 370
non of, 403

Iusects, natural history of, 370—(see Bees
Heidegger, anecdote of, 441

and Ants)
Herculaneum, anecdote of a surgical in- Inspiration, views of Warburton and the
strument found in, 174

Bishop of London on, 254-poetical,
Hernani, a French tragedy, plot of, 617- speculations as to its sources, 221
parody on, 618

Instinct of insects, (see Bees and Ants)-
Histoire des Sectes Religieuses, par M. of fishes, 404
Gregoire, 162

Intellect, history of, 406
History, the uses of, in a religious point of Invention, singular instance of, 377

view, 145—of France and Normandy, by Ireland, proposed application of the poor
W.C. Taylor, 469

laws to, 309-rebellion of 1798 in, story
Hive, bee, component parts of, 378–occu- connected with, 270

pations in the interior of, 378–382 Islamites, character of those in Africa, 290
Hogarth, Life of, 435-anecdotes of, 440 Italy, literature of, effects of the writings
Holland, New, superiority of its situation, of Manzoni and Rosini on, 347

Honey, mode in which bees collect it, 380
Hop-plant, mode of protecting, proposed,

Java, administration of, by Sir S. Raffles,

479, 480
Horæ Homileticæ, by Mr. Simeon, 114

Jefferson, (Thomas) Life of, 279
Hospitality, specimen of Dutch, in Batavia,

Jenner, (Dr.) anecdote of, 369-50t the

first who vaccinated in this country, 531

Jews, British, civil disabilities of, 298–
Houghton Tower, Lancashire, tradition of,

state of the population of, in London and

in Great Britain and Ireland, 299—the
Hours of Idleness, publication of, 227
Huber, studied the habits of bees though

history of, in the Family Library, 252–

result of the labours of the Society for
blind, 378--his account of a battle of

Converting, 118—speculations concern-
ants, 384
Humbug, as it is practised in India, curious

ing, 121-and prophecies, 122

Judgments of God, a German clergyman
chapter on, 324
Hume, on parties, 492, 493

upon the, 141
Humphrey's, (J. D.) his Correspondence

Julian, attempt by the Jews to rebuild the
and Diary of Philip Doddridge, 73

Temple of Jerusalem under, 257
Hungary, account of some poets of, 410

Justice, Criminal, in Africa, 291
Hunt, wild cattle, 50

Hunter, an elephant, description of one, in KAAMA, a Kaffer chief, account of, 213
South Africa, 215

Kafferland, account of the natives of, 210
(John) anecdote of, 367

-and the country, 211
Hunterian Oration, the, 471 — Museum, Kazincki, a Hungarian poet, song by, 411

the, ib.-Hydrophobia, Mexican receipt Kisfaludy, (Alexander) a Hungarian poet,
for the “ Cure” of, 55

410-specimens of his love songs, 412
Hyliscus, the first philosopher that studied

(Charles) a Hungarian poet,
the habits of bees, 377

specimen of his poetry, 413
Hymn, a poetical one, composed by a Knight, (Mr. H. Gally) his Letter to the
Christian Kaffer, 213

Earl of Aberdeen, 183

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