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man, 49.


At West Deeping Mr. John Simpson. Died ) At Wolverhampton, Mr. Robert

At Sleaford, Mrs. Theckston, widow of Prettie, attorney. Mr. Robert T. many years master of the At Brierley, Mrs. Hannah Whitehouse, a Angel Inn, 71.

maiden lady, remarkable for her piety and At Maidenwell, Mr Samuel Hurd, 89. charitable disposition, 72 At Grantham, Mrs. Quan brugh, relict of

WARWICKSHIRE. James g. gent. 64. - Mr. William Chap- According to an account published by the

Committee of the Guardians of the Poor at At Boston, Mrs. Ellard - Mrs. Keal, 71. Birmingham, the total of the money collect

ed for the use of the poor in that parish, dur.

ing the last five years, amounts to the enor. Married.) At Leicester, Mr. W. Hitch

mous sum of 107,4711 45 4d. cock, of Lubesthorp, to Miss Eamer.

The Act of Parliament for the improve. Ai Market Bosworth, Mr. Joseph Good- ment of Birmingham has, in a great measure, win, of Wigan, Lancashire; to Miss Ann been carried into execution; and it is equally Adcock.

beneficial to the inhabitants, and ornamental At Ashby Magna, Mr. Stevens, of Froies.

to the town. Many of the narrow and danworth, to Miss Crowder.

gerous passes are now laid open, and renderes At Loughborough, Mr. John Paget, to

safe to the passenger : the improvements in Miss Ann Hunt, waughter of Mr. H. sur

the Bull Ring, and round St. Martin's Church, geon.

are particularly conspicuous. At Rempstone, Mr. John Warner, aged

Married ) At Birmingham, Thomas Jones, 72, to Miss Mary Wolley, 22.

esq to Miss Hodges, daughter of Mr. William Died.) At Sapcote, of which place he had H. of Monmouth.-Captain William Taylor, been rector upwards of 20 years, the Rev. of the 38éh regiment of foot, to Miss Mary Stanley Burrough, M. A. aged 84. After Ann Burton, of lichfield.-- Mr. John Horton, quitting College, he entered second master of of Deritend, to Miss Sarah Forcescue, dauglie inat celebrated seminary, Rugby School, in ter of Mr. F. surgeon of Rugeley. Warwickshire, of which, on the demise, or Ac Monk's Kirby, Ms. Twist, attorney, resignation of the principal, he was onani. of Coventry, to Miss Eliz Brown, of Stretton mously elected head master.

In this impor. under Fosse. tant office he remained near twenty years, At Aston, Mr. T. Jones, of London, mer. during which period he had the honour of chant, to Miss Hodges, of Ashted. directing and presiding over.che classical edu

Died.) At Birmingham, Mrs Ireland, 82, cation of great numbers, sons of the first

-Mr. William Danks.-Mrs. Raven.-Mrs. families in the kingdom, many of whom are Mary Reeves, relict of Mr. Thomas R.-Mr. distinguished characters at this day, and w. Osborn, 33 - Thomas, second son of mis. when he declined the charge, he left the William Spurrier, attorney, 8.--Mrs. Eliz. school possessed of a reputation never ex- Davies, relict of Mr. Wm. D. of Shrewsbury. ceeded by any similar institution. Mr. Pure _Mr Caleb Powell, merchant.--Mrs. Bishop. rough was born at Carleton, in the parish of Mrs. Welch, 84. Drig, about 15 miles from Whitehaven. His

Ai Alcester, Mrs. Catherine Chambers, fatlier was the Rev. Edward Burrough, mini- only daughter of the late Edmund C. esq. of sfer of Diig and Irton, and master of the

Studley, 90. Free School there, who, from the great age

At Kadway, Mrs. Miller, relict of Sander. to which he lived, and the vigour of his con

son M. esq. 84. stitution, had the singular opportunity of in

At Edgbaston, Mrs. Jones, wife of Mr. structing, in his church and his school, the John J. 28. fourth generation.

At Coventry, Mrs. Riley - Mr. Benjamin At Leicester, Miss Kezia Greatorex.

Smith. At Queenborough, Mr. Henry Kilby, 47.

At Spark Brook, Mr. Thomas Harrison, of At Quorndon, Mrs. Sarson, wife of Mr. S.

Birmingham. At Scriptoft, Mr. James Mann, of Market

At Warwick, Miss. Sarah Williams. Bosworth, 25.

At Radford, Mr. Wm. Whitehead, 75.



Married.] At Norton, John Robinson, Married] At Claverley, Mr. Tonge, of M. D. of Doncaster, to Miss Williams, only Gatacre, to Miss Jane Dallaway, second daughter of the late Robert W. esq. of Long- daughter of Mrs. Poughton, of the Bind, port.

near Bridgnorth. At Church'Eaton, Mr. William Crowther, At Shrewsbury, Mr. T. Wood, printer of of Somerville Aston, Gloucestershire, to Miss the Shrewsbury Chronicle, to Miss Harris.--Perry, of Marstone.

John Bache, esq. of Chesterton, to Miss Sted. At Handsworth, Mr. Joseph Parke, of Bir- man, daughter of the Rev. Thomas S. mingham, to Miss Day.-James Thompson, Died.] At Rowton Hall, Richard Lyster, esq. of Islington, to Miss Ana Archet, second daughter of Mr. Thomas A. of Perry At Waters' lipton, the Rev, Thomat Barr.

Hatcon, rector of that place, MONTHLY MAG. No 158.



€89. 63.



At Cold Hatton, Mrs. Shakeshaft

corresponding with the state in which they At Shrews ury, Mr. Philip Va gh were found ; not a stone being missing, Mr. Briscoe, 80.- Mrs. Margarei Rots, though the removal of some, of a most un76.-Mr John Bowen - Mr. James heyrish. wieldy size, was attended with great diffe

At Whit huich, Mr. William Benneti. culty. Mr Jacob Manley, 90.- Mr. Fowles.

Married.) At Elmore, Mr. Richard Mar. At Hales (wen, Mrs. Oldbury, wie of tin, to Miss Vick. Mr. Thomas 0.

At Hill, near Berkeley, Ms. Wm. Jones, At Hanwood, Mrs. Eliz. Wright, 87. to Miss Whitmore. At Ellesmere, Mr. Thomas Gough, 45. Died ] Ac Wotton under-Edge, Mr. Joseph

Bence, bookseller and stationer at that place The Worcester Journ l observes, that the upwards of 50 years pear trees in this county have been con- At Stone, near Berkeley, the Rev. Thomas siderably injured by the cold night winds Hickes. which latterly prevailed; that the codling. At Framiload, near Frampton, Mrs. Vick, trees are much affected by the white blighi, wife of Mr. V. though the other kinds of apple trees pro- At Gloucester, Mrs. Lane, widow of Mr. mise a heavy bearing ; and that the grain of. L. attoi ney.-Mr. Bloxsome, junior. every kind looks extremely well, and promises At Winchcombe, Miss S. Fisher, youngest one of tlie must abundant crops that has, erer daughter of Mr. F. banker bren remembered.

At Painswick, Mr. Charles Loreday.
Married ] At Croome, the Rev. Mr.
Finch, of Belston, to Miss Whiting, of Earl's

The Chancellor's prizes, at Oxford have Croome.

been adjudged to Mr. John Taylor Allen, Ac Worcester, Mr Palmer, to Miss E.

Bachelor of Arts of Brasenose College, for the Allies, second daughter of Thomas A. esq.

English Essay on “ Dueling," and to Mr. The Rev Benj Holmes, to Miss S. Bishop.

Law, Student of Christ Church, for Died.] Ac Worcester, Mrs. Smith, wife of the Latin Verse, “ Plata Fluvius." Also Mr. S. sadler - Randolph Marriott, esq., of the prize, by an unknown bene!actor, has the College Green. - Mrs. Vernon lors: been adjudged to Mr. Matthew Rolleston, Smith, wife of Mr. J. H. Smith, woollen- Scholar of University College, “ Moses, usdraper.--Mr. Chambers, of the Ilhey Tavern.

der the direction of Divine Providence, conAt Bruinsgrove, Mrs. Tibbatis, relict of

ducting the Children of Israel from Egypt to John 81.

the promised Land." At Droitwich, Mis. Sarah Roberts, daugh

Married.] At Thame, Mr. T. Stevens, of ter of the late Henry R. esq.

Mapple Durbam, near Reading, to Miss Rar

dulph, of Thame Park. By the praiseworthy exertions of a few individuals, a sum has been collected sufficient Wheate, last surviving daughter of the late

Died.) At Glympton-park, Mrs. Ana to defray the expence of placing seats in dif- Sir Thomas W. 75 By her decease, the ferent parts of the Castle Green, adj-ining mansion and estate of Glympton-park descend the city of Hereford ; and the taste with

to her nephew, Francis Sackville Lioyd, 614. which they are disposed is highly honourable

of Harley-street, London. to the gentlemen who have tašen the trouble

At Wivelcott, Mrs. Jane Wellington. to superintend the erection of them. For si

At Watlington, Jane, chird taughter of tuation, and the beauty of the scenery which

Mr Churchill. meets the cye from every part of the walks,

At Oxford, Mr. Francis Payne, « faithful this spot is not exceeded by any public pro

servant at New College during the long period menade in England.

of 66 years. Murried.) At Leominster, Mr. John

At Catisford, Mrs. Greenhill, wife of the Wynd, to Miss Taylor, daughter of the late Rev. Dr. John Russell G. Mr. Henry T. Died.] At Tillington, near Hereford,

BUCKINGHAMSNIRE. William Taylor, esq. who was mayor of that Married.] At Lung Crendon, Richart city in 1786.

Rose, esq. of Lower Minchendon, to Mias Ar Lyde, Mrs Adams.

Reynolds, of Nottley-abbey. A: Leoninster, Mrs. Thomas, telist of the At Newport Pagnell, the Rev. Wir Rev. Joshua T. 84.-Mr. Richard Puwell, Young, vicar of Layston, Herts, to Miss HE butcher. His deach was occasioned by inad. Malpas. vertently putting a naked knise into his Died.) At Simpson, the Per. Graham pocket and sitting down upon it.

Hanmer, rector of that place, of St. Bare dhe

lomew, London, and vicar of Haniner, FiintThree British Sepulchres, which were shire lately discovered in the parish of Avening, At Iver Lodge, Bruce Boswell, esq. have beea recently removed inco the home Ac Haddingham, Mrs. Phelps, waly daugh. grounds of the Rev. N. Thornbury, incun. ter of the Rev. Ms. P. Sant of the place. They are puł up nearly At Buckingham, Mrs. Fellowes.





of St. John', for the “Greek Ode;" The first meeting of the noblemen, gentle. to Mr. John Lonsdale, of King's, for the men, and farmers, lately associated under the

“ Latin Ode;" and to Mr. Edward Alderson, niste of the Hertfordshire Agricultural $o

sen of Caius-colle se, for the “ Epigrams." ciety, was recently held at Great Berkhamp. liam Dobson, co Miss Marcha Bell.

Married ) A: Downham Market, Mr. Wil. stead, in order to witness the match between several ploughs, which, to the number of 40,

At Cambridge, Mr John Ashton, of St. started in a field about a mile from the town, Ives, Bucks, to Miss Eliz. Simpson, second, as competitors for the prices offered by the daughter of Mr. Richard S Society. The premiums were awarded as rol

Died.] At Wisbeach, Mrs. Darlow, wife lows.--Ten guineas to Mr. Howard, of Kings

of Mr. Jos. D. worth, as the owner of the best plough, Mr.

At Cambridge, Mrs. Gregory, youngest Wood's West Sussex plough, improved since daughter of the late Mr. Anthony Marshall; its adoption in Hertfordshire last year

of Standground, and wife of Mr G. of the Threr guineas to Daniel Levett, servant to

Royal Military Academy, Wool wich. Mr. Pope, of Whelpley-hill, as the best ploughman with the improved Berksluire

Married.) At Tasburgh, Thomas Fowell plough.-Two guineas to William Mules, Buxton, esq. to Miss Flannah Gurney, daughe, servant to Mr. Pickford, of Market-street, as

ter of John G. esq. of Earlham the second best ploughman with Mr. Wood's

At Yarmouth, Captain Thomas Grim. West Sussex plouglı. One guinea co Williamu stone, to Miss Ann Shardelow.-Mr. Thomas Grace, servant to Mr. John Cooper, o: King's Ransome, to Miss Sarah Breize. Langley, as the ihird best ploughman with William Firth, esq attorney general of the improved Berkshire plough.

Upper Canada, to Miss Ann Walts, youngest Died.] At Hertford, lohn Carr, L. L. D. daughter of Mr. Robert W. of Crosewick. many years master of the free school in that

Mr. Edward Parson, of Aitleburgh, to town, and well known to the literary world Miss A. T. Barlow, youngest daughter of the as the translator of Lucian. He had felt a late Thomas B. esq gradual decay for nearly a year previous ; but

Died ]

At Norwich, Mrs. De Visme, an the day of his death was, as he supposed, wile of Philip De V. esç. – Mr. Abraham in much better health than usual. He lived Howard, 68. - Mrs. Mitchell, 85.-Mr. şix hours after he was conveyed to bed, ap- Juhn English, 74 - Mr. Isaac Hoyle, sure peared to suffer no pain, and expired without veyor of his Majesty's customs for this city, a struggle. His library will be disposed of 77.-Mr. John Barwell, 65 – Miss Rebecca by public auction

Campin, 15.-Mr. G. King, 27.-Mrs.

Prentice, 71. Married ) Henry Bell, esq. of Woolsing

At Hilborough, Mrs. Stanton, wife of Mr. ton, Northumberland, to Miss Mainwaring,

S. of the Swan Ian, 27. youngest daughter of Rowland M. esq.-Mr.

At Holt House, near Lynn, Mrs. Forster. William Tyler Smith, Lo Miss Levi.

As Lynn, Mr Scarnell. --Mrs. Hamilton, John Russel, esq. of Buybrook, to Anna relict of Dr. H. -Mr. Daniel Browne, an Maria Jephcott, laughter of the Rev. Mr. J. officer in the Lynn and Freebridge rifle corps. ·late rector of Kislingbury

-Mr. Goodear, coachmakus. Died.) At Oundle School, of water in the

At Worstead, Mrs. Ann Miller, late of kead, Master Charles Manton, 12.

Yarmouth, 102. During her live, the uni. At Geddington, Mr. Samuel Ashby.

form mildness of her manners, her sound Ai Sprattan, Mr. George Pierson, 86.

understanding, and sincere piety, rendered

She Ar Lowick, Mrs. Margaret Wadley.

her an object of est:em und reverence. At Ailes worth, near Peterborough, Mr. retained her faculties tu the last moments George Smith, of the Wheatshea: public. of her long protracted lite. house. The night preceding his death he

At Carlton Rode, Mrs. Woutrow, 32. drank a bottle of brandy, the ettects or which

At Reymerstone, the Rev. William Grig. are supposed to have proved fatal.

At Cranwich, Mr. John Whistler, 94.

At Ormsby, near Yarmouth, Mrs. Maria Died | At St Neot's, Mrs.Esther Dunch, 86. Beart, wite or Mr. Jehosaphat B and only She was one of the daughters o John Day, daughter of the late Francis Hogan, esq. of

Norwich, 28. esq formerly of Great Eversden, Cambridgesbire.

At Aslacton, Mr Richard Urting, 55. Ac Wansford, Mrs. Norton, widow of Mr.

At Caltua, Mrs. Spalding, mother of Mr. George N, 30.

S. wine merchant of Norwich, 78.

At Swattham, Mr. Nichols Marcin, 31. CAMBRIDGESHIRE."

Mrs. Wright, 96. The late Sir William Browne's three gold Ac Foulsuam, Mrs. Ann Bell, a maiden medals, value five guineas cach, are this year lady, 78. adjudged as follows: to Mr. Thomas Hugles, As Blickling, Mrs. Hannah Greenacre, 86.





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At Stanfield Hall, Miss Prestun, eldest four years old. Mr. Wade's and Mr. White's daugliter of the Rev. George P. 15.

stallions could not be admitted, notice pot At Wortwell, the Rev. H. Lewelyn, 20 having been given in due time. Mj. Pooley years pistor of the independent congregatious had some handsome young half-bred heifers; at Harleston and Wortwell.

P. Wright esq. a good heifer in milk; Mri At Hockering, Mr. Edward Shardelow. Mason, some heifers in calf, and a cart colt; At Erpingham, Mr. Woolmer Cubite; 10. Mr. Buttie, a good black stallion.-Mr. Wess

At Harleston, Ms. St. John Priest, son of tern did not enter any of his stock for prethe late Mr P surgeon, 22.

miunis, nor did Mr. Robinson bis sheep i At Ingoldsthorpe, Mrs. Dary, wife of the having had several medals adjudged to them Rev. William D.

at former meetings - The Premiums for Stock At Breccles Hall, near Larlingford, Mrs. were awarded as follow :-To James Scrato Taylor, wiie of Philip Ryley T.

ton, esq. the silver medal, for the best cart

stallion ; to Mr George Marstall, ot Kel. SUT FOLX.

vedon Hatch, ditto, for the best bull; to Married.] Mr. William Crisp, of Beccles, Mr. Pooley, of Kelvedon, ditto, for the best tu Miss Read, of Walberswick.

cowį to Filmer Honeywood, esq. dirto, for Mr. R N. Mallows, of Thelnetham, to the best ram and ewe hoggets, fine wool; Miss Clift, daughter of James C. gent. of to Peter Wright, esq. ditto, for the best fri Mildenhall.

wether. There were no candidates for the At Weston, the Rev. Gunton Postle, rec- long.wool sheep and boar. Various premis tor of Ringsfield, to Mrs. Cerjat, of Weston

ums were likewise adjudged to labourers and hall.

servants in husbandry. *t Ipswich, Mr. Hooker, druggist, to Miss

Married.] The Rev. Henry Van Voorst. 1. Quinton.

of Woodham Ferris, to Miss Sarah B. Stevens, Died.] At Bury, Abraham Jenkins, esq. eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr. S. rector of alderman and chief magistrate of the borough, Panfield. and clerk of the peace for this county. --Nis. Sure, relict of Mi. S. cooper, 68.- Miss Ann rack-master of Chelmsford, to Mrs. Ditos,

At Springfield, James Caldwell, esq. baze Kicson, only child of Mr. Joshua K. 20.

widow of Mr. Richard D. At Caverham, Mr William Cornell, 77.

At Newport, Mr. Ginn, aged 20, to Me At Ipswich, Mrs. Chenery, relict of Mr. Lambert, 81. John C. 90.

Died.] Al Debden Parsonage, a few weeks At Halesworth, G. Suggate, gent. formerly after the birth of her ninth child, Mrs. Toti & watchmaker, and one of the oldest inhabi- ton, the Rev. Mr. T. rector of Debden. tants, having been 67 years a resident house

At Rochford, Mrs. Harridge, wife of Mr, huider.-Thomas Miller, gent. formerly & David H. 66. stationer and post-master of that place, 83.

At South Weald, Mss. Mary Lodge wife of Mrs. Stuckdule, relict

the Rev. Mr. S. Jas L esq. 68: vicar of Merdham, 84.

At Malden, Mr. Edward Edwards, attore At Wartisfield, Mrs. Elizabeth Howell, relict of John H. gent. formerly of Wal- At Maryland, William Smith, $59. sluam, 81.

At Ridgewell Causeway, Mrs. Mary Chape At Stow market, Mr. William Hurwood, land, 60. who for 30 years previous to his death has becn unable to raise a hand to his mouth or a footfiom the ground.

It is in contemplation to appiy for 20 act At Mildenhail, Mr. Shead.

of parliament for making a turnpike road At Billingford, Mr. Thomas Mayston, 75. from Hythe, through Stuae-street, to Can. At Meltun, Mr. Daniel Johnston, governor

terbury of the House ot Industry, 57.

si A few days since, as a labourer, in the enAt Frostenden, Mrs. Gooch, wife of Wm. ploy of John Julius Angerstein, esą. was dig.

ging up some earth in the orchard at the wood ands, at Blackheath, he found in

earthen pot, which, on inspection, was found The late Agricultural Show of Stock, at

to contain 253 pieces of silver coin, most of Chelmsford was in general good. T. Honey. then bcaring the bend of Quecu Elizabeth. wood esq. and R. C Haselfout, esq. had some

They are in high preservation, and in site good oxen, but no premium had been offered about that of a dollar, but much thimnet. by the society tor fat beasts. C. C. Western,

Married.] At Canterbury, W. Smith, esq. bad some very good South Down ram

esg, surgeon of the royal artillery, to Miss hogsets and wethers; also Devon heifers, Maria Brown.—Captain Turner of the roy. bulls, and pigs RM. Robinson, esq. hud al waggon Train, to Miss Browning, of Wale a good ram bogget, and a couple of fat we- tham. - Thomas Church, gent, to Miss Rethers, brought up twins, of long wool breed ; becca Webh, both of Rochester. also a very handsome Suffolk stallion, not yet

At Herne, Captain Tross, to Miss Fairbras.

ney, 28.



K. esq


At Chatham, Mr. Martin, surgeon, to

SURRET Miss Sarali fry: --Mr. W. Dawsun, of Stock- Lately was opened for the public recepe bury, to Miss Kuell, daughter of Abraham ţion of merchants' vessels, the Grand Surrey

Canal Dock at Rotherhithe, amidt the accluRobert Townley, esą. of Redwell Lodge, nations of the populace, and a numerous afHerts, to Miss Newing, of Ramsgate. semblage of the gentlemen proprietors, who

At Witters hain, W Snuad, esq. of Brook- afterwards retired to the London Tavern, land, to Miss Charlotte Sims.

dined and spent the evening with convivi. Died.] At Lydd, Robert Cobb, esq. ality. The vessels entered the dock under a At Hartclip, Mr. Hart, schoolmaster, 84. salute of canpon, ftrçampers Aying, with a

At Tenderden, Miss Sawyer, daughter of martial band of music, playing popular airs. John S. esq-Mr Robert Curtis, sen. 77. This dock or balon from its extensive capacity

At Canterbury, Mrs. Goulding, 27.--Mr. will contain about 100 fail of square-rigged Smith Mead.-Mr Edward Burgess, upwards vesels at any draught of water in which of thirty years clerk of the parish of St. An. they can approach the pool. This public drew, 80.

work was firit suggefted and laid out by Ms. At Wye, Mr. Luckhurst, 72.--Mrs. Oli- Dodd, the engineer, and an act of parliament

immediately after obtained for its execution. At Chatham, Mr. W. Maclean, surgeon, 32. The dock and main line of canal and col.

At Shee:ness, Mr Thompson, surgeon-ma lateral cuts are as follows The Mip dock jor o. the Densign niitia. --Lieut. Welsh, of immediately conimunicating with the River the Cardigan militia, 19.

Thames, a litrle below the King's Mills, Rog At the Grove. Seven Oaks, in her 8915 therhithe gives admiflion inco the grand dock, year, Mrs Hardinge, relict of the late Nicho. or baron. On the North, South, East, and Jas Hardinge, est. and sister of the late Earl Welt lide oi the latter, is an extensive lite for Camden Her faculties were to the last un- buikling wharis, warehouses, &c.; and in the impaired, sound and clear. Her capacity was centre of the dock or bafon a large inland not interior to that of her brother, and she for the same purpose, to which there is access resembled bum in her eluquencé Her man. by a draw bridge. The convenience of this ners were as engaging as tney were dignified: dock for the erection of warehouses, granaand her prudence in every circle of domestic ries, depots for coals, &c. so near the metrolite, could only be surpassed by her goodness polis, fufficiently speak for its utility. The of heart. She was religious, mural, and hu- main line of canal pafling from the dock or maue; and died, universally respected, ad- bason runs nearly in a fouth line on the west mired, and beloved by her numerous friends. of Deptford, and from thence in a west line

At l'unbridge Welis, viss Catherine Ilar. crossing the Kent, Camberwell, and Clapham vey, youngest daughter of Samuel H. esq. roads, enters the Thames again at Vauxhall

Near Woolwich, Mıs H Greea sister to Creek, a little above the lite where the inSir WG.

tende1 ftone bridge, now before parliamevt, is At New Romney, Mr. John Miller, post- proposed to be carried over the Thames. master.

Attached to this main line is a collateral At Dover, Lieut. J. Dawson, of the first cut to Peckham, Horsemonger-lane, SouthSorry militia — Mrs. Huni, wife of Mr. H. wark, and Butt-lane, Deptford; the whole of barrack-master, at the Western Heights. this range oi eight miles is upon one entire -William Starr, esq. formerly comman er level, without a lock, and peninsulates the of one of his Majesty's packets on that station, south of the metropolis, with which the Croy76.-Mrs.' Benhall, 76.

don Canal forms a junction, that is proposed At Deptford, George Hatton, esq.

to be finished in the course of this summer, AĽ Margate, Miss Harriet Jefferson, daugh with the part of the main line before deter of the late James J. esq. of Chancery. scribed, now that the dock has opened a com. lane, London.

munication with the Thames. The upper Ai Maidstone, Mrs. Christian Frank, eld. lines and levels of this canal extend from est daughter of the Rev. Walter F. rector of Kennington Common, along the waih-way, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, and vicar oi Chat. to Ruthey Green, Stockwell, palling in the ham.

vicinity of Clapham and Tooting to Mitcham. At Chistlechurch, Mrs. Oakley, wife of W. The company of proprietors are novo applying

to parlianient to make a collateral cut from At Appledore, Mrs. Monk, wife of Mr. the Bricklayers' Arms to the main line of the Jeffery M. sen. 81

canal near where it crutles the Kent Road, At Town Sutton, Mr. John Crispe, jun. for the use of pallage-bosts, by which means

At, Ms. Moore, many years much facility will be given to persons paffing surgeon of the Laboratory.

from London to Peckham, Deptford, Green. At Harrietshani, Mrs. Munn.

wich, and parts adjacent;' as well as to Cry.. At Loose Coure, near Maidstone, George, don, and hereafter to more distant parts of the son of Edward Penfold, eag. 8.

county. The capability of extending this line to


0. esq.

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