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1825.) Intelligence respecting the Fine Arts, &c. 409 the Gaelic Vocabulary in English and Latin, compiled by the direction of the Highland Society of Scotland, is in the

press, and will be speedily published at Edinburgh.

Mrs. Hemans is about to publish a volume, entitled, “The Forest Sanctuary; with Lays of many Lands, and other Pieces." The principal poem, the Forest Sanctuary, is said to be the tale of a Spaniard, who takes refuge in the wilds of America from the religious persecutions of his own country, in the 16th cen


A gentleman in this city is preparing for the press a translation of the recovered work of Cicero on civil government.

Intelligence respecting the Fine Arts, Antiquities, &c. The first No. of a work entitled Engraved Specimens of the Architectural Antiquities of Normandy, has been published in England. It is said to contain drawings of many curious and interesting remains of Gothic architecture, which are now in a state of decay, and will be soon beyond the reach of the copyist.

There have lately been discovered in the excavations carrying on at Pompeii, two paintings in Fresco, remarkable fo he correctness of the design and the beauty of the colouring. They represent Briseis, carried off by Achilles, and the marriage of Thetis and Peleus. These two pictures, which yet remain in their places, are thought the most beautiful, among those which have come down from antiquity.

M. Anton Rothmüller, principal of the gallery of paintings belonging to Prince Esterhazy at Vienna, has discovered a new process for the colouring of copperplates and lithographic engravings with oil, to which he has given the long name of Elaeocalcography. The effect of his invention is to give to the prints the appearance of having been carefully executed by a painter in oil colours.

Nos. I and II of “ Legal Illustrations,” drawn and etched by T. Lane, bave been published in London. They seem principally intended for the benefit of gentlemen of the bar. Among the figures is represented a lady with her dress torn in consequence of a waltzer treading on her train; and the law definition is, “rent in arrear," while her countenance expresses "distress infinite." A gentleman ringing the bell is “tolling an entry.The clock at near three o'clock is “notice to quit ;' the servant stirring the fire is “a call to the bar ;' a nursery maid with children is “custos brevium" and the company retiring is "the general issue."

Two statues of Greek workmanship, and worthy of the best age of the arts, were found by some workmen employed, in the month of May last, in making a new road without the walls of Syracuse. The statues are of Parian marble, habited in the toga and pallium, and of one piece. The heads, feet and hands are wanting.

Leslie is at present engaged upon a picture for Lord Northwick. The subject is, Sir Roger de Coverly meeting with the Gipsies.


Arts, Science, and Philosophy. Flint's System of Surveying, with additions, by George Gillet, Esq. Surveyor General of the State of Conn. 0. D. Cooke & Co Hartford.

The Mathematical Diary; containing new researches and improvements in the Mathematics; with Collections of Questions, proposed and resolved by ingenious correspondents. In Quarterly Numbers. Conducted by R. Adrain, L. L. D. F. A P. S. F. A. A. S. &c. and Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in Columbia College, New-York. No. 4. James Ryan, New-York.

A Grammar of Astronomy, with Problems on the Globes; to which are added a Glossary of Terms, and Questions for Explanation; designed for the use of Schools and Academies. By J. Fowle. New-York, Gray & Bunce.

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia, for promoting useful knowledge. Vol. 2. New Series. Philadelphia. The Boston Journal of Philosophy and the Arts. No. 12.

Original Communications, made to the Agricultural Society

of South Carolina ; and Extracts from select Authors on Agriculture. Published by order of the Society. Charleston, S. C.

Biography. Memoir of Catharine Brown, a Christian Indian, of the Cherokee Nation. By Rufus Anderson, A. M. Assistant Secretary of the American Board of Foreign Missions. Second ed. 18mo. Crocker & Brewster, Boston,

Memoir of Simon Bolivar, Liberator of South America. D. Fanshaw, New-York.

Education. Geographical Questions for the use of Schools, adapted to the Maps in

E. & H. Clark, Middletown. Begouet's Arithmetic, one volume, 8vo. Translated by Noble Heash.

Plan of a Seminary for the Education of Instructers of Youth. By Thomas H. Gallaudet, Principal of the American Asylum for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb. Boston, Cummings, Hilliard & Co.

Gramatica completa de la Lengua Inglėsa, para uso de los Españoles ; con nu supleinento. Por Stephen M'L. Staples, A. M. Filadelfia, H.

common use.

C. Carey & I. Lea; Neuva York, E. Bliss & E. White, Berard & Mondon, y G.& C. Carvill ; Boston, R. P. & C. Williams, y Munroe & Francis.

Adam's Latin Grammar, with some Improvements, and the following Additions: Rules for the right Pronunciation of the Latin Language ; A Metrical Key to the Odes of Horace; A List of Latin Authors, arranged according to the different Ages of Roman Literature; Tables showing the value of the different Coins, Weights, and Measures, used among the Romans. By Benjamin A. Gould, Master of the Public Latin School in Boston. 12mo. "Boston, Cummings, Hilliard & Co.

The Institutes of English Grammar, methodically arranged; with examples for Parsing, Questions for Examination, False Syntax for Correction, Exercises, &c. to which are added, four Appendices. Designed for the Use of Schools, Academies, and Private Learners. By Gould Brown. Baltimore, S. S. Wood & Co.

Comly's Grammar, considerably enlarged and improved, Fourteenth edition. Philadelphia. Kimber & Sharpless.

Law. Strictures upon the Constitutional Powers of the Congress and Courts of the United States over the Execution Laws of the several States, in their application to the Federal Courts. By a Citizen of Ohio, 8vo. Cincinnati, Morgan, Lodge & Fisher.

The Maryland Justice; containing approved forms for the use of Justices of the Peace of the State of Maryland; with a compilation of the Acts of the General Assembly relating to their Office and Jurisdiction, and to the Office and Duties of Constable. Compiled by Ebenezer H. Cummings, Esq. Cushing & Jewett, Baltimore.

Espinasse's Nisi Prius Reports, volume 6th. Edward B. Gould.
Merivale's Chancery Reports, 3 volumes, 8vo. Oliver Halstead.

An Address in Commemoration of the Battle at Fryeburgh, delivered
May 19th, 1825. By Charles S. Davies, 8vo. James Adams, Jr. Port-
land, Me.

Worcester Magazine and Historical Journal, No. 1, volume 1. June, 1825.

First Annual Report of the Albany Institute. Presented July 1, 1825. Remarks on the Disorders of Literary Men, or an Inquiry into the Means of Preventing the Evils usually incident to Sedentary and Studious Habits. Cummings, Hilliard & Co. Boston.

Examination of the Controversy between Georgia and the Creeks. First published in the New-York Review, August, 1825. Clayton & Van Norden.

The Laughing Philosopher, or Fun, Humour and Wit, being a collection of choice anecdotes, many of which never before in print. Original in or about the “Literary Emporium !” Boston. “Laugh when you can my Boys."

Annual Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Plants, Bulbous Flower Roots, Green-House Plants, &c. &c. Cultivated at the Linnean Botanic Garden, William Prince, Proprietor, C. M. of the Linnean Society of Paris, and of the Horticultural Society of London, &c. &c. Flushing, Long-Island, near New-York. To which is added a short treatise on their Cultivation, &c. Twenty-third edition, 12mo. T. & J. Swords.

Novels. The Orphans, an American Tale. One volume, 12mo. Addressed to the Young. Collins & Hannay, Bliss & White, and others.

Surgery and Medicine. Typhus Syncopalis, Sinking Typhus, or the Spotted-Fever of New England, as it appeared in the Epidemic of 1823, in Middletown, Con necticut. By Thomas Miner, M. D. Middletown, Conn. Printed for the Author.

Theology. Familiar Sermons. By Asa Rand, Editor of the Christian Mirror, and Jately Pastor of the Church in Gorbam, Me. Portland.

A Treatise concerning Heaven and its Wonders, also concerning Hell, being a Translation of Emmanuel Swedenbourg. Cummings, Hilliard & Co. Boston.

An Address, delivered at the Commencement of the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, held in Christ Churchi, New-York, on the Twenty-Ninth Day of July, 1825. By James Kemp, D. D. Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Maryland. Published at the Request of the Trustees. 8vo. T. & J. Swords.

Canons for the Government of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America ; being the substance of various canons adopted in General Convention of said Church, held in the years of our Lord 1789, 1792, 1795, 1799, 1800 and 1801; and set forth with alterations and additions, in General Convention, A. D. 1803. Together with the Canons passed iu General Conventions in the years of our Lord 1811, 1814, 1817, 1820, 1821 and 1823. To which are annexed, the Constitution of said Church, and the course of Ecclesiastical Studies established by the House of Bishops, in the General Convention of 1814. T. & J. Swords.

Remarks on the Distinguishing Doctrine of Modern Universalism, which teaches that there is no Hell! and no Punishment for the Wicked after Death!! By Adam Empie, A. M. Rector of St. James Church, Wilmington, North Carolina. “A little learning is a dangerous thing," “ Drink deep or taste not.”—Pope. “I am set for the defence of the Gospel. Though we, or an Angel from Heaven, preach any other Gospel, let him be accursed.”_St. Paul. 8vo. T. & J. Swords, New-York.

Works in Press.
Starkie on Slander. One volume 8vo. G. Lamson.

The Mysterious Picture. By Wrangham Fitz Ramble, Esq. One Volume, 8vo. Collins & Hannay.

Thoinas's Practice, from the last London Edition. With Notes. By David Hosack, M. D.

The Looking Glass. One volume, 18mo. With Plates. Evert Duyckinck.

Hutton's Mathematics. 2 vols. 8vo. G. Long.

Pariss's Pharmacalogia. One volume, 8vo. From the last London edition. With Notes. By John B. Beck, M. D. G. Long.

Le Notti Romane al Sepolcro de' Scipioni :-Roman Nights, or the Tomb of the Scipios. Two volumes duodecimo, with Engravings. E. Bliss & E. White.

Todd's Johnson's Dictionary. With Notes. By Pickering and others. Boston, R. P.& C. Williams.




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Art. XXXIV.Lives of the Novelists. By Sir Walter

Scott. 2 vols. Philadelphia. H. C. Carey & 1. Lea, &c. 1825.

6 Several volumes of a publication, entitled Balantyne's Novelist's Library, have lately appeared at Edinburgh, and Sir Walter Scott has been employed to furnish a biography of each of the authors whose works are included in that collection, and a critical analysis of their writings. The book before us contains all that Sir Walter has written for the volumes which have already come out; and, although we cannot conceive why the reputed author of the Waverley novels should be, as some seem to suppose, the best possible compiler of the biographies of other novelists, any more than that a mathematical tailor should be the fittest man of his trade to make a coat for a professor of mathematics, yet we were prepared, from the first, to set no ordinary value on his criticisms. He who has written so much and so ably in the department of fictitious narrative, cannot but bave reflected maturely upon its principles, and perused carefully the works of those who have distinguished themselves in this branch of literature.

The first thing which strikes us on looking over these volumes, is the entire absence of any thing like effort, pretension, or ambitious ornament in the style. If the meaning is only expressed, the author's purpose is answered; he does not seem to trouble himself in the least about the manner in which it is done. He writes like a quiet, sober, sensible sort of man, too rational to suffer himself to get in raptures about any thing, and too little of a coxcomb to affect a fervour that he does not feel. His negligence of manner does not, however, by any means sit ungracefully upon him, and it almost seems, while we are reading these volumes, as if we were admitted into the intimate and unreserved society of their celebrated author, and heard him expatiating carelessly, and at his ease, on the subject of those writings, with whose merits and whose faults he was alike so VOL. I.


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