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pain extended downwards to the 1. The patient must be susfingers and upwards along the in- ceptible of the stimulant action side of the arm to the axilla, cla- of the remedy, this is often not vicle, pectoral muscle, and short the case. We may be sure the ribs. When exacerbations of pain digitalis will not produce its efrecurred, she was seized with fect where the pulse of the pastartings, tremors, subsultus, &c., tient remains uniform and frequent attended with febrile symptoms. after he has taken it for several Every remediate measure had days. It does not suit such perbeen previously in vain resorted sons. to, and tetanus was apprehended, 2. The medicine ought to be if speedy relief was not obtained. administered in a proper manner. An incision three inches in length To be good, the leaves even in was made over the vein, which the dried state, should be perbeing displayed, was tied with two fectly green, and free from any ligatures at one and a half inches brown spots. Two ounces of the from each other, and equidistant leaves should be infused in six from the wound in the vein. The ounces of boiling water, and the portion of the vein thus enclosed, patient may take a tablespoonful was divided, which caused instant every hour, till he feels nausea, relief, allowing the freest motions or a sense of constriction in his to the wrist and elbowjoints. Con- throat, or flashing of the eyes, or sidering it unnecessary to pursue irregular pulse. The use of the the case any further, we may add foxglove shonld then be intershe recovered perfectly. Seve- rupted for seven or eight days, in ral other cases are detailed in il- which interval the full action of lustration of this method of cure. the medicine is developed, the

Med. Rec. pulse remaining irregular, and

the mucous secretion diminishing

gradually. If the first trial does PHTHISIS.

not remove it entirely, a second Dr. Neumann, of Berlin, having course may be commenced after employed digitalis in a variety of a few days.--Propagateur des Scipulmonary affections, states as ences Medicales, Fe). 1826. the result of his experience, that it is useless in tuberculous consumption, in abscesses following

Board of Aldermen, May 18. active hemoptysis, or in local Petition of John C. Warren, and phlegmorrhagies of the lungs; but others, praying the Board to reit is almost uniformly successful fuse in future to grant special liin those chronic catarrhs depend- censes for the sale of ardent spient on a state of erithism of the rit on the Common, on Election mucous lining of the bronchiæ. Days, the 4th of July, and other This form of the disease is some- similar occasions, was referred times designated chronic bronchi- to Aldermen Welsh and SAVAGE. tis, pulmonic catarrh and gallop Smallpox. A communication ing consumption. In its exhibi- was received from Dr. Smith, tion he gives the following direc- resident Physician at Rainsford tions provided the diagnosis be Island, stating that Nathaniel Colaccurately marked.

ly, of Thomaston, Me. died last



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evening of smallpox. He was a fice. It appears that lie has been
seaman on board the brig Thomas thus afflicted three years, and
& William,Colly,master, from Ire- that it followed a severe attack
land bound to New York, with 70 of smallpox ; whether any prepa-
passengers. She put into Thom- ration of mercury was exhibited
aston, and arrived at quarantine to the child during the progress
15th inst. and landed her passen- of the disease, we cannot learn.
gers, on Rainsford Island, and the The child was admitted on the
sick were placed in the hospital. Ist of November ; consequently,
All who were subject to the at the date of this report, No.
smallpox were vaccinated.—One vember 23, he has been in the
man died of smallpox before her hospital nearly a month, but no-
arrival. Three men who came thing has yet been done for the
in said vessel remain on the Island case.
sick with the smallpox. The Mr. Key, we hear, is think-
vessel has been cleansed and sail. ing about” dividing the adhesions
ed for New York, with the re- between the gums and teeth ; if
mainder of the crew and passen- the atmospheric influence of the
gers, except Mr. John G. Glea- hospital shall not have previously
son, of Thomaston, who came up dissolved them.*--Lancet.
in said vessel from that place,

Thus we see, as bas before been
and was landed on Long Island in
this harbor before the physician said, that without Vaccination, no
boarded the vessel. Mr. Glea-

can be certain that his mouth son sickened with the modified will not be sewed up, bis ear become smallpox, at his lodgings in this torpid, his eye lose its vision, -tbat city this afternoon and was imme- his face will not become horribly diately removed to the Island at scarred, seamed and grooved,--and his own request, where he now

even the vital principle itself be exremains.

tinguished, by-Sinallpor.


We lately republished an ac-

count of the The patient in this case, is a boy gradually making its way through

appearance of

a pin, seven years of age. The inside the flesh of the breast of a little of the right cheek has become so child, but

which was by many disfirmly adherent to the upper believed as a thing impossible, lower gums, that the mouth is closed, and the motion of the jaw having been swallowed in the

though some accounted for it as rendered very slight,-a little food. This is unquestionably a lateral or gridding motion only is fact, and this is the rational way allowed. The only method by which the patient can take food, is through an opening occasioned

* We know that the Hospital air shuts by the removal of one of the inci• heard of its opening any, except at some

up many men's mouths, but we never sor teeth; and it is truly distress- of the dronish and long winded lectures. ing to witness him when eating, Perhaps it would be worth the expericramming the food, by means of ment, to send the boy to hear a lecture;

it would be invidious to say where.his fingers, through the small ori- Ed. Lancel.


of accounting for it : no less than ther offers the following recipe
three instances have occurred at for public benefit.
my owo table, in the course of Take the fruit before it is very
the winter, in which pins were ripe, extract the juice, and to
discovered concealed in the necks each quart add one pound of white
and breasts of poultry, which had sugar, skim and boil it about half
been stuck there to give them a an hour, when cool enough to bot-
smoother appearance, by prevent- tle add a small teacupful of bran-
ing the torn skin from showing it. dy. From one to two table-
self. The public are therefore spoonfuls, may be taken frequent-
put on their guard against this ly, as age and circumstances may
highly reprehensible practice. require.
N.Y. Eve. Post.


Selected from the American Farmer. Mix together a quarter of a
TO MAKE EXCELLENT BREAD pound of tallow, 3 onnces of com-

mon turpentine, one ounce of shel-
Scald about a double handful of lack, and one ounce of bees' wax.
Indian meal, into which put a lit. Make the boots or shoes perfectly
tle salt, and as much cold water dry, this is absolutely essential,
as will make it rather warmer and warm, and rub them with this
than new milk; then stir in wheat mixture, as hot as possible, and
flour, till it is as thick as a family repeat this operation every other
pudding, and set it down by the day, for at least four times suc-
fire to rise. In about half an cessively. The articles thus im-
hour, it generally grows thin; you pregnated will be found perfectly
may sprinkle a little fresh flour water proof.
on the top, and mind to turn the
pot round, that it may not bake Sermons on the evils of intem-
to the side of it. In three or four perance,delivered by the Rev.Mr.
hours, if you mind the above di- Palfrey, of this city, on the late
rections, it will rise and ferment Public Fast, are published and
as if you had set it with top yeast; for sale by Bowles and Dearborn,
when it does, make it up in a soft Washington Street, at 25 cents.
dough-flour a pan, put in your A more benevolent and useful act,
bread, set it before the fire, co- perhaps, cannot be done than to
vered up, turn it round to make distribute these discourses through
it equally warm, and in about half the community.
an hour it will be light enough to
bake. It suits best to bake at

CAUTION. home in a Dutch oven, as it should The public are cautioned against be put into the oven as soon as it purchasing Cordials and Drops from is light.

those hawkers and pedlars who con.

stantly infest our houses 6 with their BLACKBERRY SYRUP. The present being not only a Of Essences. The writer of this ar

nobody knows what,” under the title seasonable time to prepare this ticle has witnessed for eight days valuable medicine, but to recom- past an obstinate and dangerous case mend its usefulness, particularly of delirium, arising from a young

feamongst children afflicted with male taking a quantity of essence, bowel complaints--a feeling mo- tabeled, "10 gain love and friend

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ship,” from a man who calls himself and enjoyment; secondly, that the Dr. Cobb, who told ber if she drank attaioment of this blessing is the bait, it would only animate ber, with- sis of all rational and prosperous out producing any otber effect.

Dover Gazette. education; and thirdly, that all this

is very practicable. BOSTON, TUESDAY, MAY 29, 1827.

This extensive field of labor, when

ever it shall be duly cultivated, will OURSELVES AND OUR CHILDREN. yield a richer abundance of good

So locg as our feelings and enjoy- fruits than bas ever yet been gathments are affected by heal, cold, at- ered, or by many, even thought to mospheric changes, and other patu- be possible. We do not wish, how. ral causes, to whose agency we are ever, to be enthusiastic on this subconstantly exposed, so long men will ject, but choose rather to confine our saturally speculate and act in refer- expectations of improvement to the ence to subjects connected with demonstrations of actual experiment. health ; and their efforts to secure That education, generally speaking, their physical wellbeing will be more has at no time, or in any country, or less successful in proportion to been what it is now known it might their acquaiotance with the causes be rendered, is a fact which no inof disease, and with the means of telligent individual will hesitate to avoiding these, or of counteracting admit, who is acquainted with the their effects. This information is effects produced in the gymnastic pot only valuable, but attainable, and schools which have been recently should constitute a part of general established in Europe. These instieducation. Every man, in ordinary tutions are none of them old, and circumstances, should be able to take are doubtless susceptible of still pearcare of himself; this would not only er approaches to perfection. They prevent much suffering, but much have, however, already accomplishexpense and loss of time ; many in- ed so much more than any other in. terruptions of business and pleasure, stitutions in which the influence of -of noble pursuits, of cheering the body and the value of its cultihopes, and the dearest realities.- vation are not distinctly recogoized, Many other species of knowledge, that they promise more for the adwhich are sought with ardor and vancement of society, than any other perseverance, are, in comparison preceding sources of improvement. with this, of little or no wortb. In To give the animal mechanism the pursuit, they confer nothing worth estimation it deserves in the compopossessing, and lead to nothing de- sition of the human being; to point sirable in the result.

out and facilitate the means of exerTo succeed in this enterprize, it cising and unfolding its various or is only requisite that men should feel gans and properties, and of preserythe conviction that a wellformed, ing these through life in a state of sound, and vigorous body, lays at the soundness, vigor, and activity, are foundation of every earthly privilege now beginning to receive something

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of that primary attention to which a better knowledge of the human they can never cease to be entitled. being shall prevail, and the means

Whatever known causes can im- of making him happy shall be dis. pair or destroy the health of the in- tinctly perceived, every institutor and dividual, or of the community, it will projector while locating and erecting be one object of this paper to point his schoolhouse and college, will feel out, and to make koowo the me. it to be no less their duty and interthods of avoiding, lessening, or re- est to provide light for the eye, pure moving them. It also comes within air for the lungs, and sufficient space the plan of the editor to notice, from for exercising the muscles, nerves, time to time, such popular errors, and senses, than they will to pretheoretical and practical, in

and practical, in the pare for their pupils--books, forms, treatment of diseases, as are inces. benches, apparatus and teachers, santly doing much mischief in society. because the former are quite as ne.

We had proceeded thus far some cessary and beneficial as the latter. months ago, and of course before we As a common instance of the absurhad the pleasure of reading the ar. dity and incongruity which still preticle on Physical Education in the vail on this subject, let us turn our last number of the American Journal attention, for a moment, to the Pubof Education. This article is wor. lic Latio School in this city, The thy of the subject it treats, and of building is situated in the midst of a the excellent publication in which it crowded, noisy, and busy part of the appears. We do not renew this sub- town, where every foot of earth ject today because it will bring to would sell for three dollars or more. our readers the charm of novelty, lo the intervals of recess, the boys without which so many fastidious are very properly forbidden to go readers of the present day cannot into the street, where the passing consent to be charmed at all, but multitude are not disposed to be because we deem it important to turned out of their course by one or keep it continually before the pub- two hundred of capering boys, intent lic till our legislators, school com- only on their own amusement, and mittees, parents, and teachers, shall who in this state of action and exunite and cooperate in head, heart, citement, would be little less likely and band, till the improvement aim to run down a lady than a pig would ed at shall be fully accomplished. be in the city of New York. If they

All the defects in the management go into the yard, which is exceedof children and young persons, men ingly narrow and restricted, the more tioned in the article of the Journal quiet and orderly are subjected to of Education, arise from causes of the tricks and annoyances of their longstanding, and which have gained more turbulent and mischievous comstrength from time and usage ; let it rades. And wbile thus cooped up be the glory, then, of the present during the periods assigned for regeneration, to detect, expose and freshment and recreation, they are eradicate them. From the day that compelled te breathe an atmosphere

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