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rises to the surface, which must be taken blank verse, in Sweden, this production off and preserved. The cloth intended cannot fail of adding to the reputation to be black, mutt be printed with this of the autbor, who has acquired the fcum, and then dyed; after which it is to elieem of his country, as well by his virbe patied through Time water, which tues as his talents: he intends to proceed changes the printed figures to a full and with a trautlation of the Eclogues and permanent black.

Georgics. Mr. lloRNBLOwer, of Featherstone

GERMANY. itreet, City-road, has fo modified the At the meeting of the Royal Academy construction of the fire engine, as to of Sciences, at Berlin, in honour of the render it a valuable acquitition to thofe, King's birth-day, the perpetual secretary, who are under any apprehentions of ac- after announcing the prizes for the year, cidents by fire. It stands in the compals and the questions proposed for the next, of fourteen inches Square, and two feet declared the following gentlemen foreign high, and may be carried from one room members, viz. M. Cuvier, member of the to another with ease.

Imperial Institute of France; Sir Jofeph RUSSIA.

Banks, president of the Royal Society of M. DE KRUSENSTERN, being returned London; M. Von Göthe, privy countellor from his voyage round the world, is now of the Duke of Weimar; M. Zoega, agent about to prepare his account for the of the King of Denmark at Rome, and press. He will be aflitted by a comunittee author of various excellent works on anof the Imperial Academy of Sciences, in tiquities; and M. Hindenburg, professor verifying the astronomical observations. at Leipfic. All the drawings brought home by that Never did the memory of Luther receive celebrated navigator will be placed in such universal homage, as it has done, the hands of the most skilful engravers. within twelve months. Belides the grand An engagement has been made with a Drama,of wbich he is the hero, and which London bookseller for an English edition,' has been acted with prodigious applaule

at the Theatre Royal, Berlin, M. KlixSome years ago, several Swedish na- GEMANN, has jusi performed at MagdeCurulifts formed a Society for the purpose bury, a 'tragedy in fix acts, entitled, of 'giving a complete account of the Bo- « Martin Luther". tany of their native country. Forty-lix The state of public talte for the Thenumbers of this work have already ap- atre in different towns of Germany, may peared, each containing a coloured en- be partly inferred from the profits of be graving, of four or five plants, with their nefits lately given in favour of the heirs names, in the principal languages of Eu- of Schiller: at Riga, a city of thirty. rope, and a fhort and luminous defcrip- five thousand inhabitants, the receipt was tion, in Swedish. The Editors of this one thousand eight hundred Aorins; at work have began another work on the Hamburgh, a city of eleven thousand infame plan, relative to the Zoology of habitants, eight hundred florins; at BerSweden, of which the first Number has lin, a city of one hundred and lixty thoualready appeared. Mr. WERTRING, has fand inhabitants, the receipt was nearly lately published a very curious work on five thousand forins. Lichens ; in which he gives an exact de- Mr. E. KULESAR has obtained per scription of each species, and indicates, million to publish a literary Gazette, in its usc in inedicine and domestic econo- the Hungarian language, at Pelth, er my, and particularly the mode of ex- tirely devoted to the literati of Hungary. tracting colours from them for the purpołe Another literary and political Gazette of dying Silk and Wool. The Plates in the Hungarian language, is published accompanying this work, which does at Vienna, under the title of * Magyar bonour to Sweden, represents, 1lt. The Kurir," or Hungarian Courier. Many moffes of the class of Lichens, engraved other works on theology, ethics, educa. and coloured, after nature; and 2d. the tion, &c. and even fonie novels, in the various colour which they communicate Hungarian, have lately illued froin the to cloth in the process of dying.

presles of Pesth. M. Dr ADLERBETU, Author of fome Schretir, the astronomer, has determuch elteemed Tragedies, is now pub- mined, that the highest of three mountruns lishing a translation of the Æneid, in which he has measured in the moon, is Swedib hexameter. verle. Notwith nine-tenths of a geographical mile in standing the prevailing prejudice against height.



upon the


The system of Gall is now ridiculed The sculptor intends making a copy of thoughout Germany, and he was unable the liatue in bronze. iu procure an auditory at any of the A decree of the viceroy, PRINCE EU

es where he lately attempted to de- CENE, contains the toilowing regulations : Iner kictures.

There hall be in future no centurihip for

works or journalprinted in the kingdom M. TULNADU protetor in the college of Italy. The bureau of revition, to which of truelas discovered in bile a face this duty was committed, is fuppreited. charnie baltit, tar exittence of ubich Authors are ripontible for their works, land beun bihurto only infpecied, and the and it their names are not affixed, then, property of which is to bold the vil ut' the the respontibility falls printers. Like in folution,

All anthors or printers are required, on M. SFCUN has found that coffee is the very day their works or journals are corporiad oot albumen, oil, a particular tirlì exposed for sale, to fend four copies fabitince which he calls the bitter prin-. to the inimitter of the interior, who, after ciple, and a gred matter, which is a previous examination Ball deposit one in Combination of the aibumen and bitter the library of the University of Bologna, principle. Roaring increales the pro- another in that of the Univerfity of Padua, portion of bilter principle, by de troying the third in the Univerlity of Pavia, and thubuncis. Thic oil extracted from cof- the fourth in the library of Breva at Mia fre 15 modurous, congelable, and white lan. To repreis fuch misdemeanors as like log'slurd. Farther experiments on night be committed by the abufe of the other vegetables prove that albumen and liberty of the preis, a bureau, entitled the the bitter principle are found in moli of Bureau of the Liberty of the Preis, is eftathule ibich he has exainined. He con- blished under the direction of the minila cludes that albunnen, whether vegetable ,ter of the interior. or animal, is the true fermeni, that it is found in three different degrees of info- In the Statistical Tables of the United lubility and difpofitions of becoming fi- States of America, publithed in 1805, the brous ; :bat the more it is foluble, the progress. of population, commerce, and Dvore energetic its action; that the re- industry, in the year previous to the war pective proportions of albumon and live in 1803, is thus stated : gar, in the different juices are what de

in 1774 In 1805 tcrioines the vinous or acetic nature of Number of inhabitthe produce of the termentation. ants, incluing llaves 2,486,000 6,980,000

V. Le Grage has recently examined Capable of bearing the lubilance called tanning the charac

421,300 1,100,000 ter of which is to form with gelatine au


13,000 00,000 infuluble compound; he tinds in it an af

Value of goods ex

ported, in piafters 6,100,000 95,566,011 limity for alkalies, the earths, and metallic ovdes and the faculty of converting

Average price of day-


15d. atklimto gallic acid by absorbing oxygen. Average price of a 1. Azt ne bas publithed a Differtation bushel of wheat


264. on the Origin of the Compass, with a view Expences, civil lift, to prove that the French were the first and incidents, piwho made use of it. It was, he favs,

400,458 60-1,795 kuonn in France fo early as the twelfth Eitimated quantity century, under the name of marinière; of circulating coin and was used under the reign of Lewis in piatters 4,000,000 18,000,000 IX. Bija d'Amalti, who is said to be the Bank-lecurities in Inventor, lived not earlier than about the


2,000,000 15,000,000 Number ut baoks

3 Ser 1300. The flower-de-lis has cer

Funded Dcut in tainly been adopted in all countries for

1784 . the compafs.

. 79,937,301 97,232,000

Noah WEBSTER, Eiq. author of feveThe celebrated Canova has just finish- ral valuable works, has lately published ar at Rome a marbleftatue of Hebé which at Philadelphia a compendious Dictionlurites all bis oilier works. The upper ary of the English Language, in which part of the goddess is reprefented naked, tive thoufundi words are added to the the rest of her body is covered with a

number found in the bei English Dire drapery of the mori exquitite lightness. tionary; the orthography is, in sine in

he is represented as performing the of stances allered, and 'the delinitions of frt of cup-bearer at the table of the gods. maly worris varied, MuxTULY Maca No. 155.





M m

The Use of all Neu Prints, and Communications of Articles of Intelligence

are requejled.

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BRITISH GALLERY, PALL-VALL. The Right Hon. James Shaw, Lord Magos, and W. E are liappy to see that several of one of ibe Representatives in Parliament for

our nobles and distinguished ama- the City of London. J. Heppner pinxit, teurs have evinced their love of the fue 7. H. Meyer fculpt. arts, by becoming purchaters of the pro

The general will which it has been duétious here exhibited, viz. Lady Lucas, said the people of this country hare for Lord Dartmouth, Viscount Aihbrook, the portraits of those who may be denoLord G. L. Gower, Lord Boringdon, minated public characters, mult give to Lord Kinnaird, Lord Ribblesdale, Right the portrait of a gentleman, who united Hon. C. Long, the Hon. Mr. Maule, to the otlice of chief magiftrate that of M. P. the Ilon. Thomas Brand, Sir being one of the representatives for the Abrain Hunie, B:irt. Sir 0. Motley, Ál. P. city of London, the chance of exciting a General Grenville, J. A. Wright, Esq. double portion of intereft. If we add, M. P. Thomas Hope, Esq. I. F. Lovedin, that the print is said to be a strong refeunEfq. M, P. William Chamberlayne, Efc blance to the original, and extremely and, above all, the Marquis of Stafford well engraved in inezzotinto, that intereit has already purchased fitteen of the pro

will probably be encreased. ductions now cahibiting. Among these Argelini Catalini. Huet Villiers pinxi. are the picture of Christ appearing to Cardon, Fitzroy-square, engraver sed from Mary Magdalen, by Wetiall; the Beli- lisher. farius, by Opie; the Cottage-Girl and It, on the principle which we fuggested St. Peter, by Shee; the Flower-Piece, in our last article, the print of their firit by Hlewlet, and for this performance we magiitrate excited the attention of the are told he paid 400 guineas. It is, in- citizens of London, who thall attempt to deed, considered as the chet d'autre of calculate the eagerness with which the the English school in this branch of the amateurs of mining and crotchets, wait arts.

of Temple Bar, will conteinplate the North-Wifi View of the Cathedral Chursb of portrait of lo distinguished a perfonae

Peterborough, dedicated to the Rigbo Reverend as Signora Caialini Conscious as **
Spencer Medan, D. D Lord Bijbp, ard the are that the acknowledgment muft, in the
Reverend tbe Dean, by yokn Buckler, dele eyes of a great mulcituie of perfons of
Engraved by F. C. and G. Lesvis.

honour and people of fashion, produce a The above forms a part of Mr. Buck- violent suipicion of our talte, and excite ler's series of Fnglifi cathedrals; the astonihment at our want of curiolity, former part of which we noticed with yet, notwithstanding all this, we have the praise to which it was fo well enti- pot yet feen this paragon of the musical tled, and this print is at leati equal to world. If he is as bandome as this any 'which preceded it. It is accurate, portrait, the is an exquisitely beatiful the perspective and general effect is strik-- woman; and the print is very fuely exing and imprelive; and we thould ima- graved in the chalk manner. gine the whole feries must among our Studies from Nature, painted, engraved, ecclefiaftics particularly) excite fuch ag

published by 7. Ward, Painter and Engraver interest as to produce a very liberal fub

in bis Royal Highat's the Prince of Walen, scriptiou to the proprietor.

Soutb. Eaft Vieru of Queen's College, Oxford. These studies are evidently what they

Dedicated tasbe kev. Seprimts Cellingen, D.D. allupe, to be, fion nature, and.comilt
Provost, and tbe Society of the Mucen's Co lege, of the beads of a variety of animals

, Oxford, by 1. Buckler.

goats, ducks, fowls, chickens, &c. &c. The above print does great honour to They are fpirited, and may be very affthe artiit; and we have been told, that a ful to those for whom they are intended. the manner in which the expence of it Ball dogs Badger, from a Cahiest Pere was paid does great honour to the rever

in the left of R. Sarria, Eja Nels cud provoil

, who, insteal a promoting pinx.; Esarium sculpt. Published by Laurie a subscription among the sessiely, very and Winke. libcrally detrayed the wlnle expencc lima The ananals are fpirited and characfelt.

teritic, and the painter luas been ängs

larly fuccessful in marking the barks, &c. headed by the miller playing tipon lys of love old trees, in which he has evi- pipe, under the guidance of Ilarry Baillie olently and very brazpily imitated Wy- the huft; who, as matter of the cereinoouts, not with the servility, of one nies, is reprefented on horteback itandpainter copying another, but both have ing in his ftirrups, in the act of coinlooked at nature with the same eye, and manding attention to his propulal vi through the fane medium.

drawing lots to determine which of the A View of Culege Green, Dublin; taken from company thall tell the first tale. Near hear sle Provifi's Huse, Grafron fireet. On

to bim is a line of five characters: the the right is Trinity College; middie ground, knight; his fon, the young fquire; the the Vateral Bank (formerly the Parliamene Franklin, or country gentleman; the ferHoop), in the ea fide of which are the jeant at Jaw; the merchant, and the Porrico ef and Entrance mto tie House of doctor of phyfic. The Iquire is mounted Lords Drawn by Roberts, engraved by on a white horie near the knight, and Buck, and publised by R. Ackermann.

betwixt thete two figures is seen the 'To the well-known ferics of ancient Reve.' Close behind the fiuire, liis yeoentices by Piranezi, fo defervedly ad- man advances, habited in green. The Tutuld by all lovers of the arts, there is front of the next groupe is alto composed ose infurinoguluble objection : in the of five characters: the lady abbels, her deliveator's zeal tu give waynitude and nun, the nun's priett, the good parton, importance to his buildings, he fuuk his and his brother the ploughman. The figure: to pigmies, and thus rendered it figures inmediately behind the lady abe impollible to estimate the real cxtent of bets are the thipinan, the Oxford scholar, his fuperb edilices, or form any judget the manciple, and (though latt mentionof the relative interiority of his leis im- ed, not least in regard) Sir Ceofrey Challportant buildings in his other prints. In cer, copied from the picture in the Britith this refpect, the views of Dublin taken Mufcum, painted by Thomas Occkeve, by Mr. Roberts have a decided luperi- who, being one of the poet's scholars, ority. Of the former part of this series has, it may be fairly prefumed, left: we ipoke with high respect, but the print correct resemblance of his matter. Every now before us, which is in colours, is attention has been paid to the ancient fuperior to any that preceded it, and costume of this country; and it is thought untes rigid fidelity with the most pic. by very competent judges, that in the turesque efect. It is ottimirably engrav- whole, antiquarian exaćeness bas bee!, in ed, and has a broad and striking effect; an eminent degree, combined with pico the figures are numerous and busy, ap- turefque effect. propriate to the place, and characteristic The admirers of fine fpirited engrave of the people,

ing are so weli acquainted with the tile Belides the above, Mr. Ackermann has lents of Mr. Bronnley, that it is not nepullilled No. 5 of the Rudiments of ceffary to adı what may be fairly expectTrees; and Everal very whimical cari- er from his burin. The print is to be of the cature prints, fome of iliem rclative to tame lize as the picture, concerning Bonaparte: of one of them, entitled a which we last month inade a mistake: it Chorocteri/tic Delign for his Arms, we is three teet one inch long, and ten and intend, when room adınits, to give a a half inches high. The price of the brief description.

priit will be three guineas ; proot' inSince the publication of our last Re- preffions, tis ghineas : une half to be paid , trufpect, we have ayun feen Ir. Scoti on iubfcribing, and the prints delivered art's beautitul cabinet-perture of the in the order which they are subscribed Preceffius of Chaucer's Pilgrins tv Con- for. terbury, and it improves ou a iecond in- Mr. Knight, of llammerfinith, in conipection.

fequence orthonery tlattering reception The scene of the picture is lid in that given to his engraving ur the late Lord part of the road to Canterbury which Nelson, from the marble butt of the Ilon. coumaods a view of the Dulwich bills; Mrs. Damer, meaus to engrave by lubthe time, a beautiful and lerene April fcription a Print of the late Right Ilon. morning. The interest of the procellin IFui: Pitt, dedicated by gracious is considerably heightened by the cheer- tion to the King; alliu, Print of the fulacis of the accompanying landscape, lute Right Hon. C. J. 1'., dedicated by The pilgruns, with a proper regard to permillion to lord Holland; trom the their respective characters, and in the bulla esecuted by Mollekens, liel, unter 11 wlach Clwucer deferibes ther, The prints will be eugraved the tize u


live, life, are intended as companions to the which fome years fince was exhibited at abore print of Lord Nelton, and may be the Royal Academy, and latt year at the fubicribed for separate.

British Gallery. We have been told that Proot imprellions of each portrait, two W. Chamberlaine, Esq. of Setley Ab guineas; prints, one guinea. Half to be bey, Southampton, was the purchialer at paid at the time of lubfcribing, and the 1000 guineas. remainder upon the delivery of the prints, Of Tome of the former specimens of which will be published in January 1808. Polyautography, contiiting of impreilions

In a country where so much monu- taken froni original drawings made on mental respect is paid to departed genius, tione, we liave confidently fad the art is the admirers of the fine arts have long in the way of being rapidly nuch inregretted that no memorial, except his prosed, and becoming more popular. own works, was raised to the inemory of We are much gratified to fee purt of our Sir Jonua Reynolds. Those who pro- expectation realized, in an additional perly appreciated this talents and talie, number which Mr. Vallweiler has pubwill be pleased to bear that Flaxman has lithel, and which is in fome respcets firnearly finished the five monument which perior to any that have preceded it. the Marquis of Thoinond proposes to Au Historical Painting, by Mr. Weftall erect to his memory.

of the Royal Academy, from the MonoNoLlehenS has disposed of his beau- dy of Cuthbert Shaw, is now exhibiting tiful ftatue of Venus taking off her Sandal, at No. 20, Lower Brook-lireet.


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REPORT OF DISEASES, In the public and privale Practice of one of the Physicians of the Finfiery Difpenfarw,

from the 20th of Februrry to the 20th of March, MORBI Cutanei

of the disease ; which latter is, by thcle Rheumatismus acutus

means, likely to be rendered full more Paralysis

inveterate, and radically destructive. The Phthisis Febris Intermittens Tertiana

Reporter has not long since observed feFebris intermittens Quotidiana

veral instances in which fimple ablution Scarlatina

has appeared to answer the delired purEnteritis

i pofe, after a variety of compound and Catarrhus


artificial unctions had been in vain ape Tuflis

10 plied. Perhaps there is not a better reDyspnea

5 cipe in the pharmacopara for luch cales Ascites

than is to be found in one of thc periDiarrhea

odical papers of the World: Dyspepsia

13 “ Take of fair clear water, quantum Scrofuta

6 jufficit, put it into a clean carthen or Menorrhagia

4 china balon, then take a clean lien Amenorrhea

cloth, dip it in that water, and apply il Leucorrhea

6 Mania...

to the part affected night and morning, Scorbutus

or ottener as occalion may require.". Epileplia

The head is apt to be particularly af Chorea

fected by the reprethon of cutaneous Hemorrhois

eruptions, on which account, intiead of Morbi Infantiles

% checking, it may fometimes be more fafe Affections of the skin' hold a confpicu- and expedient to encourage, rather their ous rank in the above catalogue ; but it continuance and further extention. The ought to be considered that there is Reporter, however, is not precisely of the Icarcely any affection, ftriétly and exclu- opinion of those who cowlider plóra and fively cutaneous, it being for the mult other analogous compluints, as remedial part an Index of a depraved state of the and falutary disorders. general habit, and, of course, to be re- Consumption, or what is regarded as inoved by internal and general, not by such, tiill continues to occur in a number fuperficial and partial,applications. Much disproportionute to that of other diicntes. injury is often done by unguents and The lcmblance, however, is much more Intions, which remove njerely the exter- frequent than the reality. There is hat appearance, not the interior exuieuce, scarcely one fymptom attending pothits



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