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a martyr to his cause, his entrails or bowels falling out of his fundament, as Judas is inen. tioned in the Acts, who, in the same cause, suffered nearly a similar martyrdom, his bowels gushing out. This grand effort of Arius and the reformation against the commencement and bringing in of popery. For it is upon this tenet our protestant religion is founded, that in 300 years after Christ, whole Christendom changed into popery. This is the faith of our reformation. Taking this for granted, you Calvinists have great merit; it is allowed by all that the reign of the Arians was the most formidable and lasting against popery, computed at 400 years, upon the heel of which you made another strong fort against the images called the Iconoclast Herefy, which was for. midable, and continued 120 years; and many other hard battles, in different ages, you have risqued against popery. In our present contest we place you as our body-guard and weapon of violence or flaming sword that guarded paradise,

Calv. I am tortured with excruciating pain and must retire. Returns to the privy.

Mof. Poor Calvin ; he looks ghaftly.

Luth. You must know it is an essential article which in their spiritual warfare never to overpow. er or stifle the rule of the spirit. To keep up this liberty of spirit, when they find the flesh tur. bulent and refractory, to dispel these mists they with an impetuous zeal glut the carnal man, to restore vigour and harmony to the spiritual man; he was roured throngh this zeal, at dinner, being from Scotland, at a haggess made of boar's entrails, which conflict I thought would have been of a very alarming nature; it is happy the matter operates medicinally, and will ter: minate in a long series of health.

Mof. By this Calvinian tenet you don't mean that they hold it lawful to offend against the commandments or any other wickedness.

Luth. The firm they place their tenet on, there is no created fin, consequently all things pure and lawful, and requisite, when oppressive, to be allayed. This is the medicine nature has pointed out to invigorate and renew the inward man; for, though in fleshly tabernacles, yet, not fleshly but spiritually, as the lives of angels.

Mof. I do not understand that a beast can be an angel.

Luib. They pride themselves upon their new Sion, mentioned in the Revelations.

Mof. Which Spiritualist's, Wickedness?

Luib. That shall be discussed at our next. I am as a person on travel, cut and devoured by mad cats. Help, help, help. I faint. Oh, dispatch-Quick-it's all over.

Mof. What is all this? I am stified with the abominable swine stench that issues from these enormous gluttons. I am filled with what I qever eat, and this in its excremental and pu. trid state. Take him hence, or I shall never recover my breath. I also faint. Remove me into the air. Moses faints, In this plight the first day's conference was ended.

Moses fainalo faint. R

first day's

Second CONFERENCE. Mellrs. Luther and Calvin to Mr. Mofes, greet

ing, pray a second conference this day at fix

o'clock this evening precisely. Mr. Moses declines evening meetings in future ;

but, if required, will not refuse to meet before dinner. Suppose at ten to-morrow. Agreed. Luth & Calv. W E give you joy, Mr. Moses,

VV we hope our medicine has operated the desired effect.

Mof. A diabolical effect, a baneful medicine and disorder, swines flesh and gluttony. Wickedness,

Calv. Wickedness to you, but purity to me.

Luth. You cannot change gluttony into purity. Mos. Pork and gluttony are deadly poison.

Calv. To a Jew or carnal man, I grant you; but to a spiritual member all things are lawful.

Mof. Is this your reformed spirit of the latter times? A blessed reformation.

Luth. We bear a part in the reformation, but decline the extremes.

Calv. We have ever branded you bastards.
Mof. You are very pleasant.
Calv. How sweet are thy tidings, O Sion !

Mof. Doth your Sion grant you these privileges?

Calv. New Jerusalem is come down from heaven and dwelleth amongst men.

Mof. This cannot be the fume of your laft night's supper

Calv. There are words of the spirit which carnal men cannot understand; however, I will endeavour to hold forth a carnal fimilitude.“ If fo be you may efpy through the veil placed before the eyes of every Ifraelite or Child of Moses, otherwise you never would have crucified the Lord of Glory.

Mof. I will condemn you by your own confession. You say, through ignorance, Israel crucified her Lord. If, through ignorance, we are excused from disobedience and malice, it was, therefore, innocently done. On your side of the question you acknowledge this Lord of Glory, yet you exert every means that is poffible for the heart, and invention of man to invent, to oppose, villify, contradict, and put to shame, destroy and annihilate both him and his church; confounding his precepts by va.. rious blasphemies, and has for upwards of two centuries raised the most unheard-of persecution, and every defamation againg his church; at another time own her purity and perpetuity, and that her decisions, or creeds, are of the faine nature and authority with the other scrip, tures. By this rebellious, envious, and untoward spirit, the many persuasions, oppositions, hatreds, contradictions, impieties, straining the scriptue text to favour what it condemns and numberless materials of this sort to raise a fabric which you call the Reformed Church ; I say, by such madness and folly you have brought on yourselves the ridicule and laughter of every perion, even the illiterate, of what religion or denomination foever; and this eyer

broughty perion, cvation foever


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has, and ever will be, the wages of folly and non-existence.

Calv. What mean you by non-existence ?

Mof. I mean vacuity that admits no sub. stance,

Calv. You then terminate our reformation in nothing?

Maf. Reason and common sense grants this.

Luth. & Calv. You have advanced a matter we deny.

Mof. I should not wonder if you denied your own existence, which many wish.

Luth. & Calu. That the christian creeds are popery ?

Mof. You have not the veil over your eyes not to see what is clear to an ideot.

Luth. I hope our forefathers have not been guilty of this abomination.

Calv. We were weary and looked two ways.

Luth. We endeavoured to guard in like sort to scratch both you and the papist.

Calv. You will be Efau's Teed, as Jews.

Luth. The creeds are christian and not popish. .: Mof. All your fathers and church historians

grant that christendom, or church of Christ, three years after the nativity of Christ, became popish, after which period, two of the creeds, Nice and Athanasian, by the general council of Nice, and soon after by Athanafius and a coun. cil held by him set forth. It is in vain to except against this truth.

Luth. You lay things before us that are not lawful for us to consider,

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