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Machinists' Tools.

Bolen, Crane & Co Newark, N. J..

) Page 62 160

158 30

142 38

168 64

Buffalo Machinery Agency Buffalo, N. Y..

Geo. Worthington & Co Cleveland, Ohio....,

Isaac H. Shearman Philadelphia, Pa..

L. W. Pond Worcester, Mass....

Nelson Tool Works New York

The Pratt & Whitney Co Hartford, Conn....

Thorne, De Haven & Co Philadelphia, Pa...

Wm. B. Bement & Son ""..

Wm. Sellers & Co "".

Malleable Iron Castings and Fittings.

Crane Bros. Manufacturing Co Chicago, 111 See Page 230

Phelps & Sanger Cleveland, Ohio "120

Manufacturers Agents.

Winans & Co ...New York See Page 106

Marine Forglngs.

De Laney & Co Buffalo, N. Y See Page 98

Marking Cards.

W. W. Wilcox Chicago, 111 See Page 190

Masons' Tools.

England & Bindley Pittsburgh, Pa Sea Page 162

Mathematical Instruments.

F. Eckel New York See Page 76

F. S. Pease Buffalo, N. Y "100

Kuebler & Seelhorst Philadelphia, Pa "216

Wm. J. Young & Sods "" "138


Hermann Boker & Co New York See Pages 152,154


Hermann Boker & Co New York ....See Pages 152,154

Nelson Tool Works "" See Page 30


Feet of Board Measure to One Running Foot of Board.

(See application at head of table.)


Geo. H. Bliss & Co.,

41 Third Avenue, Chicago, 111.,





Instruments, Cables and Gutta Percha Wire,

Instrument Fixtures, Magnet Wire,

Batteries and Utensils, Office Wire,

Chemicals, Office Fixtures,

Galvanometers, Telegraph Poles,

Line Material, Medical Apparatus,

Repairers' Tools, Electric Bells.




..See Page 76

Measuring Tapes.

F. Eckel New York

Mechanics' Tools.

Newcomb Bro's Sons..... New York See Page

Medical Apparatus—Electrical and Gutta Percha.

Bishop Gutta Percha Works New York See Page 34

Charles T. Chester.
Leclanche Battery Co

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When all the dimensions are in feet.
Length multiplied by square of % m'an girth equal cubic fo«t.

When length in feet, girth in inches.
Multiply as above, an! divide by 144.

When all dimensions are in inehes Multiply as above, and divide by 1728.


When all dimensions are in feet.
Length multiplied by breadth multiplied by depth, equal cubic f«Mt,

When either dimensions are in inches.
Multiply as above, and divide by 12.

When any two of the dimensions are in inches. Multiply as above, and divide by 144.

Or use the following table as shown at foot of same*

[merged small][table]

Area corresponding to the A girth in inches multiplied by length in fe*t gives soliditv in feet and decftnal parts for either square or round timber.

In Round Timber tak« the mean girth. Square Timber take the side. Which i© practice corresponds with % of tne girtn °f Round Timber,


Merchant Iron.

Jno. A. Griswold & Co Troy, N. Y See Page 50

Jones & Laughlins ..Pittsburg, Pa "32

Pittsburgh Bolt Co " "118

Pittsburgh Forge & Iron Co " "174

Pratt &Co Buffalo, N. Y "132

Reese, Graff & Woods Pittsburg, Pa "68

Rogers & Co Chicago, 111 '• 144

Metal Blanks.

Mathiesen & Schrader New York See Page 82

W. W. Wilcox Chicago, 111 "190

Metal Cornices.

Hart, Ball & Hart FuiTalo, N. Y See Page 136

Noyes & Wines New York "264

Metallic Packing. A. Fulton's Son & Co .Pittsburgh, Pa... See Page 116

Metallic Paints.

Vose, Dinsmore & Co .. «.New York See Page 60

Jno. W. Masnry & Son " "214

Prince's Metallic Paint Co " "236


DuPJaine & Reeves ... Philadelphia See Page 102

Metals, Domestic and Imported.

Du Plaine & Reeves Philadelphia, Pa See Page 102

Tyng & Co New York "260


Terms Or Names. (Haswell.)

The Pitch Line of a wheel, is the ci qte upon which the pitch is measured, and it is the circumference by which the diameter, or the velocity of the wheel, is measured.

The Pitch 'is the arc of the ci cle of the pitch line, and ia determined by the number of the teeth in the wheel.

The True Pitch. (Chordial), or that by which the dimensions of the tooth of a vheel are alone determined, is a straigut line drawn from the centres of two contiguous teeth Upon the pito>'» line.

The Line of Cemres is the line between the centres of two wheels.

The Radius of a wheel is the semi-diame:er running to the periphery of a tooth.

Th" Pitch Radius is th« semi-diameter running to the pitch line.

A Mortice Wheel, is a wheel constructed for the reception of teeth or cogs, which are fitted into recesses or sockets upon the face of the wheel

A wheel which impels another is termed the Spur, Driver or Leader; the on impell d is the Pinion, Driven or Follower.

A s ries of wheels in conn ction with each Other is termed a Train.

When two wheels act upon one another, the greater is termed the Wheel, an the lesser the Pinion.

When a Pinion is driven by a wheel, the number of tf eth in the piniwn she•nH not be less than eight.

When a Wheel is driven by a pinion, the number of teeth in a pinion should not be less than ten.

The Number of teeth in the wheel should not be divisible by the number of teeth in the pinion without a remainder This is in order to prevent the gam a teeth coming together so often as to cause an irregular wear of their faces.

Proportion Of Teeth Of Wheels. (Molesworth.)

From pitch line to top of tooth = Pitch X 0.33

Total depth of teeth = Pitch X|U§

Thickness of tooth on pitch line = Pifc*h X $.45

Space between teeth on pitch line = Pitch X Q>55

Thickness of rim of wheel = Pitch X 0.45

Thickneis of arms if flat = Pitch X 0.45

Ordinary width of teeth in small pitches = Pitch X 2.

"" " large" = Pitch X 3,

Thickn ss round centre = Pitch X 1.3

Mortice wheels to be wider than iron wheels by twice the thickness of the rim or by pitch X 0.9; their rim to be double the thickness of that of iron wheel*.

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