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a're a

bar' gain



The area of the field is ten acres. a'cre

At its narrowest point, the English chan'nel Channel is twenty miles wide.

“Make every bargain clear and plain com plain' That none may afterwards complain.” bu'reau The caster under the bureau is broken.

2 scald reck'on slip'per

wrap'per e lect

re mark can'ker grippe pat’tern nalsal

no'ti fy gyp'sy scout

ex claim'

ci'pher court streak


3 en'trance 66 Beware of entrance to a quarrel.” tail'or The tailor will commence work upon com mence'


suit of clothes to-morrow. limp'ing “Next November limping, battered, bat'ter Now the goodly ships are shattered bat'tered

Far at sea on rock and reef.” reef

“ The cap of velvet could not hold tress'es The tresses of her hair of gold.” prac'tice

“ Practice makes perfect.' head'ache “ A crown is no cure for a headache." flung I flung a stone into the brook.

cu'ri ous

[blocks in formation]

pu'ri fy
pov'er ty
re lig'ion

4 “ Cleanse the fountain if you would purify the stream."

“I heard the thunder hoarsely laugh, Many fleets were strewn like chaff.”

The timbers creak under the heavy strain.

“If poverty is the mother of crime, want of sense is the father.”

“Religion is the best armor in the world, but the worst cloak.”

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ear'nest ef'fort pa'tri ot roam dean fa'mous knack rhyme en vel'op en vel'oped

5 6. Success follows earnest effort." “Such is the patriot's boast where'er

we roam, His first, best country, is his home.” 66 The dean was famous in his time, And had a kind of knack at rhyme.” “ Then high above the river's mist

appears an arc of light, A city sleeps, at either end enveloped

in the night.

reign pri'vate sta'tion buoy va' por north'ern gleam pau' per no'bod y ag'ile

6 The king reigns.

“ The post of honor is the private station.”

Buoys warn sailors of danger.
“ No clouds are in the morning sky,

The vapors hug the stream;

that life and love can die
In all this northern gleam ?
“He's only a pauper whom nobodyowns.”
The monkey is an agile animal.


7 beck'on 66 Time did beckon to the flowers, and cun'ning ly they with'er By noon most cunningly did steal away with'ered And withered in my hand.” shep'herd “ And every shepherd tells his tale haw'thorn Under the hawthorn in the dale." dale

“ Laziness travels so slowly that poverty overtakes him.”

The approach to the house is by a gentle ap proach' rise of ground. rise


la'zi ness

o ver take'

[blocks in formation]

ex cept' anx'ious cleanse

bi'cy cle en vellop knack

col'lege bus i'ness buoy pau'per

te'di ous reign gleam


cre ate

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scan'dal gos'sip ed'u cate gas'es flu'id noise'less

8 6 It takes two to create a scandal, one gossip to tell it, and one to listen to it.”

“Every man must educate himself.”

All liquids, air, and all gases are called fluids, because they flow.

6 With noiseless step, sweet memory comes.

“Spring has clad the grove in green." The house is vacant at present.

mem'o ry


clad va'cant



thresh shield gnash mix'ture

to bac'co car'ry ing taint bel'low ve'hi cle heav'y heav'i ly qui'et ly

men'tion wreck cor'net
ca nal'

lath'er bru'tal

ju'nior ex pense cam'phor sau'cer

ex cur'sion cush'ion bayo net sum'mit

10 “ Evil company is like tobacco smoke - you cannot be long in its presence without carrying away its taint.”

Do you hear the cattle bellow ?

“Our minds are like certain vehicles, - when they have little to carry, they make much noise about it; but when heavily loaded, they run quietly."

“I lie amid the goldenrod,
I love to see it lean and nod."
“ Never spur a willing horse."

a mid'



[blocks in formation]

aisle an'them tan'gle tan'gled de ceive' gild dis grace

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re tire

im pel'
im pelled'
se lect'

To the anthem of the free." “ Oh, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive."

“ A sunny temper gilds the edges of life's blackest clouds."

In disgrace, the thief retires to his hovel, to die.

The horse moves at a slow gait.
" In union, there is strength.”

“I feel impelled to select a few of
the little gems from this casket of

It is a pleasure to ride a horse that canters.

Health is better than wealth.
My aunt will knit a mitten.
The lady in the choir sings alto.

“For in the inn, there was no better room."

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