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poor finful worm, am made to feel. Were I denied the sweet enjoyment of his favour, my heart would be pained; I should faint and languish. Had I never 'tasted the precious benefit, I should never have known how good it is. But I know in whom I have believed; I know whom I have loved; and how do I long that my weary foul may rest in the bofom of his love! His benignity is better than life. I long to have a full draught of his love, or rather, to be overwhelmed in this unbounded ocean.

Abfence from him, whose favour has won my heart, is the sharpeft pain I now feel. O that the veil, which hides from me the bright vision of his face, were but once removed ! I long to see him as he is.

Since his love has warmed my oncefrozen breast, my heart is not my own; I have given my warmest affections to him, and cannot forbear to cry, “ When shall I come,


appear before God!"

Farewell, delusive world; my heart glows with an ardour which nothing beneath the sun could possibly inspire. The brightest things below the skies have no charms for me, in comparison with him who is the chiefest among ten thousands, and altogether lovely. The favour of the great, the riches of the wealthy, and the delights of the vain,



are mean and despicable things. When the light of God's countenance is lifted up upon me, I can look on this captivating world with disdain, and deem the mightiest monarch poor, who knows nothing of the favour of the King of kings.

How am I indebted to the riches of infinite love! The merciful Redeemer saw me, all wretched and forlorn, a helpless orphan, cast out in the open field, polluted in mine own blood, to the loathing of my person; he pitied my helpless case, took me up in his arms, cherished me in his bofom, washed me from my filthiness, adorned me with his comeliness, and said unto me, " I have loved thee with an everlasting love.” O how great is his mercy! I am now emboldened to claim a personal interest in his favour, and to say, " My beloved is mine, and I am his." His love is absolutely free. There was enough in me, to provoke his eternal abhorrence; but he hath mercy on whom, and because he will have mercy.

Affist me, ye celestial intelligences, ye angels of light, aslift me to admire and adore his love. Teach me, in strains like your own, to celebrate the height, the depth, the length and the breadth of redeeming grace.

The tokens of divine favour are sweet beyond expression. They banish the fears and disquietudes.


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of the pained heart; they alleviate the crosses and afli&tions of life, and brighten the horrors of death and the grave. Blest with the smiles of his face, who loved me, and gave himself for me, I can chearfully submit to every chastisement of his hand; knowing that whom the Lord loveth he chafteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. Welcome difease, welcome every pain, which indicates the speedy diffolution of this tabernacle, and portends the hour of my release from the burdens of the flesh. These breaches in the walls of my prison-house admit the rays of celestial light, and assure me, that my longing foul shall speedily gain her happy dismission, and fly to the bosom of her Saviour. Go on, O Lord, to accomplish in me all the good pleasure of thy goodness, and the work of faith with power. Let thy light shine brighter and brighter, unto the perfect day. Then farewell groans, and tears, and complaints ; fare. well darkness and eclipses of the Sun of righteousness; farewell glimmering hopes and gloomy fears; faith itself will then be turned into fight, and hope into everlasting fruition. Welcome ye pleasures which flow at God's right hand for evermore! When I partake of these I shall know, that " IN HIS FAVOUR IS LIFE!"



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1. Introductory remarks

II. What God's favour is, and what the life
which is enjoyed in it

III, In what respects the favour of God is life 41
IV. It is life to converted persons in various cir-

V. It is life to dying persons

VI. A more particular consideration of the life
which is in God's favour

VII. The subject applied by way of information 109
VIII. By way of conviction

IX. A farther address to the conscience of the

X. The subject improved by way of conviction
to the children of God

XI. Improvement of the subject by way of exa-


By way of instruction and

XIII. Concluding address to the objects of di-
vine favour

Sect. i. Of doubts and scruples respecting a
personal interest in it

• 230
ii. Of assurance of interest in the favour
of God

lii. The duty and privilege of those who

are satisfied respecting their interest in
the divine favour


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