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school-Elder Wm. Graw-religious awakening and fears renewed


The author enters as apprentice to a clock-maker-Mr. Ballou's visit

to the shop-conversation-engagement to study with Mr. Ballou-

scarcity of books on the doctrine-no periodicals-no commentaries

-an illiterate ministry-analogy of divine means to introduce spe-

·cial dispensations-first attempt to preach-renewed resolution-

Meetings in New Salem-accompanies Mr. Ballou to Mr. Babbit's

ordination, Jericho, Vt.-remains with Mr. Babbit, and itinerates in

that country-preaches in Mooretown, Bolton, Montpelier, Jericho,

Essex, and Westford-opposition-controversy—journey to Rutland

-visits Mr. Ferris, and Mr. Rich—Preaches in Hinesburg, New-Ha-

ven, and Salisbury-Engages to teach school-introduction to, and

conversation with an Episcopalian clergyman-return to Onion Riv-

er-visit to Mr. Ballou in Barnard-return to Salisbury, and com-

mences school-delivers a first funeral discourse at the burial of two

children in one grave-association with the Methodists-execration

from a Methodist preacher-preaches in Salisbury and adjacent

towns, and in Benson-controversy in the midst of a discourse-suc-

cess and prospects of the doctrine in Addison county.

• •


Author starts for the association-falls in company with Mr. Kneeland-

Mr. Kneeland's and Mr. Ballou's genius contrasted-Mr. Kneeland's

course, and anecdotes concerning him—the Convention-preachers'

names-Mr. Winchester's tomb-stone-number received into fellow-

ship-letter of fellowship—Noah Murray-Samuel Smith-confes-

sion of faith-visit to my native place-tour to Vermont-return to

Massachusetts-teaches school-tour to Vermont-preaches for Rev.

Thos. Fessenden-Congregationalist ministers in Walpole, Surrey,

Alstead and Charlestown Universalists suffering in body and mind
on return journey from Benson, Vt., to Williamsburg, Massachusetts

-Itinerating in Massachusetts-singular introduction at Oxford-
general Convention, 1804–Rev. John Murray-Mr. Palmer-modi-

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