An elementary manual of Roman antiquities

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Seite 16 - AE A Manual of Marine Engineering. Comprising the Designing, Construction and Working of Marine Machinery.
Seite 15 - A MANUAL OF APPLIED MECHANICS : Comprising the Principles of Statics and Cinematics, and Theory of Structures, Mechanism, and Machines. With Numerous Diagrams. Crown 8vo, cloth.
Seite 26 - EARTH DELINEATED WITH PEN AND PENCIL (The): an Illustrated Record of Voyages, Travels, and Adventures all round the World. Illustrated with more than two Hundred Engravings in the first style of Art, by the most eminent Artists, including several from the master-pencil of GusTAVE DORE.
Seite 15 - A MANUAL OF MACHINERY AND MILLWORK : Comprising the Geometry, Motions, Work, Strength, Construction, and Objects of Machines, &c. Illustrated with nearly 300 Woodcuts, Crown 8vo, cloth.
Seite 2 - The Christian Year. Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holy Days throughout the Year.
Seite 23 - An admirable introduction to the study of our English classics." WHATELY (Archbishop) : A TREATISE ON LOGIC. With Synopsis and Index. Crown 8vo. Cloth, 3/- The Original Edition.
Seite 16 - SHELTON-BEY (W. Vincent, Foreman to the Imperial Ottoman Gun Factories, Constantinople) : THE MECHANIC'S GUIDE : A Hand-Book for Engineers and Artizans. With Copious Tables and Valuable Recipes for Practical Use. Illustrated. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. Cloth, 7/6.
Seite 26 - D'AUBIGNE (Dr. Merle) : HISTORY OF THE REFORMATION. With the Author's latest additions and a new Preface. Many Woodcuts, and Twelve Engravings on Steel, illustrative of the Life of MARTIN LUTHER, after LABOUCHERE. In one large volume, demy 410. Elegantly bound in cloth...
Seite 7 - AITKEN (William, .MD, FRS): OUTLINE FIGURES OF THE TRUNK OF THE HUMAN BODY. On which to indicate the areas of physical signs in the Clinical Diagnosis of Disease. For the use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine.
Seite 29 - This elegant and interesting -Memoir... The newest, prettiest, and most readable sketch of the immortal Master of Music.

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