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Then in new song to thee
Will I exalt


voice: Then shall, O God, with me

My ten-string'd lute rejoyce. Rejoyce in him, I say,

Who royall right preserves, And saves from sword's decay

His David that him serves. O Lord, thy help extend,

And lift mee from this flood : Lett me thy hand defend

From hand of forrain brood; Whose mouth no mouth at all,

But forge of false entent,
Whereto their hand doth fall

As aptest instrument.
Soe then our sonnes shall grow

As plants of timely spring,
Whom soone to fairest shew

Their happy growth doth bring. As pillers both doe beare

And garnish kingly hall, Our daughters, straight and faire,

Each howse embellish shall. Our store shall ay bee full ;

Yea, shall such fullness finde, Though all from thence wee pull,

Yet more shall rest behinde: The millions of encrease

Shall breake the wonted fold; Yea, such the sheepy prease,

The streetes shall scantly hold. Our heards shall brave the best ;

Abroad no foes alarme;

At home to breake our rest,

No cry the voice of harme.
If blessed tearme I may,

On whom such blessings fall;
Then blessed, blessed they

Their God Jehova call.


Laudate Dominum. INHABITANTS of heav'nly land,

As loving subjectes praise your king : You that among them highest stand,

In highest notes Jehova sing.
Sing angells all, on carefull wing,

You that his heralds fly,

whom he doth soldiers bring In field his force to try. O praise him, sunne, the sea of light;

O praise him, moone, the light of sea; You pretie starrs in robe of night,

As spangles twinckling, do as they.
Thou spheare, within whose bosom play

The rest that earth emball;
You waters banck'd with starry bay;

O praise, O praise him all !
All these, I say, advaunce that name,

That doth eternall being show :
Who bidding, into forme and frame,

Not being yet, they all did grow :
All formed, framed, founded so,

Till ages uttmost date,
They place retaine, they order know,

They keepe their first estate.

When heav'n hath prais'd, praise earth anew :

You dragons first, her deepest guests;
Then soundlesse deepes, and what in you

Residing low, or moves, or rests.
You flames affrighting mortall brests;

You cloudes that stones do cast;
You feathery snowes from wynter's nests,

You vapors, sunnes appast.
You boisterous windes, whose breath fulfills

What in his word his will setts down :
Ambitious mountaines, curteous hills,

You trees that hills and mountaines crown:
Both you, that proud of native gown

Stand fresh and tall to see,
And you that have your more renown,

By what you beare, then be.
You beasts in woodes untam'd that range,

You that with men familier go,
You that your place by creeping change,

Or airy streames with feathers row.
You stately kings, you subjects low,

You lordes and judges all :
You others, whose distinctions shew

How sex or age may fall.
All these, I say, advaunce that name
More hygh then skies, more low then

And since, advaunced by the same,

You Jacob's sonnes stand cheefly bound,
You Jacob's sonnes be cheefe to sound

Your God Jehova's praise :
So fitts them well on whom is found
Such blisse he on you laies.





1st, The Desire of Knowledge; 2nd, The Motion of the Soul;

3rd, From Contempt of Death in the righteous ; 4th, From
Feur of Death in the wicked ; and 5th, From the General

Desire of Immortality.
Her onely end is neuer-ending blisse,

Which is th' eternall face of God to see;
Who last of ends, and first of causes is :

And to do this, she must eternall bee. How senselesse then, and dead a soule hath hee,

Which thinks his soule doth with his body dye ; Or thinks not so, but so would haue it bee,

That he might sinne with more securitie !
For though these light and vicious persons say,

“Our soule is but a smoke, or aiery blast, Which during life doth in her nostrils play,

And when we die, doth turne to wind at last :" Although they say, “Come, let vs eat and drinke;

Our life is but a sparke which quickly dyes :" Though thus they say, they know not what to

thinke, But in their minds ten thousand doubts arise. Therefore no heretikes desire to spread

Their light opinions, like these Epicures ; For so their staggering thoughts are comforted,

And other men's assent their doubt assures.

Yet though these men against their conscience

striue, There are some sparkles in their flintie breasts, Which cannot be extinct, but still reuiue; That, though they would, they cannot quite be

beasts. But whoso makes a mirror of his mind,

And doth with patience view himselfe therein, His soule's eternity shall cleerly find,

Though th' other beauties be defac't with sinne. First, in man's minde we find an appetite

To learne and know the truth of euerie thing, Which is connaturall and borne with it,

And from the Essence of the Soule doth spring. With this desire shee hath a natiue might

To find out euerie truth, if she had time; Th’ innumerable effectes to sort aright,

And by degrees from cause to cause to clime. But since our life so fast


doth slide, As doth a hungry eagle through the wind, Or as a ship transported with the tide,

Which in their passage leaue no print behind : Of which swift litle time so much we spend, While some few things we through the sense

do straine, That our short race of life is at an end,

Ere we the principles of skill attaine: Or God (which to vaine ends hath nothing done)

In vaine this appetite and pow'r hath giuen ; Or else our knowledge, which is here begon,

Hereafter must bee perfected in heauen. God neuer gave a pow'r to one whole kind,

But most part of that kinde did vse the same ;

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