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Our Perdita is found :

[Presents PERDITA.-HERMIONE catches her

in her Arms.
And with her found
A princely husband; whose instinct of royalty,
From under the low thatch where she was bred,
Took his untutor’d queen.

[PERDITA and Florizel kneel.
Her. You gods, look down,
And from your sacred phials pour your graces
Upon their princely beads!

Leon. Hark, hark! she speaks 0, pipe, through sixteen winters dumb! then deem'd Harsh as the raven's throat; now musical As nature's song, tun'd to the according spheres ! Her. My lord, my king, there's distance in those

names, My husband !

Leon. O, my Hermione !-have I desery'd
That tender name?-Be witness, holy powers,
If penitence may cleanse the soul from guilt,
Leontes' tears have wash'd his crimes away.
If thanks unfeign'd be all that you

Most bounteous gods, for happiness like mine,
Read in my heart, your mercy's not in vain! -
Her. No more, my best lov'd lord :- be all that's

pass'd Buried in this enfolding, and forgiven. Leon. Thou matchless saint !- Thou paragon of

virtue! Per. Thus let me bow, and kiss that honour'd

hand. Her. Thou, Perdita, my long-lost child, that fill'st My measure up of bliss,-tell me, mine own, Where hast thou been preserv’d? where liv’d? how

found Thy father's court? for thou shalt hear, that I,

Knowing by Paulina, that the oracle
Gave hope thou wast in being,-have preserv'd
Myself to see the issue.

Paul. There's time enough for that;
Lest they desire, upon this push, to trouble ,
Your joys with like relation. Go together,
You precious winners all; your exultation
Partake to every one: I, an old turtle,
Will wing me to some wither’d bough; and there
My mate, that's never to be found again,
Lament till I am lost.

Leon. No, no, Paulina ;
Live bless'd with blessing others.--My Polixenes-
What? Look upon my brother :-both your pardons,
That e'er I put between your holy looks
My ill suspicion.—Come, our good Camillo,
Now pay thy duty here: thy worth and honesty
Are richly noted, and here justified
By us, a pair of kings.-And, my best queen,
Again I give you this your son-in-law,
And son unto the king, by Heaven's directing
Long troth-plight to our daughter.

Per. I am all shame,
And ignorance itself, how to put on
This novel garment of gentility;
And yield a patch'd behaviour,
That ill becomes this presence :-I shall learn,
I trust I shall, with meekness :—but I feel
Ah, happy that I do!-a love, a heart,
Unalter'd to my prince, my Florizel.

Flo. Be still my queen of May, my shepherdess;
Rule in my heart; my wishes be thy subjects,
And harmless as thy sheep.

Leon. Now, good Paulina,
Lead us from hence; where we may leisurely
Each one demand, and answer to his part
Perform'd in this wide gap of time, since first

We were dissever'd:-
Then thank the righteous gods,
Who after tossing in a frightful storm,
Guide us to port, and cheerful beams display,
To gild the happy evening of our day.

(Exeunt omnes.


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