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our Saluation, shall be destroyed, in which Satan, his Angels, and wicked Agents and Instruments of his Kingdom shall be bound in Chains, and call into the lake of Fire and Brimfone, from whence they shall never be released, in which Death shall be no more, all the living shall become immortal,and thy Church be crowned and enter in Triumph into that magnificentCity, built with Gold, Pearls, and precious Stones, where thy Glory fall continue for ever to enlighten it and accomplish our Happiness. Othat I may now expect with Comfort and Joy,that blesed State, where we shall neither hunger nor thirst, but be advanced to the Condition and Perfection of Angels, be cloathed with Light and Glory,and being crowned with an eternalFelicity,rejoyce with the celestialsocieties of Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles, Confeffors, and Martyrs, and with all the Princes and Monarchs,who have lived and are departed in thy Fear and Favonr,and where we shall be admitted to the Vision of God, and be changed and satisfied with his divine Likeness. O Lord! grant that I may always have this glorious and bappy Day in myThoughts,when all thy Promises hall be fulfilled, all theWorks finished, and our Desires and Expectations fully accomplished. And because this time and Day is unknown to us give us, Grace to live always waiting for it, as if we were at the Eve of this eBernalsabbath, that our Lamps may be trimm'd provided, and burn with theoil of Faith,Hope, and Charity, and we ready and awakę at thy glorious appearing, cloathed with a Wedding-Garment, fit to enter with thee into eternal Blessedness. Grant us Grace to desire and look for this promised Redemption,long to hear the Sound of the last Trumpet, and behold thy coming in the Clouds of Heaven. O divine Saviour! that we may as. cend to meet thee and welcome thy glorious Appearance. O Lord, forgive our impatientWishes, and hajten that day for the Elects Sake. Come with thy powerful Angels, and tke Ministers of thy heavenly Court,to execute Justice on thine Enemies, and deliver thyServants. Come and put an End to this wickedworld, infe&ted withSin,and subject to Corruption andVanity, and

purge the Heavens and the Earth from all Pollution. Come and take Vengeance for the innocent Blood of thy Martyrs, shed by Antichrist and his cruel Agents ;

bind the Devils in Chains of darkness, and shut them up with Death for ever in the bottomless Pito Lord Jesus, have Pity on the Cries and sufferings of thy distressed People. Come and deliver them out of this cruelEgypt,out of this abominable Babylon,where they continue in Captivity. O mercifulLord ! is it not time that thou shauldest bring us to thy celestial Canaan? Give us to taste of the Milk and Honey of the inolt refined Joys and Comfort, and introduce us into thine holy Jerusalem, the City of Peace and everlasting Rest: Comne therefore end wipe away the Tears, and pop the crying of thine afflicted people. Take them out of this infamous Prison, open to them the Gates of thy magnificent Palace, cloath them with Light, and perfect thy Salvation and their Happiness. We have been a long while contending with our spiritual and temporal Enemies, in our tedious and troublesome Journey tho.? the World, and at a distance from thee; we now long to be nearer to thee, O wonderful Redeemer ! who haft accomplished all thy Works, and that of our Redeener by thy Blood and sufferings : perfe&t also, ws beseech then, that of our Glorification receive us and thy Church into thas compleat Felicity prepared for us from the Beginning of the World, and


parchased with thy precious Blood and sufferings. O merciful God! admit us to thatState were we have nothing to fear,nothing to desire, and nothing to wish for, but be always employed in praising thine infinite

Bounty and Mercy: Join ourVoices with the Anthems of the holy Angels, that with the Blessed Saints we may be able to say ; now is come Salva: tion and Strength, and the Kingdom of our God, and the Power of his Chrift, for Death is swallowed up in Victory, and the grand Accuser of our Brethren is fhut up in the bottomless Pit, which accused them before eur God Day and Night. And they have overcome him by the Blood of the Lamb, and have not loved their own Lives unto Death. Unte. bim, who hath loved and washed us from all our Sins in his Blood, and bath made us Kings and Priests unto God his Father, to him, I say, as to the Father and the Holy Ghost, be Glory, Power, and Dominion for ever. Amen.

An Account of some remarkable Passages relating to Mr.

Drelincourt, who departed this Life at Paris, the 4th
of November 1669 ; taken out of the French Edition
of bis Book of Death.

O prevent false Reports spread abroad concerning the

Death of our reverend Author, I thought it convenient to publish this brief and exact Narative concering his Perfon, Sickness,and Death : He was of a very strong and healthyCona ftitution, indefatigable in his Ministry; of such a sharp and active Spirit, and so pious for the Glory of God, that he spared not himself, either by Night or by Day, in discharging the Duty of his Function, and in the Acts of Charity, being naturally of a courteous and obliging Temper. He succeeded Mr. Du Moulin, who was removed to Sedan,and was a long time the third Minister to serve that Congregation at Charenton : This continual and restless Imployment in his Ministry, by degrees mightily impaired his Health, especially in the Declension of

In the Year 1668, the 30th of April, tho' indisposed, he adventured to accompany one of his Grand-Daughters to her Grave,allifted by one of his Sons,but could scarce return Home, being weary and in a faintingSweat, and his Countenance chan: ged, which alarmed his Family; but by fome presentRemedy,he then recovered. This Accident hindered him not from preaching the next Day at Charenton in his turn, nor from his dailyOf.. fices, wilbing often he might die with his Pen in his Hand. When his family entreated him to spare himself in his old Age, in visiting theSick and the Poor, unto whom he was very ac. ceptable byReason of his excellent Talents in praying, and un. derstanding how to comfort the diseased : He told them, that he had once that Resolution, bụt theImportunities of his Peas


his Age.

ple, and the Defire he had to be serviceable to them, would not suffer him to omit doing it.

In a stormy Seafon, at nine of the Clock at Night, he ad. ventured to visit a departing Soul, and return'd nor till after Midnight, and seemed very glad to be able to perform it; but there continual Fatigues made him pass this Judgment upon himself, that he could not long continue, and there. fore was in a constant Preparation for his Change.

This made him frequently to perule hisBook of Consolations againt Death, praising God, who allifted him in publishing such an useful Work : He was then writing several other Excellent Treatises, which he earnestly delired to finish, with Submission to the great Wisdom of God, as he expresserh him self in a Prayer at the end of his Book callid Charitable Visits Lord (faith he) I have lived and preached a long time : I wait for thy Salvation and Deliverance; I am not weary to serve so good a Master, and so bountiful a Lord; but oh my God! when it shall pleaje tiee to put an end to my Labours, 1 jball depart to a fulness of joy into thy glorious Ref.

This he writ the Year before his Death ; the next Year he had some Intervals of perfe&t Health, but they were followed by two dangerous Relapses : The first was in April ; Yer tho' indisposed, he forc'd himself to preach at Charenton, against the Advice of his Physicians, and he continued in the Exercise of his Function. On the oth of May he opened the Synod of Cha. ranton, and at the Conclusion of his Speech, he received the Ap, plauses of his Brethren there assembled, for which he gave God Thanks for having enabled him with so much Strength ; and on the 12th of sept. 1669, being a Faft-day,he preached again twice in the Court of the Temple with much Freedom and Vio gour. This Interval of Health continued till the 27th of Ofte ber following, when in his turn he preached at Charenton, and his Auditors found that he spoke with much Freedom, and powerfully. 'Tis remarkable that he left theEpistle of St. Peter that he was expounding before,and chose for a Text, Psalm li. 7th and 8th Verses; Purge me with Hypop, and I shall be clean, xafo. me, and I shall le whither than Snow.

This last Sermon was looked upon afterwards as a Presage he had of his Death, and a Preparation for it, by defiring the Pardon of his Sins, and a cleansing from all the Pollutions of his Flesh and Spirit, thro' the infinite Mercy of God, and of the Blood of his Saviour: The whole Audience were very well satisfied with his lastPerformance,which they judg’d to be excellent and worthy to crown all his former religious Exercises, At his return to the City he spent the rest of the Sabbath in the A&ts of Piety and Charity;and at his returnHome, being desirous to enjoy the Company of all his Family,then at Paris, he fupped with them, and seemed very pleasant in Discourse; be coną tinued well on Monday, and the next Day till the 29th of Septem


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ber, the fatal Day in which his mortal Distemper began to attack him ; from that Morning he felt an Indifpofition,and had no Appetite atDinner,yer could not forbear visiting sick Persons in his District. This good Man came home very feeble,and out of Order, with a Fever upon him : Some Time after his Speech failed him; and when Mr.Malnoe (Advocate in Parliament,his Son-in-Law) was come to visit him, he was scarce able to speak; he was persuaded to take his Rest, and suddenly fell upon his Knees and made such an excellent Prayer,that his Family never heard from him one more fervent: he discoursed of the Frailty of human Life,of theCondition he was in, of the Church of God, and insisted earnestly upon her deliverance ; he prayed for all the Members of his family,and in this last religious Exercise performed among his Domesticks, he omitted nothing material, prayed with Zeal and Vigour, with a clear Voice and without Hesitation, to theirComfort,and his own Satisfaction, being then only a little feverish. In this hopefulCondition he went to Bed ; but about Midnight he relapsed again into the former Difficul. ty of Speech : theFever increasing upon him by degrees a Phy, fícian by his Prescriptions gave him Relief; and he remembered the Psalms which he was wont to repeat, namely, xxxi, xxxii, xxxiv, xli, li, Ixiii, cxvi. and cxxx. He had always a great Veneration for the Book of Psalms, which made him like the reading of John de Lere; who writes, how some Savages of Brasil were wonderfully affected and ravished at the hearing of one of those divine Hymns fung. A certain Person that came to visit him,prayed that God would change his Bed of Sickness to a Bed of Health : He answered,my Bed of Health and Rest will be in Paradise. A noble Lady, then a close Prisoner, for whom the fick Person had a high Efteem, having sent to en. quire of his Health, he told the Messenger he was very sorry for her Confinement, ordered him to present his Service to the good Lady,and to tell her that he should see her no more but in Heaven.

During this short Interval,his Mind was free to discourse about his domestick Affairs; but in a little Time after his Cough andlever encreasing violently upon him, his Physician watched with him till Morning. Our Patient perceiving his dangerous Condition, spake in this Manner to him ; Sir, tho' all good. Christians ought continually to be prepared to die,and tho'God hath granted me theGrace to be ready when he shall please to call me, yet if you find I am drawing to my End,pray give me Notice of it, for I am willing to put my Affairs inOrder. About two or threeHours after, the Physician finding he could not live much longer,'twas judg'd convenient by his Son-in-law to acquaint him with it, to whom he spake to this Purpose. I find the time of my Deliverance is drawing near, and that God will take me to his Reft.I shall be glad to discourse with you privately; I have not only looked upon you as my$ox-in-Law, but as my


Child, whom I have loved and tenderly love ; I recommend my Family to your Care,and desire you all to live in perfectUnion. And having given hisBlessing to all his Children, as well abfent as present, he order'd the private Affairs of his Family,and the Rewards to be given to those that had been serviceable to him in his Sickness, and order'd his son-in-Law to intreat Mr.Girard, the Elder of his Church, to carry this Message to the Confiftory of Charenton, that he died their faithful Servant, and pray'd God with all his Hearts to preserve the Church.

After this he spent most part of his Time in Prayer to God, repeating several Texts of Scripture, but with such a weak Voice, they could only guess by some Syllables what he said. He was often heard to repeat the Words of Job, I know that my Redeemer liveth; and those of thePsalms, I have put my Trust in thee, &c. I recommend my Soul into thy Hands. Thus he continu'd in his pious Meditations. Then his Son-in-Law offer'd to read to him out of his Book of Confolations against the Fears of Death, which he attended to and seemed to be well pleased with the Consolation for a dying Minister and with the Prayer appointed for such a one who faced Death with a holy Joy. That is (said he) very good : I don't speak it because it came from me : God bo praised that he enabled me to publish thisBook to comfort others and myself. The next Morning the ist of November, when Mr. Girard came to visit him, he repeated to him the same Words that he had given to hisson-in-law in charge to tell him, and he deliver'd to him a Bill to be pray'd for publickly in the Congregation. Ac that time Mr. Daile, Mr. Morus, and Mr. Claude, came to see him,expressing their tender Affection and Concernment for him ; at which he seem'd to be moved. Mr. Daille made a pathetick Exhortation, which the Patient kindly accepted, and speaking of the loss the Church should sustain by his Death, Mr.Drelincourt answered, Sir, you are far more useful to her than I can be ; my Defire is to depart and to be with Christ, which is far better for me : Ac which Words Mr.Daille askt him, Don't you add with the Apostle, that it is more necessary for the Church, that you should continue in the Flesh ? He reply'd God will raise Ministers who shall discharge theirDuty better than I can. When Mr.Daille asked him, whether his Hope was not in the Mercy of God ? He answered him in divers Texts of Scripture, such as these, I know in whom I have believed; I have fought the good Fight, I have finished my Coarse, I have kept the Faith, &c. I draw towards the Mark of the Prize of the High Calling, &c.

Mr.Daile perceiving how painful hisSpeech was to him,advised him to speak to himself,to hinder the Increase of his Distemper ; but he answered, how willing he was to glorify God to the las Gasp and edify by his speech, such as were there present: then having embraced cach other at their Parting, Mr.Daille told him, he did not altogether despair of hisRecovery,and that he hoped


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