The girl's own toy-maker, and book of recreaton, by E. and A. Landells


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Seite 28 - cloth; 3s. 6rf. coloured, gilt edges. The Mine; Or, Subterranean Wonders. An Account of the Operations of the Miner and the Products of his Labours; with a Description of the most important in all parts of the World. By the late Rev. ISAAC TAYLOR. Sixth Edition, with numerous corrections and additions by
Seite 22 - in the recent History of our Country for their Talents, Virtues and Achievements. By WC TAYLOK, LL.D. Author of "A Manual of Ancient and Modern History," etc. 12mo, Second Thousand, with a new Frontispiece. 4s. 6d. cloth; 5s. gilt edges. CONTENTS : Arkwright — Burke — Burns —Byron —Canning—Earl of Chatham — Adam Clarke — Clive — Captain Cook — Cowper
Seite 25 - CAULTIER'S GEOGRAPHICAL WORKS. I. Familiar Geography. With a concise Treatise on the Artificial Sphere, and two coloured Maps, illustrative of the principal Geographical Terms. Fourteenth Edition. 16mo, 3s. cloth. II. An Atlas. Adapted to the Abbe Gaultier's Geographical Games, consisting of 8 Maps coloured, and 7 in Outline,
Seite 28 - coloured, gilt edges. The Ladder to Learning. A Collection of Fables, Original and Select, arranged progressively in words of One, Two, and Three Syllables. Edited and improved by" the late Mrs. TKIMMER. With 79 Cuts. Nineteenth Edition. 3s. Gd. cloth. Little Lessons for Little Learners. In Words of One Syllable. By MRS. BARWELL. Eighth Edition, with numerous Illustrations. 2s.
Seite 27 - PUBLISHED BY GRIFFITH AND FARRAN. 27 The British History briefly told, and a Description of the Ancient Customs, Sports, and Pastimes of the English. Embellished with full-length Portraits of the Sovereigns of England in their proper Costumes, and 18 other Engravings. 3s. 6rf. cloth. Chit-chat; Or, Short
Seite 22 - The First Book of Geography; Specially adapted as a Text Book for Beginners, and as a Guide to the Young Teacher. By HUGO RKID, author of " Elements of Astronomy," etc. Third Edition, carefully revised. 18mo, 1*. sewed. " One of the most sensible little books on the subject of Geography we have met with.
Seite 12 - coloured; or mounted on cloth. Ocean and her Rulers; A Narrative of the Nations who have from the earliest ages held dominion over the Sea; comprising a brief History of Navigation, from the remotest Periods to the Present Time. By ALFRED ELWES. With Frontispiece by SCOTT. Fcap 8vo, 5s. cloth;
Seite 25 - True Stories from English History, Chronologically arranged from the Invasion of the Romans to the Present Time. Sixth Edition. With 36 Steel Engravings. 12mo, 5s. cloth. Stories from the Old and New Testaments, On an improved plan. By the Rev. BH DRAPER. With 48 Engravings. Fifth Edition. 12mo, 5s. cloth.
Seite 11 - Letters from Sarawak, Addressed to a Child; embracing an Account of the Manners, Customs, and Religion of the Inhabitants of Borneo, with Incidents of Missionary Life among the Natives. By Mrs. M'DouoALL. Fourth Thousand, enlarged in size, with Illustrations. 3s. 6d. cloth. " All is new, interesting, and admirably
Seite 31 - DURABLE NURSERY BOOKS, MOUNTED ON CLOTH WITH COLOURED PLATES, ONE SHILLING EACH. 1 Alphabet of Goody Two-Shoes. 9 Mother Hubbard. 2 Cinderella. 10 Monkey's Frolic. 4 Courtship of Jenny Wren. 12 Puss in Boots. 3 Cock Robin. !, 11 Old Woman and her Pig. 5 Dame Trot and her Cat.

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