The Real Blake: A Portrait Biography

Chatto & Windus, 1907 - 443 Seiten
Philosopher. Luminary. Artist. William Blake was one of the best creative minds England ever produced. Discover his life with this fascinating biography.

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Seite 331 - Here Reynolds is laid, and to tell you my mind, He has not left a wiser or better behind : His pencil was striking, resistless, and grand: His manners were gentle, complying, and bland; Still born to improve us in every part, His pencil our faces, his manners our heart...
Seite 337 - Memory and her siren daughters ; but by devout prayer to that Eternal Spirit who can enrich with all utterance and knowledge, and sends out his seraphim with the hallowed fire of his altar to touch and purify the lips of whom He pleases.
Seite 250 - On a rock, whose haughty brow Frowns o'er old Conway's foaming flood, Robed in the sable garb of woe, With haggard eyes the poet stood; (Loose his beard and hoary hair Streamed like a meteor to the troubled air;) And with a master's hand and prophet's fire Struck the deep sorrows of his lyre: 'Hark, how each giant oak and desert cave Sighs to the torrent's awful voice beneath!
Seite 150 - Thel's Motto Does the Eagle know what is in the pit: Or wilt thou go ask the Mole ? Can Wisdom be put in a silver rod, Or Love in a golden bowl?
Seite 19 - This is one of the Gothic artists who built the Cathedrals in what we call the Dark Ages, wandering about in sheepskins and goatskins ; of whom the world was not worthy. Such were the Christians in all ages.
Seite 191 - I may praise it, since I dare not pretend to be any other than the Secretary; the Authors are in Eternity.
Seite 56 - Thames' waters flow. O what a multitude they seem'd, these flowers of London town ! Seated in companies they sit with radiance all their own. The hum of multitudes was there, but multitudes of lambs, Thousands of little boys and girls raising their innocent hands. Now like a mighty wind they raise to Heaven the...
Seite 287 - What", it will be questioned, "when the sun rises, do you not see a round disk of fire somewhat like a guinea?" O no, no, I see an innumerable company of the heavenly host, crying "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty".
Seite 147 - Tho' born on the cheating banks of Thames, Tho' his waters bathed my infant limbs, The Ohio shall wash his stains from me: I was born a slave, but I go to be free!
Seite 172 - Allegory addressed to the intellectual powers, while it is altogether hidden from the corporeal understanding, is my definition of the most sublime Poetry.

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