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No. LXV.

1st January, 1855.

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Tu ith the period of Service both on Full and Half-pay;

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K.G. Knight of the Order of the Garter.

K.T. Knight of the Order of the Thistle.

K.P. Knight of the Order of St. Patrick.

G.C.B. Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath.

K.C.B. Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath.

C.B. Companion of the Order of the Bath.

G.C.M.G. Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and St. George.

K.C.M.G. Knight Commander of



C.M.G. Companion of



G.C.H. Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order.

K.C.H. Knight Commander of



K.H. Knight of



K.C. Knight of the Crescent.

e Before the Name, denotes that the Officer was at the Battle of Trafalgar.

p Before the Name, denotes that the Officer served in the Peninsula, or the

South of France.

Officers actually present in either of the actions of the

u Waterloo Medal. 16tb, 17th, or 18th June, 1815. Such Officers are

allowed two years' additional service.

N.B. In the List of General and Field Officers, the Names printed in Italic are those of

Officers retired from the Army, who have been specially allowed to retain their Rank, but

without receiving Pay or progressive Promotion.

The Figures prefixed to the Names dedote the Battalions to which the Officers are

actually attached; the Letters 8. and r. after the name distinguish Officers employed on

the Staf, or on the Recruiting Service; the letter 1. before the name denotes that the

Officer belongs to the Reserve Battalion. The Letters R. M. in the Cavalry Regiments,

allude to the Riding Masters; the Letters d. pm. and d. adj. denote the Depôt Paymaster

and Depôt Adjutant respectively. The * before the Name or Date of Commission, de-

notes Temporary Rank only. The Letter P before the Date indicates that the Commission

was purchased.

The words subscribed to the titles of Regiments, as “ Peninsula,” “Waterloo,” &c.,

denote the Honorary Distinctions permitted to be borne by such Regiments on their

colours and appontments, in commemoration of their Services.

fiis Majesty, The KING of the BELGIANS, KG. GCB. & QCA, 24 May, 1816. His Rosal Highness FRANCIS ALBERT AUGUSTUS CHARLES EMANUEL, DUKE of SAXONY, PRINCE of

SAXE-COBOURG AND GOTHA, KG. KT. KP. GCB. GCMG. 8 Feb. 1840 – Colonel of the Grenadier

Guards, 23 Sept. 52; Colonel-in-Chief of the Rifle Brigade, 23 Sept. 52. pia FITZ ROY J.H. Lord RAGLAN, GCB. 5 Nov. 54; Colonel of the Royal Horse Guarus; Commander-in

Chief of the Eastern Army, Master-General of the Ordnance

J. B., Visc. O'Neill, from P Sir F. W. Trench, KCH. P Sir C. F. Smith, KCB.

Coldst. Gds.

U TU Henry Wyndham, 1] from R. Eng.
A. Armstrong, late R.Ir.Ar. Hussars.

PJ Alex. Thomson, CB. 74 F. 1823. 27 May.

P Rt. Hon. Sir E. Blakeney. PPred. Ren. Thackeray, C. G. Ellicombe, CB.
GCB.FGCH.7 F. Com. CB. R. Eng.

from R. Eng. Elm. Eerl of Cork, KP.

the Troops in Ireland. PJ. F. Birch, CB. R. Eng. P Sir Wm. P. P. Napier, PS. Vix. Combermere, P Sir Tho. Hawker, KCH. Gustavus Nicolls, do.

KCB. 22 F. GCB.SGCH. 1 Life Gds. 6 Dr. Gds.

P Hen. Evelegh, R. Art. J. Duffy, CB, KC. 8 F. Constable of the Toner of P Sir J. Wilson, KCB.11F. Hon. W.H. Gardner, do. PF. M. Milman, 82 F. Leeden.

V TI John, Lord Seaton, George Wright, R. Eng. Un J, Reeve, 61 F.

GCB. GCMG, GCH. 2 Fred. Walker, R. Artillery PW. A. Gordon, CB. 54 F. 1830. 22 July. Life Guards.

PTU Sir E. Bowater, kci. PT. Kenah, CB. 03 F. Francis Moore P Sir Thos. M‘Mahon, Bt. 49 F.

E. B. Wynyard, CB., 58 P. KCB. 10 F.

Joseph W. Tobin, R. Art. P Jas. Fergusson, CB.43 F. 1837. 10 January. P T Sir Alex. Woodford, Paul Sir W. M. Gomm, Commanding the Forces GCB. GCMG. 40 F.

KCB. 13 F. Commander- al Malla. P Sir John Slade, Bt.GCH. P J. Earl of Westmorland, in-chief in the E. Indies. P Tho. W. Brotherton, CB. Dr. Gus. GCB.SGCH. 56F.

15 Hussars DJ. V Kenzie

P LordC.S. Manners, KCB. 1854. 28 Nov. P Sir A. J. Dalrymple, Bl. Sir H.F.Campbell, KCB.

3 Dr. GCH. 25 F.

Sir Jas. Hy, Reynett,
Pou Sir H.D. Ross, KCB.
Robert Ellice, 24 P.

KCH. 48 F.
PC. White, from Gr. Gds.

R. Art. Dep.-Ad.-Gen.
Cosmo Gordon

William Smelt, CB. 37 F.
P. Boaban, from 69 F.
PHugh, Visc. Gough, GCB.

Pou Sir Rob.Wm.Gardiner, 87 F. Colonel-in-Chief of

KCB. KCH. R. Art. Go: / P Sir John Bell, KCB. 4 F. 1841. 23 Nov.

PS.B.Auchmuty, CB.,65F. the 60th Rifles.

vernor and Commander. Richard Blunt, 66 P.

Thomas Lightfoot, CB. in-Chief of Gibraltar. PTA Sir James Macdonell,

02 F.

Wal.Tremenheere, KH.late berari Gosselin KCB. KCH. 71 F.

P Sir Geo. Brown, KCB.

of R. Mar.
John Earl of Straf- P Tu Jas. W. Sleigh, CB. E. Nicolls, late of R. Mar.

KH. 77 F. Commandling ford, GCB.FGCH. Cold- 9 Lancers.

the Light Division Eaststream Gds. Got. of Lon. P Sir Wm, Gabriel Dary,

ern Army evederry and Culmore. CB. KCH. 60 F.

R. S. Brough, R. Art. ST.MakdougallBrisbane, 1 P W. A. Johnson

LIEUT.-GENERALS. P John Aitchison, 72 F. Bart. GCB. GCH. 34 F. SirJ.F.FitzGerald, KCB. Sir Ralph Darling, GCH. 18 F.

1825. 27 May.

1854. 19 June, 69 F.

PTN Sir Arthur B. Clifton,

F. Wm. Buller, late of His Royal Highness George
1846. 9 Nov.
P Sir Wm. C. Eustace, CB.

Coldst. Gds.

W.F. C. Duke of Cam#KCH. 60 P.

bridge, KG. KP. GCMG. Gabriel Gordon, 91 F. piu C. M. Earl Cathcart,

1830. 22 July.

Scots Fusilier Guards. air C. Balkeley Egerton,

KCB. | Dr. Gds.
Sir II. E. Bunbury, Bl.

Commanding the 1st Dia GCUG. KCH. 89 P. P Sir Alex. Leith, KCB.

KCB. late R. Newf. Fen.

rision Eastern Army Sir H.J.Cumming, Kcu.

31 F 12 Lancers. P Sir John Brown, KCH.

1851. 11 Nov.

1854. 20 Jane. @ Joho, Earl of Carysfort 8 Hussars. from Gren. Gds.

» Hon. Hugh Arbuthnott, PIU H. D'Oyly, 33 F. P Cha. Edw. Conyers, CB H**. Tho. Edward Capel,

CB. 88 F.

Kich. Uniacke,late R.Ir. Art. 90 F. from Gren. Gds. Sir J.Douglas, KCB.42 P. Geo. Irving, do.

PG. A. Henderson, KH, KC. a Sir Col. Halkett, Sir William Macbcan, P T Hon. Henry Murray,

59 F. GCB. GCH.45 F., Got. KCB. 92 P

CB., 14 Drs.

P R. B. Macpherson, CB. ef Chelsea Hospital PUU Henry, Visc.Hardinge, Sir John Grey, KCB. KH. 73 F. GCB. 57 F. General


P Philip Ilay. 1851. 11 Nov. Commanding-in-Chief.

P Sir J.P. Burgoyne, GCB. Jas. Irving, late R. I. Art. P Sir Willoughby Cotton, from R. Eng, inspector-'P IT Arch. Money, CB 7. Carey, from 84 P. GCB. KCH. 32 P.

Gen. of Fortifications, KC. 2 Drs. Sir John A. Wallace, Bt. P Sir J. Hnnbury, KCH. Lt.-General on the Staf P Hen. A. Proctor, CE.97 F. KCB. 88 F. 99 F.

of the Eastern Army. P Wm. Jervois, KH, 76 F. $ G. Poamnoll Adams, P H. B. Earl Beauchamp, Tho. Evans, CB. 81 F. Sir F. Cockburn, 95 F. ICH.6 Dr.

10 Hussars.

P Sir A. Maclaine, KCB. Patrick Campbell, late of

52 F. sird. Wright Guise, Bt. Pau Hon. E.P.Lygon,CB.

R. Artillery. KCB. 95 F.

13 Drs.

P Wm. Wood, CB. KH. 3 IN E. Parkinson, CB.93 P. ta Sir A. F. Barnard, Sir Geo. Whitmore, KCII. West India Regt. Com- POU R. Lluellyn, CB.39 F. GCB. GCH. Rifle Brig. Royal Engineers

manding the Troops in BTU P.A.Lautour, CB.KI. Il-Goc. of Chelsea Hos Henry Shadforth

the Windward and Ler-PT Sir Wm. Chalmers, POOJ. M. Hamerton, CB.

nard Islands fitel.

CB. KCH.78 F. ichard Pigot, 4 Dr. Gds. 55 P.

P C.Ashe a'Court, CB.KA Paz Jas. Claud. Bourchier,
41 F.

KC. 3 Dr. Gds.
Sir Jas, Watson, KCB.147. P Sir Wm. Tuyll, KCH.
Ser R. Bourke, KCB.64 F. 7 Hussars,

PSir G.C.D'Aguilar, K CB. Pou Sir Henry George W.

23 F. ä. Sir Patrick Stuart, Poa Sir G.H.P. Berkeley,

Smith, Bart. GCB. Rifle GCUG. 44 F.

KCB. 35 P.

P Sir Cha. Wm. Pasley, Brig, Commanding the
KCB. R. Eng.

Northern 5 H. Douglas, Bt.GCB. Sackville H. Berkeley, 75 F.

Midland * GCUG. 15 F. Helier Touzel PT. B. Aylmer

District. Hon. A. P. Upton, cb. Sir Geo. T. Napier, KCB. P H. J. Riddell, KH. 0 F, Poda Felix Calvert, C3.00 F. from Gren. Gds. 1 West India Reg.

H. C. E. Vernon, CB. p Tu Sir De Lacy Evans, Huskisson, from 67 F. IU Sir G.Scovell, KCB. U Sir J.A. Hope, KCB.,9F. KCB. 21 F. Command

4 Lt. Drs. Gov. of the R. P Sir R. J. Harvey, CB. 2 ing 2nd Divison of East18SA. 20 June. Military College. West India Regt.

ern Army. Ulysses, Lord Downes, PSirFrederick Stovin, KC.B. P Wm. Hen. Scott. 8. Brown, from late York KCB., 29 F.

KCMG. 83 F.

P Sir Tho. Willshire, Bart., LI. Vols.

KCB. 51 F.
G. Marg. of Tweeddale, P R. G. Hare-Clarges, CB.
D. Herbert

P Hon. H. E. Butler, 04 F.

12 F.

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