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Yet oft their hearts with kindling hopes would burn;
Their deftin'd triumphs and their glad return :
And their sad lyres, which, filent and unftrung,
In mournful ranks on Babel's willows hung,
Would oft awake to chaunt their future fame,
And from the skies their lingering Saviour claim.
His promis'd aid could ev'ry fear controul;
This nerv'd the warrior's arm, this steel'd the mar-

tyr's soul!
Nor vain their hope ;--- bright beaming through the

sky, Burst in full blaze the day spring from on high; Earth's utmost ises exulted at the fight, And crowding nations drank the orient light. Lo, star-led chiefs Affyrian odours bring, And bending magi seek their infant King ! Mask'd ye, where, hovering o'er His radiant head, The Dove's white wings celestial glory lhed ? Daughter of Sion! virgin queen! rejoice! Clap the glad hand, and lift the exulting voice! He comes, but not in regal splendor drest, The haughty diadem, the Tyrian veft; Not arm'd in flame, all glorious from afar, Of hosts the chieftain, and the lord of war : Messiah comes :- let furious difcord cease ; Be peace on earth before the Prince of peace ! Disease and anguish feel his blest controul, And howling fiends release the tortur'd soul ; . The beams of gladness hell's dark caves illume, And Mercy broods above the diftant gloom.

Thou palsied earth, with noonday night o'erspread! Thou sickening fun, so dark, so deep, fo red !

Ye hovering ghosts that throng the starless air,
Why fhakes the earth? why fades the light? declare!
Are those his limbs with ruthless scourges torn?
His brows all bleeding with the twisted thorn?
His the pale form, the meek, forgiving eye '
Rais'd from the cross in patient agony ?

Be dark, thou fun! choy noonday night, arise!
And hide, oh hide the dreadful sacrifice! !

Ye faithful few, by bold affection led, Who round the Saviour's cross your sorrows shed, Not for his sake your tearful vigils keep ;Weep for your country, for your children weep ! (6)

Vengeance! thy fiery wing their race pursu'd; Thy thirsty poniard blush'd with infant blood. Rous'd at thy call, and panting still for game, The bird of war, the Latian eagle came. Then Judah rag'd, by ruffian Discord led, Drunk with the fteamy carnage of the dead : He saw his sons by dubious Naughter fall, And War without, and Death within the wall. Wide-wafting Plague, gaunt Famine, mad Despair, And dire Debate, and clamorous Strife was there: Love, strong as Death, retain'd his might no more, And the pale parent drank her children's gore. Yet they, who wont to roam th'ensanguin'd plain, And Spurn with fell delight their kindred Nain; E'en they, when, high above the dusty fight, Their burning temple rose in lurid light, To their lov'd altars paid a parting groan, And in their country's woes forgot their own.

As 'mid the cedar courts, and gates of gold, The trampled ranks in miry carnage roll's;

6] Luke xxiii. 27, 28.

To save their Temple ev'ry hand essay'd,
And with cold fingers grasp'd the feeble blade :
Through their torn veins reviving fury ran,
And life's last anger warm'd the dying man.

But heavier far the fetter'd captive's doom!
To glut with fighs the iron ear of Rome;
To swell flow pacing by the car's tall fide,
The ftoic tyrant's plilofophic pride ;
To flesh the lion's ravenous jaws, or feel
The sportive fury of the fencer's steel ;
Or pant, deep-plung'd beneath thy sultry mine,
For the light gales of balmy Palestine.

Ah! fruitful now no more an empty coaft,
She mourn'd her sons enlay'd, her glories loft : ,
In her wide streets the lonely raven bred,
There bark'd the wolf, and dire hyenas fed.
Yet midst her towery fanes, in ruin laid,
The pilgrim saint his murmuring vespers paid;
'Twas his to climb the tufted rocks, and rove
The checquer'd twilight of the olive grove;
'Twas his to bend beneath the sacred gloom,
And wear with many a kiss Meffiah's tomb :
While forms celestial fill'd his tranced eye,
The day-light dieams of penfive piety,
O’er his still breast a tearful fervour stole,
And softer sorrows charm'd the mourner's soul.

Oh, lives there one, who mocks his artless zeal ? Too proud to worship, and too wise to feel ? Be his the soul with wintry reason blest, The dull lethargic sovereign of the breast! Be his the life that creeps in dead repose, No joy that sparkles, and no tear that iows !

Far other they who rear'd that pompous fhrine, (7) And bade the rock with Parian marble shine. Then hallow'd Peace renew'd her wealthy reign, Then altars (mok'd, and Sion (mild again. There sculptur'd gold and costly gems were seen, And all the bounties of the British Queen ;(8) There barbarous kings their sandal'd nations led, And steel-clad champions bow'd the crested head. There, when her fiery race the desert pour'd, And pale Byzantium fear'd Medina's sword, When coward Asia shook in trembling woe, And bent appal'd before the Bactrian bow; From the moist regions of the western star The wandering Hermit wak'd the form of war. (9) Their limbs all iron, and their souls all flame, A countless hoft, the red-cross warriors came ; E’en hoary priests the sacred combat wage, And clothe in steel the pallied arm of age; While beardless youths and tender maids aflume The weighty morion and the glancing plume. In bashful pride the warrior virgins wield The ponderous falchion and the fun-like shield, And start to see their armour's įron gleam Dance with blue luftre in Tabaria's stream.

The blood--red banner floating o'er their van, , All madly blithe the mingled myriads ran: ::: Impatient Death beheld his destin'd food, And hovering vultures snuff'd the scent of blood."

7) The Temple of the Sepulchre.

8) St Helena, who was, according to Cambden, born at Colchester.

9) Peter the Hermit.

Not such the numbers, nor the host so dread By northern Brenn, or Scythian Timur led, (10) Nor such the heart-inspiring zeal that bore United Greece to Phrygia's reedy shore ! There Gaul's proud knights with boastful 'mien

Form the long line, and shake the cornel lance;
Here, link'd with Thrace, in close battalions stand
Ausonia's sons, a soft, inglorious band;
There the stern, Norman joins the Austrian train,
Avd the dark tibes of late reviving Spain;
Here, in black files, advancing firm and Now,
Victorious Albion twangs the deadly bow :-
Albion,-ftill promp the captive's wrong to aid,
And wield in freedom's cause the freeman's generous

Ye fainted spirits of the warrior dead,
Whore giant force Britannia's armies led !
Whose bickering faulchions foremost in the fight,
Sill pour'd confusion on the Soldan's might ; ;
Lords of the biting axe and beamy spear,
Wide-conquering Edward, lion Richard, hear !
At Albion's call your crested pride resume,
And burst the marble flumbers of the tomb ! :
Your sons behold! in arm, in heart the same,
Still press the footsteps of parental fame, ..'
To Salem ftill their generous aid supply,
And pluck the palm of Syrian chivalry!

When he, from towery Malta's yielding ille,
And the green waters of reluctant Nile,
Th’ Apoftate Chief, from Misraim's subject shore
To Acre's walls his trophied banners bore ;

10) Brennus and Tamerlane.

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