Hortus Kewensis; Or, A Catalogue of the Plants Cultivated in the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew, Band 5

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1813

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Seite 521 - continued to the son the assistance given to his father during the publication of the former edition of this work.
Seite 521 - To the Right Honorable Sir Joseph Banks his abundant gratitude is most justly due, not only for his judicious advice, which on all occasions has been readily and cheerfully granted, but above all for the unceasing and unwearied attention continued by Sir Joseph for nearly half a century to the best interests of the Royal Gardens at Kew...
Seite 316 - ... tenders his warmest thanks. " The officers and men of her majesty's regiments must receive their full measure of acknowledgment from a higher authority than that of the governor-general in council ; but it will be the pleasing duty of his lordship in council to express to her majesty's government, and to the Hon. Court of Directors of the East India Company, in the strongest terms, the recommendation of them to that favour for which Major-general Sir James Outram so justly pleads. "Meanwhile...
Seite 193 - Lingua. erectis conniventibus ; media oblonga lanceolata acutiuscula glabriuscula dependente. Willden. sp.pl. 4. p. 70. Orchis montana itálica, flore ferrugineo, lingua oblonga. Moris, hist. 3. p.
Seite 204 - В. lahello ecalcarato : costis disci ramosis ; lobo medio latiore quam longo ; lateralibus superne angustioribus, scapo subramoso. Brown mss. Cymbidium verecundum. Willden. sp. pi. 4. p. 105. Limodorum altum.
Seite 138 - Recept. epaleatum (nudum ; v. alveolatum germinibus exsertis.) Semina villosissima. Pappus piloso-paleaceus. Cal. monophyllus: tubo foliolis imbricatis tecto v. nudo.
Seite 240 - С. spica mascula solitaria pedunculate; femineis binis subtrifloris remotis subsessilibus subinclusis, bracteis margine membranaceis obliquis vaginatis, stigmatibus tribus, fructibus obovatis obtusis hirtis.
Seite 245 - C. spica máscala solitaria; femineis cylindraceis strkta. attenuatis subtribus distantibus : Ínfima brevissime exserte pedunculata, stigmatibus binis, fructibus ovatis acutiusculis ore pertusis squama lanceolata acutiuscula majoribus, foliis strictis.
Seite 129 - Nat. of North America. Introd. before 1699, by the Rev. John Banister.
Seite 198 - Cor. irregularis : pétala 2 exteriora antica linearía tabello trífido supposita; interiora unguiculata patula. Columna : lobis latcralibus petaloideis.

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