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Several Eminent PERSONS,

From the YEAR 1705, to 1711.

V O L. I.

Printed and fold by the Booksellers of

London and Westminster.


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R E A D E R.

E presume we want no Apology to W

the Reader for this Publication,

but some may be thought needful to Mr. Pope: However he cannot think our Offence so great as Theirs, who first separately published, what we have here but collečted in a better Form and Order. As for the Letters we have procur’d to be added, they serve but to compleat, explain, and sometimes set in a true light, those others, which it was not in the Writer's or Our power to recall.

The Letters to Mr. Wycherley were procured some Years fnce, on account of a surreptitious Edition of his Pofthumous Works : As those Letters Mewed the true state of that Case, the Publication of them was doing the best Justice to the Memory of Mr. Wycherley.

The rest of this Collection hath been owing to several Cabinets ; some drawn from thence by Accidents, and others (even of those to Ladies) voluntarily given. It is to one of that Sex we are beholden for the whole Correspondence with H. C. Esq; which Letters



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