Norway, and Her Laplanders, in 1841: With a Few Hints to the Salmon Fisher

J. Murray, 1842 - 318 Seiten

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Seite 264 - Created hugest that swim the ocean stream : Him, haply, slumbering on the Norway foam, The pilot of some small night-foundered skiff Deeming some island, oft, as seamen tell, With fixed anchor in his scaly rind Moors by his side under the lee, while night Invests the sea, and wished morn delays...
Seite 35 - Insuperable height of loftiest shade, Cedar, and pine, and fir, and branching palm, A sylvan scene; and as the ranks ascend Shade above shade, a woody theatre Of stateliest view.
Seite 82 - No savage fierce, bandit, or mountaineer, Will dare to soil her virgin purity : Yea, there, where very desolation dwells, By grots and caverns shagg'd with horrid shades, She may pass on with unblench'd majesty, Be it not done in pride, or in presumption.
Seite 95 - It thundering shoots, and shakes the country round. At first, an azure sheet, it rushes broad ; Then whitening by degrees, as prone it falls, And from the...
Seite 54 - But who can paint Like Nature? Can imagination boast, Amid its gay creation, hues like hers ? Or can it mix them with that matchless skill, And lose them in each other, as appears In every bud that blows...
Seite iii - Rocks, dens, and caves ! But I in none of these Find place or refuge ; and the more I see Pleasures about me, so much more I feel Torment within me, as from the hateful siege Of contraries.
Seite 162 - Their dress was of dark woollen cloth, with silver ornaments in front, as well as in the girdle round the waist, to which sewing implements were suspended. These ornaments were in good taste, and well finished ; and the buttons were similar to those used by the peasantry in Spain.
Seite 160 - Lapps ; namely, a middle-aged man and his wife, with four children, and an old grandmother; to these were now added our party, consisting of four Englishmen, their two interpreters, and two other attendants. The tent was made of coarse dark cloth, and the outside of it was covered with turf; around the inside were hung cheeses, bladders, dried gut of reindeer, guns, and various other useful articles. The chief part of the smoke escaped through a large opening at the top, but enough remained painfully...
Seite 179 - Though sluggards deem it but a foolish chase, And marvel men should quit their easy chair, The toilsome way, and long, long league to trace, Oh ! there is sweetness in the mountain air, And life, that bloated Ease can never hope to share.
Seite 165 - Lapps have hut few wants and appear perfectly satisfied; having no bread, they subsist almost entirely on the produce of their herds, with the occasional assistance of fish and game. We saw no other description of food whatever, neither have they any candles; and when we required additional light, one of the women took a firebrand in her hand and held it up for us. On one occasion we wanted to pour some of their delicious milk into our small keg of finkel; in an instant they very ingeniously made...

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